Top 8 Areas where AI will Flourish in 2020

May 1, 2020

Top 8 Areas where AI will Flourish in 2020

The technological area where the capabilities of the human brains are imparted in a computer-based application or software is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). While the association of AI was initially only limited to robots, recently its applications are found in a wide range of sectors. The last few years have seen substantial growth in the number of tools, applications and platforms based on AI and machine learning technologies. Eventually, AI has progressed to such an extent where AI-based mobile and web applications are capable to perform human-based applications in real-time. With the help of cognitive and logical thinking, AI can seamlessly perform different operations to develop knowledge and simulate reasoning similar to the human brain.

Despite all these benefits, monitoring and controlling AI is not an easy task. Additionally, there are concerns that in the future the efficiency of AI will increase to such an extent that machines will automate their tasks and ultimately take over the human jobs. However, regardless of these complications and concerns, several sectors are readily investing in AI-driven technologies and are ready to revolutionise their work experience through AI. Thus, to understand the scope of AI, we have compiled a list of top 8 areas where AI is likely to flourish in 2020.


1. Cybersecurity

One of the major concerns of digitisation is to maintain and improve cybersecurity. The digital data of business organisations and individuals are continuously exposed to cyber threats. While no machine can compete with human efforts in eliminating cybercrime, in 2020 it is expected that AI will play an important role in managing the cyber-attacks. Additionally, managing cybersecurity manually can be a tedious task. Hence, the use of AI will make it easier to detect any data breaches and will reduce the time to track down malicious activities.


2. Blockchain

To get better outcomes of AI, it must be further integrated with different technologies. With the advancement in the implementation of AI, it has become easier to combine AI with other systems efficiently. When AI is integrated with Blockchain it can generate better routines to effectively address scalability, security and trust issues. Individually, blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and immutable ledger which is used to store encrypted data. However, when AI is fused with blockchain, it can act as a digital ledger and cybersecurity tool to cater to different sectors such as healthcare, financial institutions, real estate and media.


3. Media and Entertainment

A lot of efforts have been made in the past to successfully penetrate AI in the creative industries. In 2020, it is expected that AI will be a game-changer in the industry of media and entertainment. From changing gaming experience to influencing different sectors of media such as value chain, content creation, production, scriptwriting and acting, AI will help content creators in being more creative and productive. Furthermore, for media distributions, AI can assist in personalizing the consumer experience by curating exclusive content and suggesting recommendations based on consumer preferences.


4. Customer Service

Recently, several companies are using AI to improve customer loyalty, customer service and brand reputation. As AI takes over some of the monotonous human tasks, employees in various industries get more time in focusing on tasks which are of higher values and which provides better returns. Although the most common use of AI in customer service has been auto-responses from chatbots, in 2020, experts predict that there will be a tremendous increase in the use of AI bots as the front-line of customer engagement. These chatbots will thus help in identifying consumer needs and providing solutions to complex problems without any human intervention.


5. Manufacturing

2020 will see widespread use of AI in the manufacturing sector. There will be significant growth of AI-driven machines in facilitating industrial automation. These machines will make the industrial operations much simpler and efficient by enlarging the production capabilities, offering new opportunities and by bridging the machine and human interactions. Consequently, AI will provide solutions for numerous internal industrial challenges and will offer expert solutions for issues such as shortage of manpower, lack of expertise, integration issues and overloaded information.


6. Surveillance and Security

The increase in the requirement of safety and security all over the world has created a huge demand for advanced methods in monitoring and surveillance. It is predicted that in 2020, AI will be widely used monitoring the data in real-time and offering continuous intelligent analysis to curb any breach in the safety and security of people. By next year, AI-based monitoring and surveillance systems will find an increased implementation in various public places such as airports, railway stations, malls, hospitals, spiritual places and other places of public interest. It will enhance the monitoring of people and detection of any unusual activities and will offer genuine results without missing out on any piece of information.


7. Healthcare

The year 2020 will see a significant manifestation of AI in the healthcare sector. From assisting in drug development to making clinical research more efficient, AI will bring an uplift to the healthcare industry. Additionally, AI will bring a paradigm shift in the patient experience. With the advancement in medical techniques and clinical procedures, there will be real-time and accurate diagnoses of different types of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Also, the use of AI will result in the reduction of time required for surgical procedures and patients will need lesser time for recovery.

8. Virtual Assistants

With the growing human dependence on technology, there will be an increase in the demand for virtual assistants next year. While virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Amazon Echo and Cortona are already winning hearts of people worldwide, 2020 will see an improvement in the application of such virtual assistants. It is expected that people will be more willing to use a virtual assistant to carry out personal tasks such as making and answering phone calls, creating text messages, getting directions, listening to music and hearing news and weather reports. Apart from personal use, these virtual assistants will find a place in public places such as hotels and airports to make reservations, order food, check flight status, get recommendations, etc.



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