Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, And Bitcoin To Rise In 2023

Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, And Bitcoin To Rise In 2023

As we approach 2023, crypto predictions are happening already as crypto users want to know what the best crypto investments could be in the new year. As 2022 was a tough time for crypto users, there are high hopes that 2023 could make up for the losses that many have seen this year. Three cryptocurrencies expected to rise in 2023 include Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

Big Eyes Coin Prepares For Its Official Launch

Big Eyes Coin is a new crypto project that has recently joined the crypto space. At the time of writing, Big Eyes Coin is in stage seven of presale and raised over $11 million during this time. This is an exceptional amount of funds to support the crypto project which is a strong indicator of the big success Big Eyes Coin could reach once it has launched.

Whilst there is no public date at the moment of when Big Eyes Coin will officially launch, users can expect it to be sometime soon. With 2023 just a couple of months away, users can expect Big Eyes Coin to become the new big coin in the market.

As a meme coin, Big Eyes Coin puts its community's needs above all else and ensures to provide a fun and interactive platform for users to enjoy. With a cat theme, Big Eyes Coin has adopted the fun and friendly nature of a cat to provide a playful nature and create an enjoyable platform for users.

And if you want to gain a head start on the cuteness, you can use the code BCUTE765 for a bonus on your purchase.

Ethereum To Rise

Although the crypto market has been on the decline for the majority of this year, in recent weeks Ethereum has shown a rise. Whilst it has not risen significantly, it is currently valued at approximately $1570 at the time of writing. This is a jump from the $900 mark it reached earlier this year.

In September 2022, Ethereum's long-awaited merge took place. This was an important event to happen as this now means that Ethereum no longer consumes large amounts of energy and is now more scalable, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Since this happened, the value of ETH has been quite stable and slowly rising.

In 2023, if the market recovers the way it is expected to, it seems as if Ethereum will be one of the better cryptocurrencies as it is predicted to rise further.

Bitcoin Will Remain At The Top

Bitcoin has been the largest cryptocurrency ever since it was created. As the first cryptocurrency to ever exist, Bitcoin has also been the most popular. In November 2021, BTC peaked at an all-time high of approximately $69,000 which then fell in the market crash earlier this year. In 2022, BTC reached a lot of approximately $17,000 which is a major downfall.

However, at the time of writing BTC is currently valued at approximately $20,700 and if it continues the way it has in recent weeks, Bitcoin will likely rise further in the new year.

Although many cryptocurrencies are showing a rise, Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market, hence they are more likely to maintain their positions in the long term. Plus, with Big Eyes Coin launching soon, it seems as if it could be joining BTC and ETH in the big leagues.

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