Upcoming AI Hackathons You Can't Afford to Miss

Get Ready for These Unmissable AI Hackathons
Upcoming AI Hackathons You Can't Afford to Miss

AI Hackathons are events that bring together information researchers, designers, and tech devotees to address real-world challenges and machine learning. These hackathons use AI to create imaginative arrangements and energize quick advancement. Members collaborate inside a set time allotment to make interesting apps, investigate AI's potential, and exhibit capabilities.

During an AI hackathon, members regularly shape groups and work inside an indicated time outline, frequently extending from many hours to a few days, to conceptualize, plan, and actualize their ventures. These ventures can take different shapes, such as applications, calculations, models, or models, depending on the nature of the challenge and the aptitudes of the members.

Participating in AI hackathons offers several benefits:

1. Skill Development: Hackathons challenge you to think creatively, solve problems, and work under pressure. You gain hands-on experience with AI tools, libraries, and frameworks.

2. Networking: Interact with fellow participants, mentors, and industry experts. Networking can lead to job opportunities, collaborations, and lifelong connections.

3. Prizes and Recognition: Many hackathons offer cash prizes, gadgets, or other rewards. Winning or even participating can enhance your resume and boost your credibility.

4. Innovation: Hackathons encourage out-of-the-box thinking. You’ll explore new ideas and build prototypes that push the boundaries of AI.

5. Portfolio Building: Completed projects from hackathons can serve as valuable additions to your portfolio. They demonstrate your skills and problem-solving abilities to potential employers.

Remember, hackathons are not just about winning; they’re about learning, and growing.

Here’s what you need to know about the Valentine Hacks by EduLearn Hackathon:

  • The Valentine Hacks hackathon is hosted by EduLearn, an organization partnered with Dublin High School and run by its students. It’s tailored for beginners to intermediate coders eager to learn and grow1.

  • Requirements: Hackathons require that you write the code during the event. However, you can always prepare designs and organize ideas and features of your product before the hackathon. Also, try to come up with tentative time slots for various aspects of your project. Inevitably, you will run into bugs2.

  • What to Submit: You can submit your project anytime. The end date for Valentine Hacks is 26th May 2024

  • Rewards: With $250,000 in prizes, the best three winners will get certificates. Also, grants will be given for the Foremost Imaginative Extend and Best Introduction. Each member will get a hamper from EduLearn, supported by accomplices like Echo3D, Meet Cake, XYZ, Wolfram Alpha, and Balsamiq. Numerous sessions and occasions for all aptitude levels will be facilitated to cultivate a energy for designing and coding.

Here’s what you need to know about the Boost Hacks II Hackathon:

  • Introduction: Boost Hacks II is an exciting hackathon where developers come together to build innovative software projects is going on from Jun 17 – 25, 2024

  • Requirements: Typically, hackathons require participants to create software solutions within a specified time frame. 

  • What to Submit: During the hackathon, you’ll submit your project, which could be anything from a web app to a mobile application or even a game. The goal is to showcase your creativity, problem-solving skills, and technical prowess .This hackathon requires a video of up to 5 minutes long explaining your project, the link to your code/repository (github)

  • Prizes: Hackathons are about experiences regardless the rewards but Boost Hacks II Hackathon has a prize money of $4035.

Here’s what you need to know about the Beyond the Speckleverse:

  • Introduction: Last year, AEC embarked on a journey “Into the Speckleverse,” where groundbreaking ideas reshaped the AEC landscape. This year, it is going even further with Beyond the Speckleverse: The AEC Innovation Odyssey. It’s the second edition, expanding horizons for professional developers, computational designers, and all kinds of innovators1.

  • Themes: Tailored challenges to push creativity and boundaries. Expect topics related to AI, ML, digital twins, and more.

  • Date: The hackathon will be held online between June 7th and 9th, 20241.

  • Prizes: Hackathons provide a chance to prove skills,build network,improve portfolio and take away knowledge however the rewards may include prize money for first prize is $2000 USD and categories like  Most Impressive Use Of Automate,Most Impressive Future Craft,Most Impressive Project Pulse,Most Impressive Use Of Business Intelligence,Popular Vote Winner,Most Impressive Low-Code/No-Code Implementation include prize of $500 USD for each category.

Here’s what you need to know about the NextStep Hacks 2024:

  • Introduction: NextStep Hacks brings together students from around the world, aged 13 to 21, in a global hackathon. Participants strive to create something impactful for the betterment of society.

  • Requirements: Open to students of all backgrounds, NextStep encourages innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coder, you’re welcome to participate.

  • What to Submit: During the hackathon, participants work on projects that address real-world challenges.All submissions are required to have a video demonstration / pitch no longer than 5 minutes,link to the repository or code for viewing, link to the live website or application.

  • Prizes: The rewards for this hackathon includes $25 USD for 1st,2nd,3rd prize and one participation prize.

Here’s what you need to know about the AI for Change Hackathon:

  • Introduction: NextStep Hacks brings together students from around the world, aged 13 and above, in a global hackathon. Participants are challenged to use AI to create solutions that can make a positive impact on society.

  • Requirements: The hackathon is open to students passionate about AI, regardless of their prior experience. It encourages innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Teams of 3 to 5 members are welcome to join and bring their unique ideas to life.

  • What to Submit: Participants are expected to develop a proof-of-concept prototype using AI to address challenges in areas like ocean conservation, climate sustainability, or social equality. Submissions must include a clear project description,a functional prototype,a 2-3 minute video presentation, additional materials like code repositories, design sketches, or user research findings can be helpful.

  • Prizes: The total prize pool is $18,350, with various awards including Generation XYZ Domain, Wolfram One Personal Edition, Wolfram Alpha Pro, and Neptune 4 Plus among others.

Overall,AI hackathons are dynamic events where tech enthusiasts collaborate to create AI-driven solutions. They’re a blend of innovation, learning, and competition, offering a platform for skill enhancement, networking, and showcasing talent. Participants develop prototypes, tackle real-world issues, and can win prizes, gaining valuable experience and recognition in the tech community.

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