USDT and USDC On Bitgert Chain Is Going To Have Zero Transaction Cost

USDT and USDC On Bitgert Chain Is Going To Have Zero Transaction Cost

Bitgert (BRISE) is making big moves that are shaking all other cryptocurrencies in the industry. The recent communication from the team is that Bitgert is launching USDT/USDC on its chain. This is definitely a big move because, for the first time, the Bitgert blockchain will have stable coins, which are crucial for stable trading.

According to the Bitgert team, chain users will now be able to directly swap their USDT/USDC from the Bitgert's supported networks on the official bridge, which are the TRC Tron network, BEP20 Binance smart chain, and the ERC20 Ethereum network. But that's not all about this development.

USDT and USDC coins transactions are going to have zero transaction costs. This is good news for the crypto community on the Bitgert chain. It will make the transaction of these stable coins affordable to the users. The development is under process, and more will be communicated by the Bitgert team.

The coming of the stable coins and Bitgert bridge is also opening up for other networks to join the chain. Here are two networks that might be interoperable with the Bitgert blockchains.


Before we look at these two networks, let's look at the Bitgert bridge. Bitgert blockchain bridge launch was one of the most significant developments after the BRC20 blockchain launch. The bridge enables other blockchains to be interoperable with the Bitgert chain and enjoy the Brise chain's benefits. The bridge is projected to give life to many projects, especially the Ethereum-based projects struggling with the high gas fee and slow speed. That's why Bitgert is predicted to skyrocket due to the massive chain adoption.


The Polygon Matic can be traded on the Bitgert chain because it is one of the EVM compatible tokens, just like the Brise chain. Therefore, it will be easy for the Polygon Matic to use the bridge and be traded on a cheaper and faster chain. Note that the Polygon network is considered slower and has cheaper gas fees than the Bitgert chain. Therefore, Polygon chain users and developers will be able to migrate to the Bitgert chain, where the gas fee is lower, and the chain speed is higher.


In addition to the USDT and USDC, Litecoin (LTC) is another cryptocurrency that might also be joining the Bitgert chain. The coin will be available on the chain because of the lower gas fee and high transaction speed. Giving users a lower gas fee is the biggest reason why Litecoin will be joining the Bitgert blockchain. Note that Litecoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in DeFi, and as a payment system, the issue of the transaction cost is crucial. Therefore, Litecoin coin is coming to enjoy the lowest gas fee.

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