Learn Artificial Intelligence for Free with Microsoft and Linkedin

Learn Artificial Intelligence for Free with Microsoft and Linkedin

Microsoft and LinkedIn offer free AI courses online to help people learn about artificial intelligence

Microsoft and LinkedIn announced a new project to offer free AI courses online to people and organizations. The AI Skill Initiative offers various tools, such as free basic generative AI courses, a new professional certificate on generative AI, and a global grant challenge to find novel approaches to generative AI training workers. An excellent method to start learning about artificial intelligence is through free beginning classes. The fundamentals of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing are among the subjects they address. Since the courses are self-paced, you can finish them whenever suits you.

A more complex course that covers the most recent developments in generative AI is the Professional Certificate in Generative AI. Microsoft wants to make sure that everyone has the chance to benefit from AI because it thinks technology has the power to address some of the most extensive problems facing the planet. One excellent example of Microsoft's efforts to make AI more inclusive and accessible is the AI Skill Initiative. Regardless of background or prior experience, anyone may enroll in the free classes. This implies that regardless of circumstance, anyone may learn about AI and improve their AI skills.

The AI Skill Initiative is a beneficial tool for people, businesses, and society. It contributes to the accessibility and inclusivity of AI and training people for future occupations. Microsoft and LinkedIn provide various resources to aid individuals in learning about AI in addition to the free courses. These sources consist of the following:

A web page that discusses the most recent AI news and trends

A discussion board where people can exchange ideas and ask questions

A collection of AI white papers and articles

An excellent way to learn about AI and hone your AI talents is the AI Skill Initiative. It is recommended to check out the free classes and other resources on the AI Skill Initiative website if you're interested in learning more about AI.

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