Why Should You Consider a Business Analytics Course for a Thriving Career?

November 25, 2019

Business Analytics Course

The foundation of any successful business is being able to identify their customers needs and then give them what they want. And guesswork alone isn’t going to help figure that out. It is this increasing need for delivering personalized products and services that are pushing organizations to focus on business analytics.

Business analytics allows organizations to examine large volumes of data to measure the success of their products and services along with their day-to-day operations. Let us see how business analytics can help organizations to analyze that data efficiently and derive actionable insights from it. We’ll also look at the ways how undertaking a business analytics online course can help you embark on a thriving career.


What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics, otherwise known as BA, is a combination of technologies, skills, applications, and processes, which helps organizations investigate past business performance to derive insights and drive their future growth strategies. In other words, BA helps organizations quantify their business values through various statistical and data management techniques.

The insights gained through business analytics helps organizations plan for future projects, measure both success and failure, and set new goals. Often, business analytics may seem straightforward in terms of approach. However, you need to have a significant amount of technical proficiency to excel as a business analytics professional.

Business analytics requires individuals who have a thorough understanding of data-driven decision-making and its nuances, which is why business analytics online courses are getting more traction as a viable mode of training for professionals and organizations.


Why Going for a Business Analytics Online Course Makes Sense?           

Given the fact that more and more organizations are shifting focus on business analytics, it’s no surprise that business analytics online courses have become one of the more prominent technology certifications currently available in India. If data and technology fascinate you, you can enroll in a business analytics program to expand or change your career. If you are still looking for motivation, here are some advantages of having a business analytics program certification that will help you make up your mind:


Opportunities to Grow in Your Career

While it may seem obvious, but professionals nowadays are always on the lookout for growth opportunities in their careers, for which they are willing to pursue specialized training in a specific field. Being certified in a business analytics online course not only does give you an advantage in a competitive job market but also helps you demand a better salary and work profile.


Structured Learning Approach

After completing your business analytics certification course, you learn all about data analytics – from fundamentals to the advanced components. The business analytics curriculum provides a structured learning approach, which helps you learn data analytics seamlessly, unlike any other online tutorials or blogs. Online learning through blogs and videos will only let you see the picture in bits and pieces, while it is likely that you miss out on several crucial pieces of information.


Learn Popular Business Analytics Tools

As a business analyst, you are expected to perform a variety of tasks for which you would need to use different tools. Top business analytics courses in India, offered by reputable institutions such as Jigsaw Academy provide hands-on experience on some of the most popular business analytics tools such as –

  • SAS (for analyzing massive data sets)
  • Tableau (for data visualization)
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Python
Flexibility to Work in Almost Any Industry

Nowadays, almost every business out there is focusing on data analytics to improve its market footprint. From entertainment and retail to healthcare and finance, enterprises perceive business analysts as valuable assets. This not only means that you have more opportunities to work in different industries, but also that it is almost impossible for you to get bored with work. You can always choose to work in an organization and industry that piques your interest.

Also, you have the opportunity to work in different job profiles. After completing a business analyst program certification you can not only work as a business analyst, but you may also qualify for other related positions, including product analyst, solution designer, and business architect.