Bitgert Shall Reach $1B Marketcap In Next 30 Days

Bitgert Shall Reach $1B Marketcap In Next 30 Days
Bitgert Marketcap
Bitgert Marketcap

The biggest question most crypto investors are asking today is where Bitgert (BRISE) will be in the next 30 days. The past 30 days have been fantastic for this project since the price and the marketcap has been skyrocketing.

But will Bitgert post a similar growth and reach the $1B marketcap? This is a question that most investors have in mind. The answer is simple- YES. Bitgert has the potential to reach a billion marketcap and even more in the next 30 days. Read more below:


In the past 30 days, the Bitgert marketcap increased from around $200 million to almost $800 million. At the time of this writing, the marketcap was around $600 million. This massive growth was experienced immediately after the launch of the powerful Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. The team is now working on bringing more products and projects on the chain, which will, in return, skyrocket the Bitgert marketcap.

The Bitgert team is also about to launch the widely anticipated Bitgert exchange in the next 30 days. This is the first major product on the Brise BRC20 blockchain, and its exciting feature will increase the adoption of the Bitgert chain. It is one of the products that are going to push the marketcap to $1B. With more products and projects coming on the chain, Bitgert has everything to hit a billion marketcap.


When it comes to cryptocurrencies that are posting the fastest-growing marketcaps, the Centcex project should be on the list together with Bitgert. If you look at the charts, you will find out that the cryptocurrency has been doing very well in the past month. The Centcex coin has recorded one of the fastest growths after posting a 300% increment in the past month.

How big will the Centcex marketcap be? Though the marketcap may not be as big as the Centcex project, it might be the fastest-growing. This is because the news about the Centcex exchange launch might be made within this period, and the Centcex staking program will have been launched.


Matic might have been one of the coins that have done well in the market so, but Bitgert is now becoming one of its biggest competitors. In fact, Matic is one of the cryptocurrencies that Bitgert is projected to overtake. This is because of the powerful BRC20 blockchain that Bitgert launched recently. The Bitgert chain has proven superior to the Matic network in many ways, but the scaling and the cost of the gas features are the major biggest areas.

BRC20 blockchain has the lowest gas cost and is also the fastest chain. That's why Matic is very concerned about the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. With these features, Bitgert might also overtake Polygon Matic marketcap on its way to the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies.

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