UK Online Casino Operators Utilising The Latest Artificial Intelligence Technology

July 20, 2020

The UK online casino and gambling industry is always at the forefront when it comes to the adoption of new technology. Numerous online casinos are incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their websites in various ways.


Wondering what are those?

Today, we would shed light on the same. We will highlight how Artificial Intelligence is being used in online casinos and gambling sites. Let us start by highlighting the most prominent way in which Artificial Intelligence is being used.

1. Fraud Prevention:

Bots powered by artificial intelligence can calculate the odds of any hand in a jiffy. Moreover, they can help the players know the best winning combination as well. When hundreds of dollars are at stake, players are bound to use such methods to win. However, the same technology also makes AI useful for UK casino operators. By training AI bots, casinos can easily Zero down on gamblers using such scrupulous methods.

The benefit of catching such gamblers is that the honest players have a decent winning chance. Otherwise, such scrupulous gamblers would drain their money pot.

It is the job of online casinos and gambling websites to weed out such scammers. Only then, they can keep the odds similar for all the players. Providing a fair platform for gambling is one of the main goals of any online casino operator. In today’s era, AI helps them with the same.


2. Better Customer Service:

Have you heard about AI-powered jackpots?

These are jackpots that interact with prospective customers to resolve your questions and queries. The beauty of such jackpots is that they can be programmed to answer certain specific questions. Using artificial intelligence, they even build a new repository of questions and answers. When that happens, the chatbots can answer the customers on their own.

The advantage of jackpots is that they are available 24/7. Moreover, they can answer the queries in a jiffy. With AI-powered chatbots, casinos are providing better service to their customers.

Just think about it, which casino would you prefer? One which offers 24/7 AI-powered chat support or one that requires you to email any queries? Of course, the one which provides instantaneous support! That is how AI is helping online casinos win over customers.


3. Strict Regulation Compliance:

Irrespective of their jurisdiction, casinos are strictly regulated. A single mistake can cost them their license. That is why; most UK online casinos have regulation compliance departments. The cost of maintaining such a department is quite huge. Earlier, there was no other alternative for online casinos, but to employ a huge team for regulation compliance. However, with the help of AI, all this is changing.

For example, it is the responsibility of casinos to prevent gambling addiction. Monitoring each player manually to diagnose signs of addiction is not an easy task. However, when you use AI for the same,

you can shortlist such players in a jiffy. Thereafter, the AI can freeze their accounts for at the designated time or simply terminate their accounts.

It is an example of how AI is helping online casinos in complying with various regulations. All this without employing a huge team for regulation compliance.

It is a win-win situation for online casinos and players.


4. Tailormade experience:

Most UK casinos offer you hundreds of slots and games. Searching among these games is not an easy task. Moreover, if the player cannot find their favorite game with a couple of minutes, they tend to leave the website. It is where artificial intelligence comes into the picture.

It is common knowledge that casinos and other gambling sites collect data from their website. The data includes things like:

  • Time spent on site
  • Games played
  • Most visited games
  • Usual time of visit

And so on

The websites collect this information for every user. The advantage of the same is that they can provide users with a tailormade experience. What if the casino displays your favorite games right after login What if your favorite slots are displayed right in front of you?

With data collection through AI, casinos can now offer you this and much more. The entire website can be tailormade according to the preferences of every user. The aim is to provide the players with the games they find most entertaining. All this without requiring a team of programmers and coders. AI does the entire work.

AI constantly monitors the browsing habits of various players. Consequently, the next time when they sign in, it arranges the widgets, games, and pages of the website in a tailormade fashion. The reason for this customization is to provide a tailormade experience to the players.

The quest to provide a tailormade experience to various players is another way the gambling websites are using AI technology.


5. Easier onboarding:

Are you tired of the cumbersome signup process of most casinos?

Do not want to jump through so many hoops for playing a few games?

If yes, casinos are bringing artificial intelligence to your rescue. Artificial intelligence is being used for player onboarding and KYC. With the automated verification process, you need not wait for manual approval of your account. The advantage of the automated approval process is that it is hard to

hoodwink. Therefore, any fake players are spotted well before they start playing the games. That once again helps the casinos provide a fair platform to the real players.

Moreover, the elimination of fake or fraudulent players keeps the personal data of real players safe as well. Once again, AI helps such websites to provide a secure platform to real users.

The beauty of the automated on boarding process however, is that the verification time has been cut down from 30 minutes to one hour to just a couple of minutes. It has helped players as well as websites.

One thing is that AI is certainly improving user experience when it comes to online casinos. It is one of the important reasons why online casinos are amalgamating AI into more and more aspects of their website. With the advent of AI, the online casinos and gambling industry will surely lure in a lot more players. Since the players find such online casino websites more interesting and engaging, it is a win-win situation for everyone.