Invest in Oryen ICO and start earning passive income instead of buying Big Eyes and Dogecoin

Invest in Oryen ICO and start earning passive income instead of buying Big Eyes and Dogecoin

Decentralized finance and crypto have offered investors more ways to earn passive income than they can imagine. How is this possible? Thanks to the decentralized nature, protocols rely on investors to help them bootstrap liquidity, and investors receive yield in return for their services. 

A new token, Oryen, currently in its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) phase, has leveled up the passive income game in DeFi. On-chain analysis shows savvy investors targeting this up-and-comer instead of Big Eyes and Dogecoin. 


Oryen has introduced a revolutionary dynamic presale model only seen by a few other protocols. Featured below is a model of the presale structure. 

Presale 2.1 (02, Nov — 09, Nov) $0.1 – 10% Token Bonus 

Presale 2.2 (09, Nov — 16, Nov) $0.11 – 9% Token Bonus 

Presale 2.3 (16, Nov — 23rd, Nov) $0.12 – 8% Token Bonus

Presale 2.4 (23, Nov — 02, Dec) $0.125 – 7% Token Bonus

Investors can immediately see that Oryen rewards those who move fast. Early investors lock in guaranteed profits and even a token bonus compared to slower investors. Oryen's ICO has already garnered significant attention, and Business2Community listed Oryen as one of the best altcoins of 2022

The protocol pays out a fixed rate of 90% APY to all investors thanks to the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) system, which governs the protocol. The OAT contains smart contracts that auto-stake and auto-compound for investors introducing a three-step earning process: buy, hold, and earn. Oryen represents passive income at its pinnacle and easily has the potential to be a top one hundred token. Investors have the chance to front-run this opportunity.

Big Eyes 

The Big Eyes ecosystem revolves around the pastel-colored feline Big Eyes. This meme coin combines charity and cuteness and proposes donating 5% of all tokens to help save the oceans. Big Eyes has already raised more than $9 million in its presale, but investors grow anxious as the protocol's success hinges on the market reception of the Big Eyes NFTs. NFT trading volume has slumped recently, and meme tokens saturate the market. 


Dogecoin was the original meme coin, and developers launched it in 2013. Every crypto investor knows about DOGE, and millions of people worldwide read about Dogecoin in mainstream media as the token went parabolic throughout 2021. Elon Musk taking over Twitter caused DOGE to pump briefly. Still, with no offered utility to investors and an increasingly risk-off macroeconomic environment, crypto analysts doubt that DOGE can even reclaim its prior ATH (All-Time High). 

Closing Thoughts

Oryen self-contained staking and earning process disrupts the DeFi passive income landscape. Senior analysts state that Oryen will attract considerable liquidity when it launches on the open market, powered by its simple solution to wealth creation. Investors can buy now or FOMOin later: the choice belongs to them.

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