Top 8 Things to Consider for a Perfect Business Intelligence Tool

by April 4, 2019

Business Intelligence Tool

There’s a very little discussion that Business Intelligence (BI) tools profoundly affect the manner in which organizations analyze data and make decisions. The benefit of checking on consolidated data from all frameworks all-inclusive gives a more precise image of the strength of a company instead of taking a look at siloed data one piece at any given moment. Basically, you have no real way to ‘see the backwoods through the trees’ with that approach.

With regards to business knowledge (BI) tools, there are a wide variety of choices in the market. Choosing which device to purchase and which tool to utilize have turned out to be overwhelming tasks for the management board. Here are a few tips to enable you to settle on a wise and informed choice.


Solution Expectations

Remember that the demo dependably looks incredible. After the purchase, you may find that the application you work with the tool doesn’t look as smooth as the demo. You may understand that you can’t generally build a production-grade “genuine world” BI solution in a couple of hours. That is on the grounds that your real business requirements won’t be as easy as a “Welcome World” demo. The vendor demo never needs to stress over interoperability, information purifying, client security and data security issues. You have to ensure you have the correct expectations.



Integration ought to be at the core of your decision-making process. The genuine estimation of BI depends totally on getting different data as of now housed in various frameworks into the new BI tool. If there are restrictions or substantial development work is required, either at the get-go, down the line as you include more information from more frameworks, or more terrible, both, that will slow ROI and block value and results. Search for tools that have something like 100 connectors, that are constantly adding more with well-known frameworks, and that are as near click to connect as possible.


Easy to use interface

Strong users like business analysts focus on specific features, for example, adaptability, in the product they’ve chosen. Along these lines, the highlights they value above all else incorporate model creation, UIs, and characterizing work processes. When you select a propelled business analytics tool, you will find that it has the ability for guiding clients who have zero piece of information about innovation through the entire model creation process. In the meantime, they offer up a rich, compensating relevant experience similarly as data analysis alternatives are concerned.


Pricing models

Comprehend different pricing subscriptions and models. A few sellers offer flexible subscription-based pricing while others may require yearly licenses dependent on a number of administrator and general client seats. Be persevering about revealing details of required extra work, for example, integrations, customizations, extra equipment requirements etc.



Because of the increased utilization of cell phones and tablets in our regular day to day existences, it is indispensable that organizations pick an intelligence programming that underpins all the distinctive platforms. A mobile-friendly business intelligence tool is absolutely a help for business officials who are always traveling and also have the ability to get to diagrams, graphs, designs whenever, anywhere according to their convenience.


Real-time data

Make sure to search for solutions that empower APIs to assemble information real-time. Having the advantage of regularly updated data is unquestionably more viable than taking a look at information that is obsolete, if just by a day. You will need an automated information update ability that engages you to tailor and set the dashboard production plan.


IT Support

A simple method to make both your business and technical users cheerful is to run with a self-service BI tool. Self-service BI permits business clients a simple BI experience; opening up your IT office to concentrate on different assignments. Ensure that while your choice gives self-service capacities, despite everything it takes into account IT to effectively control the deployment and avoid “end-users confusion”. Not all clients would need to utilize self-service alternatives, some will simply be simple shoppers and not all users ought to have a similar level of information access and control. Ensure your vendor additionally has a completely able support team to oblige any issues or questions your technical users may have.

You need to ensure you’re depending on a specialist, flexible seller who will help develop solutions custom to your company’s needs or issues. Vendor support groups that go well beyond truly have a significant effect on your whole BI experience.



This is a standout amongst the most essential considerations a business needs to remember when obtaining business intelligence tools, particularly for cloud-based firms. Organizations need to value their most critical information, which for this situation is the confidential worker data and pricing. They have to consider watchful methods of putting away these details, and business intelligence can help in such scenarios.

Just buy a decent BI tool with a solid encryption mechanism and you’re ready. In the event that that is not all, you should even have systems for controlling the internal security by appointing access controls and client consents. Roles, gatherings, and column and row-based security might be utilized such that the client can see just the data they require and that’s it. This is an astute method to hinder private details from falling in the wrong hands.