GIGABYTE and NVIDIA Collaborate on Advanced RTX AI PCs

GIGABYTE and NVIDIA Team Up for Next-Gen RTX AI PCs
GIGABYTE and NVIDIA Collaborate on Advanced RTX AI PCs

The leading computer hardware brand, GIGABYTE, is now extending and strengthening its hold on the artificial intelligence sector through a collaboration with NVIDIA to release new high-end RTX AI PCs. NVIDIA’s Chief Executive Officer volunteered to speak at COMPUTEX 2024, and his points system brought the dawn of a new computing epoch, generative AI, and digital twin and turned personal computers into AI factories where digital human beings proffer professional solutions. A specific focus was put on the problem of computational inflation, the high efficiency of the specialized NVIDIA CUDA processors, and the massive value of the AI industry, which Jensen estimated as $100 trillion.

Based on the cooperation with NVIDIA in this regard, GIGABYTE has successfully released a full range of RTX AI PCs and further enhanced the company’s position in the AI PC market. All GIGABYTE AI laptops are powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs and come with features like ACE NIM, Ray Tracing, DLSS, Tensor Cores, and more. These technologies provide high-quality visuals and also high AI learning and, therefore, follow the model-based approaches pointed out by Jensen. The GIGABYTE and NVIDIA collaboration aims to revolutionize the computing industry with the introduction of advanced RTX AI PCs.

In addition, it is noteworthy that products from GIGABYTE support the new NVIDIA ACE digital human technology that lets digital people engage in natural language operations and express emotions. These digital humans are applicable in areas such as branding and advertising, virtual customer support, digital self-service, diagnostics or caregiving, and improving one-on-one interaction with an individual. New features such as advanced graphics and highly developed AI applications are essential factors in developing GIGABYTE’s AI laptops for professional gamers and creators, demonstrating GIGABYTE’s leadership in the new revolution of generative AI applications.

Eddie Lin, CEO of GIGABYTE, commented, “Driven by the maturity of deep learning algorithms, AI PCs are shifting from cloud-centric computing environments to quasi-edge computing models and are expected to enter the general populace within the next few years. The company has been partnering with premium chip makers to establish a credible AI ecosystem with state-of-the-art hardware platforms and learning environments.” As generative AI applications spread over edge, cloud, and hybrid modes, they will become center innovations in the PC space. GIGABYTE's long-term collaboration with NVIDIA and elite AI Nexus innovation ensure great client encounters. Besides, over 40% of GIGABYTE laptops include committed Copilot keys, permitting clients to fully appreciate the benefits and comfort of AI.

GIGABYTE also reported the dispatch of new AI arrangements on the eve of COMPUTEX, highlighting its inventive plans and comprehensive key diagram in Artificial Intelligence.

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