Top Programming Hackathons to Attend in 2024

Top Programming Hackathons to Attend in 2024

Top Programming Hackathons in 2024 for Tech Enthusiasts

Hackathons provide a unique platform for programmers and developers to collaborate, learn, and showcase their skills. These events offer opportunities to network with industry experts, fellow developers, and potential employers. If you're looking to participate in programming hackathons in 2024, here are some notable events to consider:

1. CloudFest Hackathon 2024:

Date: March 16-18, 2024

Location: Europa-Park Hotel

Description: The CloudFest Hackathon is a vibrant open-source community event that focuses on projects aligned with core principles of not-for-profit, interoperability, and open-source. It offers engaging social activities and the chance to work on goal-oriented projects with guidance from industry experts.

2. DeveloperWeek Hackathon:

Date: February 5-23, 2024

Location: In-person & virtual

Description: DeveloperWeek Hackathon is one of the largest challenge-driven hackathons, attracting over 600+ participants. It provides a platform for developers to collaborate, learn, and create innovative solutions. The event includes workshops, project submissions, and winners' announcements.

3. HackZurich:

Date: To be announced

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Description: HackZurich is known for its inclusive and beginner-friendly environment. It brings together tech enthusiasts to collaborate, learn, and create solutions to real-world problems. The event offers networking opportunities and the chance to work on scouted projects that can lead to career-launching opportunities.

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