Top AI Advances Changing the Face of Agriculture in Modernised World

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Agriculture today is not restricted to old school farming rather farmers are shifting towards modernizing almost every farming process through new-age technology. Agricultural communities are employing Artificial Intelligence in amazing ways to transform food cultivation culture.


Variable Rate Planting Equipment for Sowing the Seeds

High-tech agriculture comes into the picture since the seed is sown in the ground. In fact, with variable rate planting equipment sowing down the seed has taken an innovative turn, it has not remained just planting a seed down.

The AI-centric technologies create a base through predictions – which place is best to grow the seed, what is the condition of the soil, is soil condition favorable for seed, etc. AI is applied to agricultural big data to make farming more productive and efficient.


Robotic Harvesting Equipment for Picking Up Food

Several companies are producing robotic harvesting equipment to fill the labor gaps while harvesting crops like fruits and berries.

A company named Harvest Coo has developed an autonomous strawberry picking machine. The company has also created Abundant Robotics which harvests mature apples from trees through vacuum apparatus.

The berry picker operates on the grounds of machine vision and sensor fusion to identify where harvest fruit and berries are. Such technology uses sophisticated directed movements to pick accurately. This functionality lies under the AI category and imitates human cognition and actions.

These technologies are bridging the gap of the labor pool and also saves humans from repetitive and mundane task or possibly most difficult job of our economy. The harvest robotics in the present is a significant landmark in accelerating the modernization of agriculture.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Today unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are used with precision sensors to run the fields and gather data needed. Such surveillance engines can spot stunted crops, signs for pest or weed damage, dryness and certain other adverse conditions that may cause difficulty in farming.

With all these data, farmers can improve their production models and their techniques and ways to decrease risk, waste, and liability.


Controlling Pest and Weed Through See and Spray Model

Farmers these days are adopting new high-tech manners of protecting plants against weeds and pest outdoors. To protect these, farming in the greenhouse can also be considered as an alternative.

Also the See and Spray Model which was acquired by John Deere exemplifies the harnessing the advents of AI and Computer Vision.

As we know, AI excels at image processing, computers can now identify stuff as smartly as human. Through the deployment of mobile technologies with AI and Computer Vision, farmers can spot weeds and eradicate them rather than spraying over an entire crop. This helps them save money and energy and such technologies pose a dramatic impact on crop productivity and yielding as well.


Agricultural Yield Boosting AI/ML Algorithms

The fundamental algorithm of artificial intelligence and ML knows -how to work with big data to make better decisions.

On the other hand, several companies are developing yield boosting algorithms to make farmers see and analyze what will be best for a crop. Although some concerns of difficulty rise in a typical analysis of nature, yet so far farmers have gained a lot of success in increasing crop yield by employing algorithms and intelligence generators which help computers imitate human cognitive capabilities.


Agricultural Chatbots: The Alexa For Farmers

Organizations across the world are about creating agricultural chatbots technology for farmers which would behave like a smart helper able to communicate with farmers to assist them in tough situations.

If these chatbots are filled with right answers and analytics information, it would help farmers to manage, expand and grow their businesses.

Alexa for Farmers, or we can say slightly more efficient than Alexa, is one of the best technologies coming out to help farmers produce all the food that we need in a rapidly changing world.

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