Top 8 Big Data Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

by May 15, 2018

International Data Corporation (IDC) has stated that the worldwide revenue for Big Data Analytics will surpass US$200 billion by 2020. Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the top 8 global Big Data startups that are challenging the established players in the market with innovative approaches.



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It’s no surprise that Healthcare is going big with the tech world. Of course, humans are bound to find a way to drive healthcare efficiency with every new idea & there seems to be no ebbing when it comes to the integration of tech with medicine. Innovaccer, a healthcare data platform for clinically integrated networks is designed to do just that.

They have developed a suite of platforms for a smooth transition into a data-driven world within just 4 weeks. The United States’ fastest growing healthcare organizations use Innovaccer. It is currently managing over 10 million patients.

Solutions offered by Innovaccer range from quality reporting, health plans, clinical document improvement, patient & physician engagement and referral management. As of 2018, it is a US$36 million funded startup.



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DataRobot is the world’s most accurate and powerful predictive modeling software. It solves business problems finding the best predictive model for your data, thus embedding the practices of the most advanced data scientists in the world. The work that takes weeks can now happen in one evening.

Your company’s analytics and data professionals can build highly accurate predictive models on this advanced machine learning platform with an easy-to-use dashboard.

How does it work? – DataRobot captures the knowledge and experience of the world’s best practices in data science and builds 100s of models for you on just one click. They provide services for all sorts of domains – Fintech, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Sports Analytics, Marketing, Public Sector – you name it! Monsanto, a modern agricultural company, is already working with this global startup to advance their data science needs without a need to write code or develop a deep knowledge in predictive modeling.



Image result for ANODOTIn 2016, Gartner Inc. identified Anodot as an innovative Big Data Analytics company stating that they are innovative vendors redefining the types of analysis that are feasible for organizations to perform.

Anodot is a real-time analytics and automated anomaly detection system that discovers outliers in vast amounts of time series data and turns them into valuable insights. In simple words, it can identify any abnormal behaviors & inconsistencies for data-centric companies at such an early stage that it can predict the occurrence of a major issue before it has even hit the surface.

Solutions by Anodot are offered under E-Commerce, Gaming/ Digital Entertainment, Fintech, Fintech, Telecom and Ad-Tech.



Image result for ARCADIA DATAArcadia Data provides the first data analytics software that runs within modern data platforms like Apache Hadoop giving scale, performance and security needed for real-time insights in the era of Business Intelligence (BI) and Internet of Things (IoT). They are reinventing visual analytics and BI which can now be done within an open data platform – So business users have direct access to data on Hadoop clusters. No additional hardware is required. Their claim is that no other company is doing this & that they are the only converged analytics platform with their primary product – Arcadia Enterprise.

Any end-user who is familiar with BI tools can instantly start using the Arcadia Instant platform and feel at home.

They offer solutions in Financial Services, Cybersecurity & IoT.



Image result for COOLADATACooladata gives all its client businesses’ employees access to any data they need with the help of a suite of trackers and full read/write API access. They have developed an interactive & customizable dashboard. This data can be made available to the data science team to execute and run R and Python scripts within the dashboard.

Don’t have a data science team? No problem. They offer their team of data scientists and system architects for the same.

Cooladata is an Analytics Cloud for modern businesses. So, no need to integrate multiple tools and manually wrangle datasets everytime you need a report.

It offers solutions for Content analytics, Marketing teams, Game Analytics and even Fintech. It is also quite easy to leverage the existing dashboard solutions like Tableau with Cooladata for data management and behavioral analytics.



Image result for VERILUMAJust like most Big Data startups, Veriluma is developed to assist your Decision Making. It delivers assessments that show how best to handle a situation even when the data is unreliable, incomplete and unknown.

Veriluma provides a prescriptive analytics software and works on subjective and uncertain information turning insights into strong directions.

This software was originally built for the Australian Department of Defence where situations may arise that lack certainty and the information provided can be unreliable and subjective.



Snowflake technologies claim to be the only Data Warehouse built for the cloud. Conventional data warehouses still struggle to amass all your data & provide rapid data solutions that can be made available to businesses, clients and all consumers.

They have built their platform on SQL at affordable prices. Their platforms provide an uncompromising simplicity that many of their competitors lack. They have even patented the new architecture that the platform is developed on.

Snowflake provides solutions for most common industries along with Education, Media & Retail backgrounds.



Image result for SOCIAL DATA COLLECTIVESocial Data Collective allows the customers to monetize their personal data. How does that work? – You share data on things you love with your favorite brands and in return, you get access to products and services that matter to you. It is a sort of personal data revolution – The more you share, the more you earn. It sounds like a strange deal at first but in many ways it makes sense. Brands are buying data about your purchase history, online spending styles, social media usage, etc from third parties. But wouldn’t it make more sense if brands just paid you for the same?

Social Data Collective gives you the opportunity to trade your browsing history, mobile app data, financial transactions and even data from wearable IoT products.



Despite an unprecedented growth in Big Data and Analytics, most sectors still rely on outdated methods of data collection and analysis. But these Global Big Data Startups are here to diminish all traditional approaches in handling data.