Top Industry Predictions of 2019

by January 5, 2019

2018 has been a great year. These patterns are ready to proceed in 2019. Like the manner in which 2018 matched up with the earlier year inclines, the current patterns may stretch to the year 2019. The current year’s patterns are a blender of continuation of some on-going ones and other surprising improvements. Let’s look at what 2019 has in its store.


Use of AI in Marketing Activities

Marketing is getting progressively personal, and the pattern will proceed in the coming year. Those cold pitches to action and other non-exclusive campaigns will never again persuade clients. One should offer customized and high-value substance to succeed. This pattern is a sure thing as talking directly to your clients, for the most part, conveys positive outcomes.

The year 2018 may be the finish of the trial period of AI. It’s likewise conceivable to see AI deployed in taking care of some advertising issues. For example, a few organizations may utilize AI in lead generation and discovering customers. Artificial intelligence has been effective in application areas like Google search whereby personalized search has been possible. In this way, top organizations are grasping AI to enhance their activities. The use of AI will be for all intents and purposes evident in territories that don’t require a human touch. For example, marketers may hope to utilize AI to comprehend the content a potential client is consuming. It’s advisable to adjust yourself to the new innovation and stay focused. Be cautious and note more personalized marketing devices as they develop.



By 2020, there will 8.6 billion connected things in the Asia Pacific, which displays a US$583 billion market opportunity. To catch that opportunity, companies will require the capability to gain data from different frameworks (i.e. IoT gadgets) and align it on basic ontologies with the goal that information can be trusted and used. As artificial intelligence and machine learning advance, enabling these abilities to sort out the data, attribute it from a vast expanse of perceptions, and deliver autodidactic insights, will make opportunities not yet envisioned.

In 2019, we will see further utilize instances of IoT in home spaces, smart urban areas and progressively industrial use cases in automation or autonomous vehicles. This will be in part fueled by the pilot projects that will occur in 26 urban communities in ASEAN, as a feature of the area’s endeavors to quicken smart city advancement. Since such endeavors result in the formation of technology ecosystems, it is significant to have a holistic perspective of information over the cloud to the edge to boost the advantage of the information used over these environments.



Cyber-attacks will be on the expansion. The reason being, numerous web gadgets are unreliable, and tools are quick to discover and utilize. Anybody can get to the web and hack or utilize available malware codes or perform other moderate practices. The internet of things today can enable anybody with little skills to come up with a decent attack.

In this way, cybersecurity threat is on the rise. As the reason, ventures will begin to put resources into dedicated cybersecurity centers as an approach to battle cyber dangers. This heading is a distinct move from prevention to discovery and reaction. Hybrid security contributions and Cloud solutions will be the predominant architecture. Many will furnish themselves with such contributions including clients.


The Utilization of Digital Tools in Healthcare

Healthcare institutions in Asia are progressively receiving digital tools, for example, electronic wellbeing records and associated restorative gadgets – to give patients increasingly effective and customized administrations. Those that have set out on digital transformation have revealed business upgrades of up 21%.

As healthcare services progress toward becoming digitalized, the world is relied upon to create more than 2,314 exabytes of healthcare data by 2020. Notwithstanding, 80% of that information will come in unstructured formats, which may forestall clinicians, specialists, medical surgeons and doctors from picking up an unfathomable measure of knowledge to comprehend their patients better.

To viably extricate noteworthy insights from the monstrous volume of data coming at us, healthcare companies should create, convey, and implement machine learning and AI into clinical work process and care delivery. Having the best possible framework with the required storage and processing capacity will be relied upon so as to proficiently design, train, execute and deploy machine learning and AI solutions. Perceiving this trend, Asia’s healthcare industry is relied upon to burn through US$86.7 million to make the correct environment for AI to help enhance their diagnosis and treatment systems.


Change in Banking Models

Traditional banking models are blurring ceaselessly. The desire for individuals to bank at whatever point they need and wherever they wish makes digital banking to dominate This advancement, generally, makes your telephone to end up being your wallet. Subsequently, your business procedures should concentrate on enhancing this most recent pattern and secure a competitive edge.