Big Eyes Is a Must-Have Crypto – Will it Outpace Ethereum and Decentraland in the Crypto Space?

Big Eyes Is a Must-Have Crypto – Will it Outpace Ethereum and Decentraland in the Crypto Space?

Ethereum birthed a new phase in the crypto space. Predominately, cryptocurrencies, or rather DeFi projects were just made for payments and various forms of transactions and investments as seen in Bitcoin (BTC), but Ethereum (ETH) made room for smart contracts and the creation of decentralized applications.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. Many cryptocurrencies adopted Ethereum's (ETH) blockchain to create diverse systems to further increase blockchain possibilities. Decentraland (MANA) utilizes the metaverse to create a critical world where users can meet, interact and purchase assets and lands.

Now, blockchain technology has advanced to create a sophisticated, yet simple system that has values that exceeds just its ecosystem, but the community as well. Big Eyes (BIG) is a newly adopted coin still in its presale phase in the crypto space. It allows for the procurement of NFT assets – unique collections of NFTs. It aims to transfer wealth to the DeFi ecosystem using NFTs.

However, these coins create the basis for many possibilities to be achieved using blockchain technology, but they lack a sense of belonging or a vision for the community. Ethereum (ETH) was created to rival and address issues faced by Bitcoin (BTC) users. It provides a flourishing network but still fails in scalability.

Decentraland (MANA) is community driven. Its platform or 3D virtual space provided a common ground for users from all works of life to meet each other and engage in its metaverse. However, it was lacking in engaging content, and it just provided a space for the procurement of land and assets. Big Eyes (BIG) set its eyes above these to be more impactful.

How Big Eyes Provides More Impact than Ethereum and Decentraland

It is safe to say Big Eyes (BIG) is more about giving to the community than just providing a groundbreaking platform with diverse use cases. Big Eyes (BIG) recognizes the attribute of adding value and causing a positive change in the crypto space.

Big Eyes (BIG) aims to provide a change by transferring wealth to the DeFi ecosystem, popularity, and health to the world. What's more important than providing wealth to the ecosystem it's flourishing on and to the world at large? Although they seem different, these goals are worked together to ensure the change.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a unique meme coin and it has grown in popularity even at the stage it is. They have a major trend of this coin on social media platforms, most especially platforms, about its contribution to the community. It has raised money for education.

It held a challenge to donate $10 for every retweet it gets on that particular tweet for two days until $10k retweets have been attained. Its engagement was booming, and it finally raised $1000 for the Luna children. Big Eyes (BIG) is still increasing in popularity as of now.

Twitter has been a breeding place for this coin as uproars from its challenges, its war with Tamadoge, and its charitable course have been rampant. Now, Big Eyes (BIG) is holding a $250k giveaway to 10 winners. However, there are criteria to win, which include having at least $250 worth of BIG and following and filling out a form.

If you don't want to miss out, you can purchase this token.

How to Buy BIG Token

You can join by completing the following requirements:

  1. Go to the main Big Eyes (BIG) website at bigeyes. space.
  2. Look for the buy button on the page. Click on it to participate.
  3. To purchase a BIG token, you must first open a MetaMask account.
  4. Connect your wallet and then confirm the connection.
  5. Return to the main website to claim it.


Big Eyes (BIG) is more about giving to the community and still upholding its ecosystem. It creates a space where users can also partake in its cause through charities and also benefit from acquiring NFT assets which they can earn and acquire more wealth. It is an ultimate Meme coin.

For More information on the project:

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