Top 10 Natural Language Processing Companies in 2018

by October 23, 2018

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has empowered computers to manipulate human language to generate text, extract meaning, and make interactions easier through voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies. The tasks performed by NLP are categorized according to the priority of the task that needs to be accomplished by a machine including summarizing a long document, detecting spam email or translating between two human languages.

In recent times, NLP has made great strides in making a difference in the way business enterprises function. NLP has been applied to various applications as it offers speech recognition by converting spoken language into text, answers questions through chatbots, sentiment analysis and the art of placing revenue selling ads on social media, e-commerce offering custom market intelligence solutions, a key performance driver for business organizations. The year 2018 and beyond is bright for Natural Language Processing Companies. Here are the Top 10 NLP Companies for 2018.



Related imageMobvoi, also known as Chumenwenwen, is headquartered in Beijing, China and operates as an artificial intelligence company. Mobvoi develops technologies into natural language processing in Chinese language speech recognition, and vertical mobile search. The company offers Chinese Smart Watch Operating System featuring mobile intelligence voice search for iOS, Android Wear, Google Glass, Android, and Wechat.


Semantic Machines

Semantic MachinesSemantic machines works to develop next-generation Conversational AI technology by providing novel models for dialogue and NLP. The company revolutionizes human-to-computer interaction, through the development of the first scalable, viable, conversational computing paradigm. Semantic machines offer solutions in natural language processing, speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, deep learning, machine learning and linguistics domains in Business, E-Commerce, Travel and Automotive industries.


Dialogflow (formerly, Speaktoit)

DialogflowDialogflow (formerly, Speaktoit) is a Google owned human-computer interaction technologies developer based on NLP conversations. Dialogflow is best known for developing the Assistant (by Speaktoit) which is a virtual buddy for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android smartphones performing tasks and answers user question through natural language processing technology in a human language. The company has also developed a natural language processing engine incorporating conversation contexts like location, dialogue history and user preferences.



Related imageTaskUs headquartered in Santa Monica provides next-generation customer experience into customer service, sales, technical support, and billing and outbound support verticals. The company offers a tailored approach to fit the client’s requirements taking customer service and back-office requirements to an exciting new level. TaskUs being a customer care and back office support company helps companies to offer exceptional experiences for its customers providing social network content moderation services and AI training.



Related imageTwiggle, an Israel based company deploys the most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to power customer’s e-commerce experiences. The company offers solutions into search technologies built on human interaction like developing deep retail awareness and understanding of linguistic structure allowing its clients’ search engine to mimic how an experienced salesperson should behave in a real environment.


Image result for soundhound logoSoundHound is the pioneer of voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies offering speech to meaning engine and deep meaning understanding technology built on other services and devices. The company develops an app for voice assistant for search and music recognition. SoundHound is the leading innovator for conversational intelligence technologies and voice-enabled AI. SoundHound’s Houndify is the first independent AI platform enabling business owners and developers deploy the AI platform anywhere to retain control of their brand and users while differentiating and innovating new technologies.


Digital Genius

Image result for Digital Genius logoDigitalGenius is a London-based AI platform that focuses on customer support on autopilot by automating repetitive processes, understanding conversations and delighting its clients. The platform is powered by deep learning technologies understanding its customers’ objectives, driving automated resolutions through APIs connecting seamlessly to the client backend systems. The company offers solutions for Salesforce and Zendesk at competitive prices.



Image result for MindMeld logoMindMeld creates bots, voice-powered assistants and develops AI-powered conversational interfaces. The company holds 10 patents surrounding AI and deep learning. Currently, 1,200 companies around the world are users of the MindMeld API. MindMeld is acquired by Cisco for $125 million counts Google, USAA, Uniqlo, Spotify, Telefonica, Samsung, Intel, Liberty Global, IDG, and In-Q-Tel, a CIA investment fund as its investors and customers., founded in 2011 holds a broad general license for Numenta’s HTM (Hierarchical Temporal Memory) technology. The company operates from offices located in Vienna, Austria and in the San Francisco Bay area. offers Natural Language understanding (NLU) solutions developed on Semantic Folding technologies, which opens a fundamentally new perspective to handling Big Text Data.’s Retina Engine is powered to leverage human language into semantic fingerprints, a numerical representation that captures explicit meanings and operates on it computationally.



Image result for liulishuo logoLiulishuo, also known as LAIX LingoChamp offers personalized and adaptive language learning experience by deploying world-leading AI and NLP technology to 50 million learners in 379 cities in China and over 175 countries around the world. Through its cutting-edge AI technology & innovative product design, Liulishuo helps users learn English more efficiently and communicate with the world fluently.