Bitgert (BRISE) Tops Baby Doge and Safemoon As The Most Profitable Coin Than This Weekend – Reasons

Bitgert (BRISE) Tops Baby Doge and Safemoon As The Most Profitable Coin Than This Weekend – Reasons

It is good news for crypto investors looking for a profitable coin to buy this weekend. Bitgert is the coin that is trending this weekend because of its bullish outlook in the current bearish market. Crypto analysts are convinced that Bitgert will increase by +50% this weekend.

This means Bitgert price might increase the current price to end the weekend at around $0.0000014. Baby Doge and Safemoon, on the other hand, are projected to post a decline if the selling pressure declines

Bitgert bullish growth, when Baby Doge and Safemoon are declining, is because of the massive developments the Bitgert team has announced.

Factors Growing Bitgert Bullish This Weekend

Bitgert bullish performance this week is one of the factors making Bitgert quite attractive this weekend. The Bitgert coin maintained a +50% growth for the past 7 days. This bullish growth will be fuelling Bitgert growth this month.

Bitgert BRC20 blockchain adoption is one of the biggest factors making Bitgert coin rank top of Baby Doge and Safemoon as the most profitable coin this weekend. The zero gas fee and transaction speed of up to 100K TPS make the Bitgert chain the most adopted this weekend.

Bitgert Roadmap V2 and its disruptive products on the Bitgert ecosystem are also growing Bitgert this week. The Bitgert decentralised marketplace, Bitgert OS, and NFT marketplace are products that will skyrocket Bitgert this weekend as Safemoon and Baby Doge decline.

These developments will skyrocket Bitgert buying pressure

Baby Doge and Safemoon Developments

In the interest of increasing adoption rates for the Baby Doge coin, new partnerships are already coming up. The recent announcement on Twitter about the upcoming partnership between Baby Doge and Chihuahua Token. This will increase the adoption of Baby Doge but will not have a huge impact on price as Bitgert this weekend

Safemoon is also making major strides by opening up its network. The Safemoon team has mentioned the coming of Safemoon products and projects. The Safemoon wallet is still a major product, but the bigger Safemoon move was the launch of the Safemoon V2. However, Safemoon might end the week bearish unless the bulls take over.

From all indications, Bitgert stands to be more profitable than Baby Doge and Safemoon. So we are going to see more Safemoon and Baby Doge community members joining Bitgert this weekend.

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