Top Health Chatbots That Have Redefined Interactive Healthcare

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Have you interacted with Molly, Eva, Ginger, Replika, Florence, Izzy already? Wonder who are them? Welcome to a world of algorithm-powered, text or voice-based interfaces that have redefined the modern healthcare. Researches show these tech-powered interactive interfaces will ease the burden on doctors and effectively assist patients to learn to take care of their health responsibly.


Chatbots in Healthcare

Chatbots are increasingly adopted in healthcare credit to the personalized interactive interface they offer. The chatbots or Digital Personal Assistants are increasingly deployed in healthcare to assist physicians, nurses, patients or their families. Chatbots ensure optimized organization of patient pathways, medication management and assistance in emergency situations or first aid. Chatbots ease the burden on medical professionals by offering consultation on simpler medical issues.

The upsurge in the deployment of Chatbots indicates that texting or talking to smart AI-powered devices may become the first point contact for primary care in future. Chatbots are becoming indispensable in healthcare. Here are the Top Health Chatbots what have redefined Interactive healthcare:


1. Safedrugbot

Image result for Safedrugbot logoSafedrugBotis a chatbot messaging service assisting healthcare professionals and doctors in need of vital information about the use of drugs during breastfeeding through the Telegram messaging app. The interactive chatbot provides information guides tailored to health professionals who work with pregnant and breastfeeding women. In addition, SafedrugBot can assist in different types of searches to find vital information on active ingredient or brand name drugs.


2. Izzy

Izzy Chatbot on BotListIzzy is a yellow fluffy little bird that takes care of the user’s period cycles. Izzy notifies future period dates and the user’s fertile windows. In addition, Izzy inquires about the user’s emotional rollercoasters or period pains in the most difficult days of a woman’s Izzy is programmed to give information about menstrual health and sexual issues. Izzy is a loyal friend to every woman and is available on Facebook messenger.


3. Babylon Health

Image result for Babylon Health logoBabylon Health is a subscription-based health chatbot. It is programmed for virtual consultations with doctors and health care professionals based on text and video messaging where doctors listen and look carefully to diagnose the patient via video chat and suggest prescriptions or specialist services if required. Babylon’s AI system is developed by experienced doctors and scientists offering medical consultation on the basis of the user’s personal medical history and common medical knowledge


4. Florence

Image result for Florence bot logoFlorence is often referred as “Your personal health assistant”. This interactive chatbot is a personal nurse in the blue color Florence works on Facebook Messenger, Skype or Kik and is programmed to remind users to take their medicines. The users have to write the name of the medicine in the Florence chat, the frequency and time of daily dosage, to let the chatbot send reminder messages on chat. In addition, the chatbot can track the user’s health indicators like body weight; mood or period cycles and is equipped to locate the nearest pharmacy or doctor’s clinic for emergencies.


5. Your.Md

Image result for Your.Md logoYour.Md is free symptom checker powered by artificial intelligence to help users find safe health information. The chatbot was awarded in 2017 with the Unesco/Netexplo award for innovations that can improve society. Your.Md is a resourceful source of online medical service providers like pharmacies, diagnostic centres, doctor clinics located around the user though Your.MD’s OneStop Health™ application.


6. Ada Health

Image result for Ada Health logoAda Health is a free AI-enabled health manager chatbot developed by over 100 doctors & scientists. A London and Berlin-based healthtech startup; Ada Health is an interactive chatbot which enquires the users about their health conditions by making them answer a couple of questions. Based on the answers given, the platform accurately lists the different conditions the users may be suffering from based on the symptoms using its vast AI-powered database.


7. Sensely

Image result for Sensely logoSensely is an AI-driven clinical platform which enables healthcare professionals to monitor and supervise the user’s The smart algorithm understands the colours of the triage system which are the standard protocols in emergency care to determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. Sensely is powered with a virtual chatbot Molly, which connects users with clinical advice and services. Molly can assess the user’s medical symptoms using speech, text, images, and video as inputs. Based on the data collected and the information fed to its smart algorithms, Molly interprets the user’s medical symptoms and recommends a diagnosis.


8. Buoy Health

Image result for Buoy Health logoBuoy Health is an AI-powered chatbot which understands the user’s symptoms and helps them with the correct diagnosis. The platform is developed by a team of doctors and computer scientists at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory. Buoy Health’s algorithm was trained on clinical data taken from 18,000 medical papers, 5 million patients and approximately 1,700 conditions. The AI-powered chatbot listens to the user, asks questions to understand their condition for an accurate diagnosis. In addition, Buoy directs the user towards preventative healthcare by suggesting what they may take as precautionary measures to prevent the symptoms.



Image result for Medwhat is an intelligent personal medical and health assistant company based in the Silicon Valley. The AI platform sets reminders and follow-ups and operates on a virtual assistant that answers medical and health questions for users and doctors instantly. These answers are provided by an intelligent super-computer who is on the knowledge curve, learning about new medicines every-day and keeps a tab about the users’ health record and medical questions history.


10. Infermedica

Related imageInfermedica uses artificial intelligence for medical diagnosis and patient triage. The AI platform works on a symptom-checker chatbot, Symptomate which uses historical medical knowledge to understand the user’s medical conditions by asking diagnostic questions. Informedica platform runs online and on mobile platforms as a chatbot or a voice-based application.



Related imageGYANTis a 24/7 health assistant powered by AI and NLP, available round the clock to answer users questions on medical symptoms. GYANT is a health chatbot that asks users to understand their symptoms and then sends that data as input to doctors who provide diagnoses and prescribe medicines in a real-time environment. GYANT is currently available on Facebook Messenger and Alexa platforms and will release soon to other messaging platforms. GYANT is multilingual and can speak to users in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German languages.


12. Bots4Health

Image result for Bots4Health logoBots4Health was started by The Neon Project from Spain. In 2016, the interactive chatbot Eva was launched from the Bots4Haelth platform. Eva is an AI-powered woman’s health chatbot which assists young women to access information about their sexual and reproductive health. Currently, the AI-powered platform has widened its target audience, and today, Eva can chat about a wide range of health issues with the users.


13. Cancer Chatbot

Image result for Cancer ChatbotThe AI-powered Cancer Chatbot offers plenty of resources for users from chemo tips and tricks to free services. Cancer Chatbot is a helpful resource for cancer patients, friends and family on the Facebook Messenger. The platform offers friends and families valuable advice on what to say and how to help patients coping with cancer.

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