Top Data Science Salaries in India In December 2019

by December 2, 2019

Data Science has garnered much attention from enterprises over the last few years as businesses need data to take and make effective business decisions. Applications in data science assist organizations to drive efficiency over customers’ engagement using scientific methods, algorithms and systems. Thus, the role of data scientists in companies is becoming more significant, making them big data wranglers and creating a new breed of analytical data experts.

Today, data science continues to evolve as one of the most promising and in-demand careers for skilled professionals. The average salary for a Data Scientist in India is ₹10,09,433, according to Glassdoor. Let’s have a look at the top data science salaries companies are providing in December in the country.



Oracle is an integrated cloud application and computer technology company sells database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products, particularly its own brands of database management systems.

Average Base Salary – INR 25,00,000

Salary Range – INR 16,04,696 – 26,83,409



MiQ is an independent Marketing Intelligence Company that unlocks the value of data through best-in-class AI technology with infinite scalability. Its vision is to re-imagine the value of marketing by connecting data to explore insights that drive business outcomes.

Average Base Salary – INR 17,57,115

Salary Range – INR 12,71,886 – 23,00,065



FICO, a San Jose, CA-based data analytics company, provides products and services enabling businesses to automate, improve and connect decisions to advance business performance. It offers a portfolio of applications, tools and services in the cloud.

Average Base Salary – INR 14,80,502

Salary Range – INR 14,00,500 – 17,56,414



Innoplexus is an AI and Blockchain-driven data analytics platform. It assists organizations to succeed in a competitive market by creating broader, deeper and quicker insights to deliver real-time access to germane data.

Average Base Salary – INR 11,30,692

Salary Range – INR 6,54,490 – 17,25,049



Prudential plc is a London, UK-based multinational life insurance and financial services company. Its products include pensions, annuities, investment bonds, and fund management. In Asia, the company sells life insurance, savings, and investment products.

Average Base Salary – INR 10,00,000

Salary Range – INR 8,46,043 – 10,32,080



Cognizant, a professional services company, deals in business and technology consulting, systems integration, application development, and maintenance, CRM, supply chain management, IT infrastructure services, analytics, business intelligence, among others.

Average Base Salary – INR 9,68,740

Salary Range – INR 4,14,012 – 16,10,046



Infosys is a global leader in business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing and next-generation services. The company offers data science positions to help its clients to outpace and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Average Base Salary – INR 8,71,866

Salary Range – INR 2,67,449 – 15,73,335



Wipro, a multinational IT consulting and system integration service Company, helps clients perform business better by leveraging Wipro industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and business models.

Average Base Salary – INR 8,54,942

Salary Range – INR 4,64,436 – 14,68,813



Nielsen is a global performance management company, which provides organizations a comprehensive understanding of valuable insights into consumer behavior and marketing information. Data Science is at the core of Nielsen’s business.

Average Base Salary – INR 7,38,145

Salary Range – INR 6,37,069 – 12,34,181


Mu Sigma 

Mu Sigma is an Indian management consulting firm that primarily focusses on offering data analytics services. The company develops decision support system tools and software for Fortune 500 organizations.

Average Base Salary – INR 5,69,593

Salary Range – INR 3,36,595 – 9,54,318