OpenAI Releases Powerful ChatGPT Successor GPT-4

OpenAI Releases Powerful ChatGPT Successor GPT-4

OpenAI releases GPT-4, the company takes pride in introducing ChatGPT successor, GPT-4

OpenAI releases GPT-4 the newest edition of ChatGPT, the highly popular chatbot with a rapidly expanding user base. It is powered by OpenAI's latest artificial intelligence (AI) software, and it is unveiled today. The business described the new GPT-4 large language model as offering a "multimodal system," which can process not only text but also images, video, or audio. This makes it different from earlier iterations. It turns out that GPT-4 has been hiding in plain sight. Today, Microsoft announced that the chatbot technology it co-developed with OpenAI, Bing Chat, is powered by GPT-4. Stripe is one of the early users and uses GPT-4 to scan business websites and send a summary to customer care workers. ChatGPT successor GPT-4 was integrated into a new subscription tier for language learning by Duolingo created by Morgan Stanley.

GPT-4 performs at "human level" on a variety of professional and academic benchmarks, can create text, and can accept both text and image inputs, an upgrade above GPT-3.5, which only accepted text. For instance, GPT-4 completes a mock bar exam with a score in the top 10% of test takers, but GPT-3.5 received a score in the bottom 10%. According to the business, OpenAI spent six months "iteratively aligning" GPT-4 utilizing lessons from ChatGPT and an internal adversarial testing program. This process produced "best-ever results" on factuality, steerability, and refusing to cross guardrails. Similar to earlier GPT models, GPT-4 was trained using data that was both publicly accessible and licensed by OpenAI.

The aforementioned steerability tooling could potentially be a more significant improvement in GPT-4. Developers can specify style and task by expressing precise instructions using the new "system" messages API feature that OpenAI is implementing with GPT-4. System messages, which will also come to ChatGPT in the future, are essentially instructions that set the tone and establish boundaries for the AI's future interactions.

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