Gigabyte Takes Local AI Training to Next Level with AI TOP

GIGABYTE unveils comprehensive AI TOP initiative for local artificial intelligence model training
Gigabyte Takes Local AI Training to Next Level with AI TOP

With the 'Train Your Own AI on Your Desk' initiative that GIGABYTE reveals at COMPUTEX 2024, the democratization of AI development tools has taken a huge step forward. GIGABYTE AI TOP brings selfservice AI to local AI model training. Launching GIGABYTE AI TOP cater to the local AI model training demand with ease and power.

At the heart of this effort is AI TOP Utility, the user-friendly software for training large language models with up to 236 billion parameters on-premises. Not only does it enable data privacy and data security, but it also gives the users more power over its AI projects.

Allowing AI model training to be performed on the users' own personal desktops, GIGABYTE reduces the need for specialized infrastructure, making AI development more accessible to an even wider audience.

The AI TOP Hardware ecosystem complements the AI TOP Utility - a versatile module used for AI training tasks - by providing a scalable, reconfigurable suite of components for AI-related compute on AI-focused hardware. Each component, from GIGABYTE motherboards and graphics cards to SSDs and power supplies, is optimized for the performance and reliability needed to execute AI workloads.

People get very stringent and particular about the hardware they use to train AI models. The prior modular method ensures users can tailor their setups to their needs for maximum scalability and effectiveness.

The AI TOP Tutor is GIGABYTE's support for users of all levels, which could be considered as an AI TOP utility that is a one-top resolution covering consultation, setup guide and technical support. The customization of the AI training setups and the proprietary hand-holding guarantee that users can extract the full value of their AI training setup, be it a seasoned data user or a complete novice in AI development.

Joint solutions with strategic ecosystem partners, including AMD and NVIDIA, highlight GIGABYTE's dedication to delivering top AI performance. This brings these jointly-developed graphics cards, the Radeon PRO W7900 AI TOP 48G and Radeon PRO W7800 32G from AMD to prominence in the development of professional graphics cards dedicated to AI training.

These powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) use advanced technology to speed up AI workloads, reducing the time it takes to train and iterate on models. This and GIGABYTE's continued partnership with NVIDIA showcases its commitment to AI advancement.

GIGABYTE designed the AI PC leveraging NVIDIA's AI expertise in GPU computing for designing and delivering high-performance AI PCs and AI innovative solutions that help push the boundaries of AI development. All of this comes to show how GIGABYTE's "Train Your Own AI on Your Desk" plan intends to bring AI a few notches down by making it much more of a truly home use case.

Tapping directly into the brain, GIGABYTE offers an ecology of AI solutions combining user-friendly software, flexible hardware solutions, and comprehensive support services that allows users to unlock the full potential of AI and lets them redefine and transform industries, accelerating global innovation.

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