Top 10 Medical Imaging Companies

by October 30, 2019

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in the healthcare services industry. From wearable advances that can monitor heart rate and the number of calories you’ve consumed. To applications that battle anxiety and stress. The number of advances like medical imaging technology that AI pioneers have made in the healthcare services industry is downright awesome. There’re a lot of pioneers and makers behind the innovation that is immeasurably changing the medical business. Let’s review some of the top companies with medical-imaging technology improving medical services in the industry.



Arterys is one of the most refined AI solutions for medical imaging. This innovation uses cloud innovation to play out some other fastest medical computations possible. The medical imaging analytics platform is known for its extraordinary speed and quality of imaging.



VoxelCloud gives automated medical image analysis services and diagnosis assistance dependent on AI and cloud computing advancements. VoxelCloud creates computer-based discovery frameworks for recognizing and diagnosing different ailments ranging from cardiovascular and lung illnesses to eye maladies. Its solutions depend on the best in class computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence innovation.


Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network is a digital health organization having a mission to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging generally available and affordable. Presently, 4.7B individuals around the globe don’t access to this fundamental innovation. Its full stack way to deal with the issue is driven by a cross disciplinary combination of semiconductor engineering, AI, and connected mobile software. The outcome is Butterfly iQ, the world’s first handheld entire body ultrasound framework.

Fueled by a solitary silicon chip on a handheld gadget connected with your cell phone, Butterfly iQ gives a total diagnostic imaging solution that 10x more affordable than customary frameworks – beginning under $2,000.



Beijing Infervision is an artificial intelligence high-tech organization focused on applying deep learning innovation to help medical image diagnosis as effective and precise solutions. Infervision successfully utilizes different kinds of medical data to make clinically esteemed products and advances precision analysis in the medicinal field particularly in assisted image diagnosis.


Gauss Surgical

Gauss Surgical, a med tech organization, builds up a mobile vision-based platform for precise and real-time measurement of surgical blood loss. Gauss Surgical gives a vmobile vision platform to the operation theatre. They create excellent applications for iOS sponsored by modern algorithms and a robust, HIPAA-compliant technical stack to empower real-time monitoring during medical procedure.

The organization was started with the vision of utilizing AI, machine learning, and computer vision in the OR as medicinal gadgets, to essentially improve the quality of perioperative consideration. Gauss is supported by Softbank Ventures Asia, Northwell Health Ventures, Providence Health Ventures, and a group of experienced healthcare services pioneers.



OWKIN is the AI startup that utilizes machine learning to augment medicinal and biology research. Its exclusive stage, OWKIN Socrates, utilizes machine learning innovation to incorporate biomedical pictures, genomics and clinical information to find biomarkers and mechanisms related with infections and treatment results.


Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision’s Imaging Analytics Platform enables medicinal services organizations to recognize patients in danger of ailment and offer preventive treatment pathways to improve patient care. The organization’s AI solutions analyze a huge number of clinical imaging information real-time, recognizing different medical indications, empowering it to be the only AI Medical Imaging organization with such a wide scope of products.

Zebra Medical Vision is the only organization that gives an All-In-One (AI1) Solution – access to the entirety of Zebra’s AI solutions, integrated into radiologist work process at an affordable, fixed yearly fee.



CureMetrix® was established in 2014 on the conviction that better medical image analysis innovation could lead to better results for breast cancer patients.

The organization is creating investigational physics-based artificial intelligence and deep machine learning solutions for assisting radiologists with getting increasingly exact readings of breast pictures. Through its research partnerships with leading hospital radiology divisions, CureMetrix has assessed more than 500,000 mammogram pictures to distinguish potential false negatives, which are undiscovered diseases, and false positives, which are pointless reviews of patients to survey abnormalities that end up being typical.



With enthusiasm for innovation and expertise in healthcare, we make artificial intelligence products that will benefit patients and medical experts the same. Their mission is to extend complex image analysis past current human capacities. Automatically identify and classify structural patterns. Optimize processing time and quality of picture based work processes. Augment visual assessments by objective and approved strategies.



MedyMatch has built up a generalized deep vision platform fit for considering the full extravagance of medical imaging alongside some other patient information. This platform and A.I. approach will encourage fast revelation and decision support development.