Which AI Tokens to Invest in June 2024?

Top AI tokens to watch in June 2024
Which AI Tokens to Invest in June 2024?

The realm of digital currencies is constantly changing, and with the increase in artificial intelligence (AI), a fresh category of AI-based tokens has appeared. These tokens symbolize initiatives that combine AI technology with blockchain, providing creative solutions across various industries ranging from finance to healthcare to data analysis.

1. Turbo (TURBO)

Name: Turbo

Price: $0.006186

1h %: 1.32%

24h %: 1.45%

7d %: 2.10%

30d %: 731.91%

60d %: 747.85%

90d %: 571.94%

YTD %: 1544.82%

Market Cap: $393,900,515

Volume (24h): $116,092,024

Circulating Supply: 18,766,477,005 TURBO

Turbo Token or TURBO is a community-focused digital currency that celebrates humor, fantasy, and simplicity. Originating from a task assigned to GPT-4, this cryptocurrency aims to make a big impact in the world of meme coins. Unlike other tokens that seem overly formal, TURBO is dedicated to the joy and spirit of widely shared Internet memes. With a total token count of 69 billion, Turbo is determined to build a system that's both enjoyable and efficient.

Turbo was developed to capitalize on the renown of artificial intelligence technologies, especially Chat-GPT, and strives to evolve into a meme with a distinct personality, emphasizing ease, equity, and involvement with the community.

However, Turbo isn't just about enjoyment and entertainment. It's also about breaking new ground and venturing into uncharted territories. It blends the strength of community with a hint of artificial intelligence (AI), drawing inspiration from GPT-4's abilities. The creators of Turbo are adhering to all the guidelines of GPT-4 and recording their journey, making Turbo a distinctive example of how AI can be harnessed in the realm of cryptocurrency. Turbo's use of AI distinguishes it from other meme coins.

Turbo boasts several distinct benefits that set it apart from other meme-based cryptocurrencies. It provides transactions that are exempt from taxes. It adopts a just token allocation strategy, guaranteeing that all participants receive a portion of the rewards, no matter how small. Turbo also places a strong emphasis on fostering a community. This could be an excellent fit for individuals who relish engaging in meme battles and Twitter skirmishes.

2. TokenFi (TOKEN)

Name: TokenFi

Price: $0.1711

1h %: 0.22%

24h %: 0.66%

7d %: 24.37%

30d %: 61.20%

60d %: 6.35%

90d %: 115.18%

YTD %: 413.29%

Market Cap: $171,087,725

Volume (24h): $66,726,534

Circulating Supply: 390,021,283 TOKEN

TokenFi serves as a comprehensive platform for generating tokens and tokenizing Real World Assets (RWA) effortlessly, thanks to its user-friendly WYSIWYG interface that requires no coding knowledge. As a Floki project, it is managed by the Floki DAO and is overseen by the Floki Core Team, whose skills have catapulted the Floki token to international success, becoming one of the top cryptocurrencies globally with a staggering 460,000+ users and recognition by more than 3 billion individuals.

It is one of the best AI tokens to invest in June 2024. TokenFi streamlines the procedure of transforming assets into tokens, leveraging the capabilities of smart contracts to simplify and regulate the intricacies involved in tokenizing assets. Whether it involves allocating rental payments for tokenized properties or overseeing payments for digital artwork royalties, TokenFi's smart contracts manage these tasks accurately and without the necessity for middlemen. Furthermore, the platform's adaptability is demonstrated through its availability on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, serving a wide range of users and guaranteeing compatibility across different platforms.

TokenFi goes beyond being a tokenization platform; it serves as a center for groundbreaking innovation. A key highlight is its use of Generative AI technology for creating top-notch NFT art, transforming it into a leader in the NFT market. Moreover, TokenFi's alliance with Carbon Browser and its incorporation with OKX Wallet highlight its dedication to improving user experience and broadening its impact.

TokenFi Connect also showcases this by linking users with leading financial entities, simplifying dealings within the financial world. The platform is committed to achieving this vision by emerging as a key player in the field of asset tokenization. TokenFi's approach includes embracing the ERC-3643 standard, which is expected to enhance the blockchain ecosystem's functionalities, integrating real-world assets into the digital domain.

3. Apeiron (APRS)

Name: Apeiron

Price: $0.5848

1h %: 5.79%

24h %: 8.88%

7d %: 13.41%

30d %: 43.76%

60d %: 35.82%

90d %: 57.11%

YTD %: 0.00%

Market Cap: $51,248,079

Volume (24h): $7,079,542

Circulating Supply: 12,105,546 APRS

Apeiron represents the web3 god game constructed on the blockchain, offering players the opportunity to assume the role of a godling and wield the supernatural ability to either forge or obliterate within the godverse. This accessible game, available for free, was initially developed in 2016 by a group of seasoned game creators. It managed to secure $13 million in its initial funding phase in 2022.

As a game that utilizes NFTs, Apeiron provides players who are into cryptocurrency gaming with the opportunity to summon an NFT Avatar, which they can then use to navigate through a tumultuous dungeon adventure within the game.

Aperios (APRS) serves as the regulatory token for Apeiron. It enables gamers to invest, engage in governance via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and receive a return on investment as high as 150% APR. Its virtual currency counterpart within the game is Aperium. Moreover, involvement in the governance of the DAO is a choice that players can make.

Initially constructed on the Polygon blockchain, Apeiron was selected for its swift and economical infrastructure, which removed the obstacles created by steep transaction costs. Nonetheless, by the third quarter of 2023, the game transitioned to Ronin, a blockchain specifically engineered for the gaming sector.

In addition, Apeiron has opted for the Unity game engine as its primary platform for front-end game development. Unity's gaming stack, which is compatible with blockchain, provides an edge for crypto game creators against other platforms like Unreal Engine. Moreover, Apeiron merges the benefits of centralized servers with the blockchain's decentralized nature to improve the gaming experience.

The centralized servers are primarily responsible for managing game mechanics, such as PvP matchups and organizing events in Galactic Arena, while the decentralized blockchain supports the NFT features of the game, including the creation of NFT items and the distribution of tokens.

Apeiron's role as the initial god game on the blockchain places the group at the forefront of innovation, positioning them to set the benchmark for quality within the godiverse blockchain gaming sector moving forward. The captivating narrative of the game, the commitment of the team, the confidence of investors, and the inspiration Apeiron takes from other successful gaming ventures in the field are expected to impact its prospects for achievement favorably.

The strength of AI will introduce a higher degree of engagement to Doods and Apostles, improving their in-game and on-chain features. Moreover, the Apeiron group will develop their own AI systems to make use of their intellectual property to produce game art and facilitate assets that can work across different metaverse platforms.

4. Phoenix (PHB)

Name: Phoenix

Price: $2.76

1h %: 0.29%

24h %: 0.25%

7d %: 7.83%

30d %: 27.19%

60d %: 17.23%

90d %: 18.55%

YTD %: 158.66%

Market Cap: $137,606,797

Volume (24h): $9,476,888

Circulating Supply: 3,429,010 PHB

Phoenix (PHB) serves as a blockchain framework that provides a collection of tools aimed at creating and maintaining artificial intelligence (AI) and apps focused on privacy in the decentralized web3 sector. The platform operates its foundational Layer 1 blockchain and also supports a Layer 2 solution to accommodate the growth of large AI applications. Its foundational blockchain is compatible with Ethereum's virtual machine (EVM) and is capable of connecting across various chains, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Tron.

The Phoenix ecosystem encompasses a proprietary network of oracles that facilitate the acquisition of relevant data from the external world for web3 applications. Additionally, it includes a decentralized exchange (DEX) to enable the process of staking for PHB tokens and facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies. PHB serves as the native digital currency of the Phoenix framework, enabling transactions on the platform's blockchain. It also functions as PHB tokens on the BNB Chain (BNB), existing in both BEP-2 and BEP-20 formats.

Phoenix Layer 2 Phoenix Layer 2 is constructed and crafted with the goal of introducing advanced, data-focused, and AI-powered applications to the blockchain. It acts as a dual-functioning layer for data processing in a way that maintains privacy, and also acts as a conduit to bridge the gap between blockchain protocols and external data, as well as AI models.

5. Nosana (NOS)

Name: Nosana

Price: $4.87

1h %: 0.05%

24h %: 3.10%

7d %: 28.60%

30d %: 19.56%

60d %: 45.26%

90d %: 31.44%

YTD %: 571.84%

Market Cap: $234,881,400

Volume (24h): $7,815,381

Circulating Supply: 1,575,689 NOS

Nosana operates as a distributed CI/CD platform, driven by the Solana Network and sustained by the NOS token. This platform merges edge-computing capabilities with blockchain features to form a CI/CD marketplace. The NOS token powers the platform by establishing an open marketplace. This marketplace links blockchain developers and services with a worldwide network of computing resources. Consequently, individuals and devices can lease their extra computing power to drive the development of the next Metaverse.

Users and devices can utilize and exchange computing resources to run their software delivery processes. Nosana operates under a decentralized leadership structure, where choices regarding the network's operations are determined by the collective decision of NOS token owners through voting. The Nosana DAO empowers the community to participate in the decision-making process related to governance.

Additionally, the initial group and principal programmers offer direction for the expansion of the network. By joining the Nosana network as a node, you can receive $NOS tokens for letting your unused GPUs power the network. Individuals with extra GPUs, such as gaming computers or mining machines, can offer their spare computing capacity and receive compensation for it. The greater the amount of GPU power you supply, the higher your potential earnings.

These AI crypto tokens, including Turbo, TokenFi, Apeiron, Phoenix, Nosana are the top AI tokens to invest in June 2024. Moreover, one should follow the crypto trends and perform in-depth research before investing in cryptocurrencies.


What are the top AI tokens to watch in June 2024?

In June 2024, the top AI tokens to watch include Fetch.ai (FET), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and SingularityNET (AGIX). Fetch.ai focuses on autonomous machine-to-machine interactions. Ocean Protocol enables secure data sharing, critical for AI model training. SingularityNET facilitates decentralized AI development and collaboration.

Which AI tokens have the potential for growth?

AI tokens with significant growth potential include Fetch.ai (FET), SingularityNET (AGIX), and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN). Fetch.ai focuses on decentralized machine learning, enhancing autonomous economic agents. SingularityNET aims to democratize AI, allowing seamless collaboration and development on its platform. Ocean Protocol facilitates secure data sharing and monetization, crucial for AI training.

Are there any new AI crypto projects worth investing in?

Yes, several new AI crypto projects are worth considering for investment. Cortex (CTXC) enables decentralized AI execution on the blockchain. Numeraire (NMR) is a unique hedge fund powered by data scientists competing to create predictive models. Additionally, Akash Network (AKT) offers decentralized cloud computing, allowing AI projects to scale efficiently.

What should investors look for in AI tokens?

Investors should look for AI tokens with strong use cases, a robust development team, and a clear roadmap. Evaluate partnerships, community support, and real-world applications. Assess the token’s utility within its ecosystem and its potential for growth in the rapidly evolving AI and blockchain sectors.

How can I invest in AI tokens?

To invest in AI tokens, start by researching reputable cryptocurrency exchanges that list these tokens. Create an account, complete any verification processes, and deposit funds. Select the AI tokens you want to buy, place your order, and store your tokens in a secure wallet for safekeeping.

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