Top Artificial Intelligence Salaries in India in July 2020

by July 1, 2020

Top AI Salaries 2020

Explore the list of different salary ranges of Artificial Intelligence in India

The recent development of Artificial Intelligence has transformed the way multiple industries integrate and evaluate data, and implement the resulting insights to improve decision making. Applications of AI have infiltrated in everyday scenarios, making it the most demanding technology. Every business these days is pouring huge capital to harness the power of this tech and stay ahead of innovation. This is why a career in artificial intelligence has grown exponentially as companies need the right and qualified talent to meet their demands.

Here we have accumulated top AI salaries, with highly-demanded job positions and biggest paydays in India in July 2020.


Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An AI engineer is someone who has the ability to build AI models using machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks to draw business insights. These insights then can be used to make business decisions that affect an organization’s entire processes. Pursuing a career as an AI engineer, candidates must have an understanding of programming, software engineering, and data science.

Average salary: INR 7,04,455

Salary range (per year): INR 450,000 – INR 2,654,000


Deep Learning Engineer

Deep learning engineers specialize in using deep learning platforms to perform specific types of programming tasks related to AI. Their aim is to build programming systems that mimic brain functions. A deep learning engineer is responsible for developing systems that can transmit data effectively and writing complex computer programming code to direct parts of the neural network to operate properly.

Average salary: INR 6,25,039

Salary range (per year): INR 500,000 – INR 1,284, 000


Business Intelligence Developer

A Business Intelligence Developer is an engineer responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining BI interfaces. He/she is also responsible for setting business requirements for BI tools; translating business requirements into technical ones; leading BI software development, deployment, and maintenance; report curation and data modeling; participation in data warehouse design; documenting contents in a data warehouse and meta-data storage; and creating technical documentation for BI tools.

Average salary: INR 6,64,390

Salary range (per year): INR 1,08,000 – INR 17,20,000


Computer Vision Engineer

A Computer Vision Engineer spends much of their time researching and implementing machine learning primitives and computer vision for their client companies. He/she works closely with other personnel to facilitate the implementation of novel embedded architectures, and have knowledge of a variety of systems, such as image recognition, machine learning and segmentation. Moreover, computer vision engineers require to have skills working with linear algebra math libraries and other similar computer vision libraries.

Average salary: INR ₹512,820

Salary range (per year): INR 124,000 – INR 1,000,000


Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer is one who works at the heart of AI projects. He/she requires to have an in-depth working knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and Scala. Machine learning engineers need to demonstrate an end-to-end understanding of applications, build algorithms based on statistical modeling procedures, with creating and maintaining scalable machine learning solutions in production. Additionally, they need to understand and use computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, computability and complexity and computer architecture.

Average salary: INR 7,50,000

Salary range: INR 326,000 – INR 1,500,000