Amplifying the Innovation Pace with Robotics Automation and Artificial Intelligence

by July 7, 2020

Artificial Intelligence

How does Technology change over the years owing to Digital Transformation?

The pace of technology is changing over the years, as remarked in the 20th edition of Accenture’s Tech Vision 2020. Released earlier this year, this report is based on two decades of study, supported by tech trends and their evolution over time. To keep with the competition, it is imperative that enterprises need to embrace technologies concerning their existing investment portfolios.

The report says that artificial intelligence and robotics will be among the key technology trends redefining business parlance over the next three years. The need of the hour for enterprises is to answer the call to rebuild business and technology models from the ground up, keeping in tandem stakeholders’ expectations a priority.

The professional services MNC adds that as technology is adopted more than ever before, and organisations’ attempts to meet its needs and expectations may fall short. The Covid-19 pandemic  has open doors to new adaptiveness among enterprises, which requires a new mindset and roadmap to succeed.

The Tech Vision encapsulates a study conducted over a cohort of 6,000 IT and Business executives worldwide. Tech Vision also bring forward the views of 100 Irish executives and directors to discuss the impact of technological change. The study found that 83% of Irish business leaders are recognising disruptive technologies like AI and Robotics which have become an indispensable component of elevating the human experience. Besides, Accenture also surveyed 2,000 consumers from across the world, 70% of whom foresee that their relationship with technology will be strengthening significantly into prominence over the next three years.

David Kirwan, Head of Technology at Accenture in Ireland, echo’s that enterprises must adapt to meet the evolving needs of customers. He says, “Covid-19 is the greatest challenge the world has faced in decades and has transformed people’s lives at an unprecedented scale, impacted every industry and co-opted enterprises’ ambitions for growth and innovation. Companies need to innovate, invent and redefine more quickly than ever before,”.

As enterprises face new challenges across the world, embracing technology the report adds that Apart from Automation, enterprises need to move ahead and brainstorm on use cases on emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence. The report concludes that Irish executives look at technology with discretion, with 50% saying that their employees who embrace robotics and automation will be challenged to figure how to adapt to robots as their working assistants and the other 50% saying their employees will find it easier to work with robotics and automation.

With an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases, worldwide more and more people are staying at home, and social distancing becomes the new normal/ Th report concluded that every enterprise must re-think its future through the lens of robotics to ensure its business continuity (BCP) framework in the times of the Pandemic.