4 Reasons Bitgert Is Attracting Ethereum Holders Despite The Merge This August

4 Reasons Bitgert Is Attracting Ethereum Holders Despite The Merge This August

Key Highlights:

  • Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has been a major reason why Ethereum holders are buying more BRISE today
  • Bitgert ecosystem has been posting a high growth rate
  • The adoption of the Bitgert bridges is attracting Ethereum holders
  • $BRISE bullish performance has many Ethereum holders buying BRISE

Bitgert (BRISE) has been ranked as one of the most attractive crypto investments in 2022. There are a number of factors that makes Bitgert stand out even against big boys in the market like Ethereum. In fact, crypto analysts say that Ethereum holders have been buying Bitgert for the last few months.

Even with the Ethereum merger coming up this August, Ethereum investors have been buying Bitgert. But why? Well, the Bitgert team is developing one of the best crypto projects in the market. Here are 4 main reasons why even Ethereum holders are accumulating Bitgert this August, even with the merger coming up:

Bitgert Zero Gas Fee Blockchain

One thing that makes Bitgert do well in the market is the gasless blockchain that the team released in February 2022. The BRC20 blockchain is one of the biggest products the Brise team has launched. However, the gas-less feature has made the Bitgert chain one of the most adopted blockchains.

In fact, the Ethereum team is buying Bitgert mainly because of the BRC20 chain. The Brise chain is also faster than Ethereum and has a lower gas fee than Ethereum. The fact that the Ethereum merge might not make the Ethereum chain cheaper than Bitgert is making more Ethereum holders buy Bitgert.

Bitgert Ecosystem Growth

The other thing that makes Bitgert attract Ethereum holders is the fast-growing ecosystem. Compared to Ethereum, Bitgert has the potential to grow its ecosystem faster than Ethereum. In fact, the number of products that Bitgert roadmap V2 and the Brise projects coming up this month is larger than Ethereum. The Centcex project is playing a key role in growing the Bitgert ecosystem. This is another reason why more Ethereum holders are buying BRISE today.

Bitgert Bridges

Bitgert bridges are giving Ethereum investors more reasons to buy BRISE. The Bitgert bridges are going to grow the Brise chain utility. The main bridge is already growing the BRC20 chain interoperability. Bitgert USDT/USDC bridge is doing well, and the Top 5 Altcoins bridge is already LIVE, though under beta testing.

Bitgert Bullish Coin

The Bitgert coin's bullish outlook is another reason why more Ethereum investors are Buying BRISE today. As the Bitgert coin retains a bullish outlook, more Ethereum holders are going to keep the coin doing well.

Even with the Ethereum merge, more Ethereum holders are projected to buy BRISE this August. This is because the Brise project is projected to do better than Ethereum.

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