Why Books will be Your Best Friend This Year?

Why Books will be Your Best Friend This Year?

by January 4, 2018

Books, the all-time crucial savior for all the human needs, whether it may be for knowledge enhancement, personality building, specializations in a specific domain or comforting broken hearts, books are always there. Right from the time, in absence of print media, books were there too for human cravings. Even in today’s high-end tech era, books have retained their special place in both human lives and hearts. There is a class of people in society who are dependent on books for all their brain feeds, and on another hand, there are some people who pretend to be too busy to produce an excuse for not reading the books. When Elon Musk, the full of activity man, was questioned about his secret of achievement, he responded, ‘I used to read books, a lot! Continuing on the same track, today we have got a list of best of the books that can be referred blindly for taking onto modern technological inventions like, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

So, here we go,


1) The Art of Data Science

The famous book by Roger D Peng and Elizabeth Matsui, emphasizes on the analysis and distillation of data, the book has very best of it and offers a good platform for data practitioners and specialists. The book has it all that is needed to initiate the process of analyzing the data. Both of the authors have penned down their own experiences of dealing with tremendous data size and types, which surely gives a practical approach to readers.


2) The Data Science Handbook

This book comprises of compilations of discussions with 25 data scientists, where they have shared their respective expertise, visions, stories, and recommendations. Specifically, the book is not for technical readings, but the personal sharing of those scientists surely helps to light up the vision of readers. The dynamic data science aspirants may consider this book for initial career guidelines.


3) Machine Learning Yearning

The well-known and widely acclaimed author of the book, Andrew Ng has his own innovative thinking ways. According to him, the book’s motto is to “communicate in what way to make abundant choices that are required for systematizing a machine learning project. He added that he wanted to help readers to quickly gain some vital skills that can empower them to become better at building such high-end AI systems.


4) Machine Learning: The New AI

The author Ethem Alpaydin is a well-known researcher and writer. Machine Learning: The New AI goes deeper into the algorithms used on data sets and benefits coders to write codes by learning from these datasets. The book focuses on how machine learning has evolved over the age and is presently used in everyday applications. One having a coding background will have an easy understanding of the book in no time.


5) Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data

Peter Flach, written Artificial Intelligence concealments with real-world instances of machine learning. One can study about statistical models that can be generated, evaluated, and foreseen with machine learning tactics. The book is having a good number of graphs and charts. The best thing about the book being, detailed explanation about each and every topic. If you’re planning to go deeper into data science or machine learning then this book is for you only.


6) Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Machine learning and AI are pretty unlike; though they share numerous notions that can benefit programmers. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach is a delightful starter. The book has an extensive variety of practices. The book can be referred not only by beginners but also by intermediate level coders. The book proves worthy of its name, it can surely fulfill the brain craving of dedicated coders.

So, this is all about the best books that would surely work out for your needs regarding Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Get one of those, and start exploring!