Crypto Projects on Bitgert Ecosystem are Safer Option

Crypto Projects on Bitgert Ecosystem are Safer Option

The Bitgert blockchain is keeping your crypto projects safe in these volatile market conditions

Key Points:

  • Bitgert BRC20 smart contract ensures the safety of investors' funds
  • Bitgert projects are listed on Bitgert chain backed DEX
  • The number of Bitgert backed projects to grow to 1000+

Bitgert has been among the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem in the industry. Among the major factors driving this growth has been the huge number of projects that the Bitgert team is adding to this ecosystem. There are 1000+ projects that Bitgert is adding to the ecosystem, and so far, almost 30 projects have been launched.

But it is the safety of these projects that have made them popular. The Bitgert Startup Studio program is designed to protect investors' money and, at the same time, ensure they are getting good returns. Go on and read more about Bitgert backed projects below:


Bitgert backed projects are simply projects that have their tokens listed on the Bitgert supported DEX. These projects are raising funds for their development, and these funds are held in the BRC20 smart contract. Therefore, the developers cannot access the money directly, and that's how investors' funds are protected. Bitgert projects' growth has been impressive, and most of these projects have become multi-million-dollar marketcaps, despite being just a few weeks old. Here are some of the best performing Bitgert backed projects:


There is no doubt that OmniaVerse is one of the best performing Bitgert backed projects today. It is one of the coins with the marketcap that grew beyond $10M. The project is popular because the OmniaVerse is building a highly disruptive project, a multiverse, which is expected to have mass adoption by metaverse artists.


The other project doing well is Miidas. As one of the few NFT marketplaces on the Bitgert zero gas fee and the fastest chain. Miidas is projected to do well in the market. It is a Bitgert backed project to watch.

Brise paradise

Brise Paradise is another Bitgert project that is doing very well in the market. The biggest factor driving this Bitgert backed project hype is the innovative products. The Brise Paradise project is building a hotel and an island resort in the Maldives. The coin is doing pretty well in the market.


BrisePad is the only launchpad on the Bitgert chain so far, which is making it a very attractive project. The BrisePad token is doing very well, and this can be seen from the impressive marketcap.


Numitor is the only project on the Bitgert chain that is offering liquidity and pairs to DeFi. The high returns that Numitor is offering to investors are one of the reasons why it is very popular in the market.

VeFi Network

VeFi Network is another Bitgert project that has gained a lot of attention due to the fact that the team is building a complete blockchain ecosystem. This might be the project that will compete with Bitgert. VeFi Network is a project to watch.


Youngparrot is launched as the second NFT marketplace on the Bitgert chain after Miidas. It is one of the best performing Bitgert backed coins. With its fast-growing marketcap, Youngparrot is a Bitgert project to watch.

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