AI’s Non-Tech Impact: Transforming Careers in India

AI’s Non-Tech Impact: Transforming Careers in India

Analytics Insight has listed top 10 AI jobs opportunities hiring in India

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping non-tech sectors in India, creating diverse job opportunities. From AI medical consultants in healthcare to algorithmic traders in finance and content creators in entertainment, professionals are leveraging AI for enhanced efficiency. The integration of AI in manufacturing, retail, agriculture, legal services, and marketing is transforming traditional roles, optimizing processes, and improving customer experiences. This widespread adoption signifies a transformative trend, empowering professionals to excel in decision-making and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Here are the 10 AI job opportunities in 2024:


As a Conversational AI Telephony Integration Architect at Google Cloud, you lead telephony integration projects, collaborating closely with clients and telephony partners. With expertise in CAI architecture, you design scalable solutions and provide technical guidance. Google prioritizes diversity, equal opportunity, and accommodation for applicants with special needs.


As an IBM Data Scientist, you'll contribute to AI solutions, analyzing data for tangible business value. Collaborate on product development, optimize data pipelines, and perform quantitative analyses. Preferred skills include Azure, Databricks, and experience with conversation analytics.


Infosys is seeking a candidate with 4+ years of IT experience, including 2 years in AI/ML/DS. The role involves developing Generative AI (Gen AI), managing LLM development and deployment pipelines, and transforming AI proofs of concept into production. Responsibilities include designing ML systems, conducting experiments, researching algorithms, and fine-tuning models for optimal performance.


As an AI Developer at EY GDS Assurance Digital, you'll lead AI research for impactful products, converting business challenges into analytical solutions. With a focus on Python, machine learning, deep learning, and data science, you'll implement innovative AI solutions, support solution architects, and deploy AI proofs of concept. Exceptional academic background required.

Warner Bros. Discovery

The Warner Bros. Discovery job seeks a seasoned data scientist with 9-13 years of experience to lead machine learning initiatives. Responsibilities include developing advanced models for media supply chain, ad conditioning, and metadata extraction. The role demands expertise in modern ML approaches, proficiency in tools like TensorFlow and AWS, and a commitment to technical excellence.

Dolby Laboratories

As a Dolby AI Researcher, you'll lead groundbreaking research in audio and media technologies. With a Ph.D. in computer science, you'll focus on deep learning, generative models, and multi-modal learning. Responsibilities include refining AI strategy, creating innovative solutions, publishing in top conferences, and influencing technology transfer. Strong Python skills and effective communication are essential.


As a BI Engineer at Amazon's Global Operations – AI (GO-AI), you'll design and maintain scalable, automated systems for analytics, leveraging data to drive business decisions. Responsibilities include creating user-friendly reports and dashboards, utilizing statistical rigor, and ensuring operational excellence in BI solutions. Preferred qualifications include AWS expertise and a master's degree in a relevant field.


As a Responsible AI Specialist at Quantiphi, you'll lead the implementation of trustworthy AI systems, collaborating with cross-functional teams. Your role involves designing experiments, governance structures, and training programs to promote Responsible AI adoption. A PhD or Master's in Computer Science, expertise in ML, DL, and statistics, along with strong communication skills, are essential for success in this role.


As an Accenture Data Science Conversational Analyst, you'll contribute to developing AI-driven bots by building conversational interfaces and virtual agents. With 2-3 years of experience, you'll apply expertise in Intent, Entity, Fallback Management, and Context Management. Proficiency in Python, SQL, and Google Dialog Flow is essential, and Node.js skills are beneficial.


The AI/ML Architect will lead AI/ML/Python teams, crafting solutions using cloud technologies, AI frameworks, and ML algorithms. This role involves pre-sales support, strategic analysis of AI scenarios, guiding Python library implementation, and representing the organization in the AI community. The ideal candidate possesses over 10 years of relevant experience, AI/ML certification, and strong communication skills.

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