Top Artificial Intelligence Salaries in India in June 2020

by June 17, 2020

Artificial Intelligence

A comprehensive list of salaries of Artificial Intelligence jobs in India.

Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated almost every industry. Every top tech company is investing heavily in this technology to stay ahead in the market. This means fields like AI, machine learning, automation, analysis of data patterns, the cognitive system will soon have their value increased exponentially. To harness the best of these resources, companies need the best minds and skills for successful endeavors. Therefore this results in higher demands of people with such qualifications, which in turn justifies the high pay scale or salaries of these job roles.
Let’s have a look at the top AI job titles with the highest pay in India in June 2020.


Machine Learning Scientist

A Machine Learning Scientist is someone who works in research and development of algorithms that are used to build intuitive models to provide insights in business. An ML scientist also looks for the patterns for analysis to provide deeper insights from the given or collected data. These roles are often found in industrial research labs.

National Base Average: INR 7,86,108

Salary Range: INR 335K to INR 2,005K


Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers leverage big data tools and programming frameworks to ensure that the raw data gathered from data pipelines are redefined as data science models, which are ready to be deployed as per the necessity. They also build programs that control computers and robots, write productive level-code, and algorithms that enable machines to identify patterns in its programming data and train itself.

National Base Average: INR 6,85,348

Salary Range: INR 304K to INR 1,583K


Business Intelligence Developer

A BI developer spends time researching and planning solutions for existing problems within the company. BI developers also are responsible for building OLAP or online analytical processing. They also work with databases, both relational and multidimensional. They also present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence to discover business and market trends.

National Base Average: INR 5,15,981

Salary Range: INR 327K to INR 1,030K


Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineers often apply computer vision research that is based on a large sum of data to solve real-world problems. They employ vision algorithms to recognize patterns in visual data and achieve automatic visual-based understanding.

National Base Average: INR 4,27,698

Salary Range: INR 139K to INR 694K


Algorithm Developers

Algorithm developer is accountable for creating cost-effective, scalable systems and developing innovative algorithm solutions. These developers need to experiment with innovative ideas and work in a creative environment. They analyze, maintain, and upgrade new and old systems as well as develop an algorithm system that records all operations and can be managed by the team.

National Base Average: INR 8,32,857

Salary Range: INR 334K to INR 1,264K