Which certification is best for Microsoft Azure?

Which certification is best for Microsoft Azure?

by January 28, 2021

Microsoft Azure

A paradigm shift is seen in the computer world in the recent past, with cloud computing advancing. It is an online computer model and provides the required information and is processed in conjunction with computers and devices.

With cloud computing, a pool of computer resources can be shared and accessed. It allows for easy transfer of information. Cloud computing has enabled businesses and users to store and process data on external data storage facilities. This makes it costly for companies as more costs for IT infrastructure are avoided. There are several Microsoft Azure certifications you can take.

Since most organizations worldwide use cloud computing, there is a great need for skilled professionals in this area. Cloud computing professionals have many options and earn a decent salary, so it is the most sought after position in the IT world.


Need for Microsoft Azure certification in today’s time

Before thinking about an Azure certification, it is essential to know that getting any cloud certificate is worth your job.

Extensive cloud growth: Cloud has taken over the IT industry by storm, and its use is growing by connecting with borders. Suppose you look at the figures provided by IDC (International Data Corporation), Gartner, Forbes, and others. In that case, revenue from the cloud services market increases at an average rate of 20% on average.

The cloud powers businesses of all sizes: Both small and medium enterprises are positively affected by the cloud. Companies hope that PaaS is a platform for developing an excellent and secure application for the future. It is predicted that most IT costs will be cloud-based infrastructure, applications, medium-sized services, and business processes in a few years.

Lack of cloud technology: Cloud services have become the focus of enterprise IT infrastructure. Businesses will have a great opportunity if they decide to move to the cloud. However, they cannot take advantage of these benefits, especially since skilled resources are in short supply. Lack of skills can cause a company to lose revenue. Also, the skills gap prevents several businesses from deploying multiple cloud platforms.


Reasons to choose AWS certificate over Azure certification.

An IT professional considering a cloud certificate may be confused about whether to go for a Microsoft Azure certification or AWS Certification (Amazon Web Services). For such experts, the following points should be considered before making a decision:

Azure is growing faster: Azure certificate training growth rate has improved compared to AWS in the past. It looks like Microsoft is starting to close the gap between the two. Microsoft has also improved integration with built-in software.

Azure Microsoft products: Microsoft has long been associated with the big business. Microsoft products and services are used by almost every Fortune 500 company. Azure remains an ideal proposal for those businesses that have invested heavily in Microsoft’s expertise and technology.

Open source and installation of Linux: Microsoft has never had a genuine community until recently. On the other hand, AWS has been open-source from the beginning, which has given it an advantage over Azure in the open space of cloud hosting. Microsoft and Azure certification training install open-source software both in the cloud and on the premises. Besides, about 1 in every 3 Azure virtual machines works on Linux. NET Core and PowerShell are open, Hyper-V will use Docker and SQL Server running on Linux.


Which Azure certification should you take?

Foundations of Azure

The AZ-900 is a basic test designed for IT professionals who want to verify their Microsoft Azure platform knowledge. You can take this test or not from a technical background but have a basic understanding of cloud thinking. This test is also a stepping stone for other professional-level certifications of Azure level. The test will include cloud concepts, Azure core services, Azure certification cost support and pricing, security, trust, compliance, and privacy. The test is available in English and costs USD 99.

Assemble the Administrator

For this role, you need to pass the AZ-103 exam. To qualify for this test, you must understand Azure applications, cloud, applications, and storage infrastructure. Apart from this, you should know how visualization tools and communication tools work. A basic understanding of Command Line Interface and PowerShell will serve as a benefit. There will be many domains integrated into the trial, including starting and managing storage, configuring and managing virtual networks, managing Azure resources and subscriptions, managing ownership, and deploying and managing virtual machines. Available in English and costs USD 165.

Azure Developer Coordinator

For this role, you need to pass the AZ-203 exam. Prerequisites for this study include technology in developing applications and services using the tools and technologies provided on the Azure platform. At least one year of work experience in building scalable solutions is required. Also, the candidate for baptism should be proficient in at least one cloud-based program. During the test, you will be asked questions about building Azure storage, upgrading Azure infrastructure such as computer service solutions, using Azure security, troubleshooting, monitoring, and improving Azure solutions, and connecting and deploying services from third parties with Azure. The test is only available in English and costs USD 165.