Baby Doge Hype is Over, Project Like Bitgert are The Real Winner

Baby Doge Hype is Over, Project Like Bitgert are The Real Winner

Bitgert has been among the cryptocurrencies posting exponential growth.

This year, the Baby Doge performance has been rather disappointing, and it looks like the hype around this dog coin is over. This is why even with the recent bullish condition, Baby Doge gains were minimal. But this has been happening at a time when crypto projects like Bitgert (BRISE) have been mooning.

For the past 3 months, Bitgert price has also been growing exponentially while Baby Doge has been dropping during the same period. Read more about these two cryptocurrencies and why Bitgert is the real winner so far.


When the likes of Baby Doge and other meme coins have been losing hype, Bitgert has been among the cryptocurrencies posting exponential growth. But this growth has been driven by the developments around the Bitgert project that have made it one of the most exciting projects in the crypto industry.

The Bitgert fast-growing hype is driven by the BRC20 blockchain. The Bitgert team launched one of the most powerful blockchains in mid-Feb. The Bitgert blockchain is the fastest, and its gas fee is the cheapest. In fact, this is the first zero gas fee blockchain, and this is the major reason its absorption has been super high.

But Bitgert team building on this powerful blockchain is what has been growing the hype around the Bitgert project. Bitgert is bringing more products on the BRC20 blockchain, and the Brise exchange is the next major product to launch. There are also hundreds of projects built on the Bitgert Startup Studio launching on this chain this year.

With all these developments and, more so, the zero gas fee blockchain, Bitgert has been the biggest winner in the market so far. Bitgert might also be the best-performing cryptocurrency in 2022.

Baby Doge

The Baby Doge coin performance in 2022 has not been the best. The coin skyrocketed during the first two weeks of January 2022, but from the third week of January, the coin has been plummeting. It appears like the Baby Doge hype just died, and from then, the coin has been crashing while Bitgert was plummeting.

There are many factors leading to the Baby Doge poor performance, and being a dog coin with no real use case has been the biggest challenge. This is a project that has no utility, and that's why it is not attracting investors like Bitgert.

Therefore, the Baby Doge team needs to start working on the utility of the project and not just the token. Like Bitgert, the Babydoge team needs to build products that have use cases in the real world.

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