Top 10 IoT Startups in India

by October 6, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) has advanced as probably the most stunning ecosystems today. India is a part of the worldwide IoT upheaval. Earlier dominated by huge players like Google, IBM, Intel, Ericsson, Cisco, Intel, Apple and Amazon, the IoT space is currently being empowered by the startup ecosystem in the nation.

A report by IDC recommends that IoT will gather $6 trillion of investments till 2020. The worldwide spending on IoT products and services will hit $772.5 billion by the end of this current year. The Indian government is burning through $1 billion spending plan on the smart city project, which is significantly determined by IoT innovations. Let’s look at some of the top IoT startups in India.



CynLr is a visual object intelligence provider for control of articles by robotic arms. It can pick, situate, and spot objects in different areas. With satisfactory training, the solution can be deployed in areas like assembling, construction, healthcare, and warehousing. While there are numerous solutions in the market for object recognition, there are not many systems for dynamic object manipulation. Established by NA Gokul, CynLr is in converses with TVS, AMS, and Sansera for deployment.



Iottive mostly gives mobile application development services & embedded services. They are mainly into building iOS and Android applications, Bluetooth Applications, IoT Applications, iBeacon Applications, Hardware and firmware development. Our mobile apps and solutions for iPhone, Android, Web applications help a large number of organisations, companies and startups from PoC to production-ready products. They are helping clients from various businesses like Fitness, Healthcare, Building and Home Automation, Wearables, Automotive, Asset Tracking, Centralized and Integrated framework controls.



Numocity is a platform for organizations in the electric vehicle ecosystem across the phases of age, delivery, and utilization. Electric vehicle and battery makers, energy suppliers, charging stations, and fleets can be associated by means of a transaction motor, distributed ledger, and an AI-based engine. Insights from the platform can be utilized for better fleet management, load circulation, driver behavior insights, and even policy inputs for the government. Established by Ravikiran Annaswamy, Numocity was an individual from Bosch’s DNA 2.0 Cohort in 2018 and is working with the organization on EV fleet solutions.



Peerbits is a worldwide, web and application advancement organization, with demonstrated experience in providing customized mobility solution for over five years. With a pool of 80+ energetic developers and designers, they have served 300+ customers and associating with more than 35 nations in doing as such. With their efforts planned for demonstrating worldwide mobility solutions for startups and big organisations, they focus their endeavors in creating on-demand mobile applications, giving healthcare mobility solutions, and tech-empowering startups around the world.



TrillBit offers proximity intelligence by sound rather than expensive techniques like signals or NFC. At frequencies past the human audible range, information can be transmitted by means of any amplifier and received by any cell phone. The arrangement needs no additional hardware; any application with the TrillBit SDK can decode the data. Applications incorporate hyper-local marketing in malls in shopping centers, arenas, and museums. Established by Shashikant Burnwal, the startup has documented four patents and has led pilot trials with the Future Group and TicketGenie. It was additionally part of TechStar’s accelerator program in Boston.


Team Tweaks Technologies Pvt Ltd

Team Tweaks, a leading mobile application development organization in India which is likewise an expert in making cutting edge software products and IoT solutions for different customers everywhere throughout the world. Team Tweaks has full time gifted 100+ experts and skill in the most recent innovation and IoT is offering support and practical scalable product yield at its best. Full-featured applications are produced for mobile and tablet gadgets. The diversified patterns are met for the worldwide customers by the very much familiar techno freaks in Team Tweaks.



ThingsCloud offers solar inverter solutions for residential energy systems. This makes it simpler for residential solar providers suppliers to monetise overabundance energy created and store backup power for use during grid blackouts. The solution by ThingsCloud additionally gives AI-based insights to anticipating demand and supply. Established by Amruth Puttapa, the organization’s inverters are at sale in Bengaluru, Coimbatore, and Kadappa.


Mobiloitte Inc

Working from over 10 years in the Software development industry, Mobiloitte is a Premier, Full Service Mobile and Web Application Development Group with an uncommon spotlight on Security, Scale and Performance crosswise over BLOCKCHAIN, BOTS, APPS, Digital, AI and IoT landscape. Exuberance is their work mantra for Go-to-Market Strategy of their clients with a talented workforce of 500+ workforce. Mobiloitte is similarly at ease of working with: Start-Ups, Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises, Development Sector, Public-Private Partnerships and Governments.


Noos Technologies

Noos Technologies offers counterfeit-proof solutions for brand security and tracking. Established by Koushik Banerjee, the startup has assembled packaging security technology that can be confirmed by means of a cell phone. An expected $150 billion is spent every year on security of packages to identify and forestall tampering. The proprietary innovation by Noos depends on dynamic digital signature generation and goes past the capabilities of current solutions like multi-dimensional images, QR codes, and NFC. The startup has seed subsidizing from SINE (IIT Bombay), Intel, and DST.


Solution Analysts

A leading software Development Company with expertise in delivering all-in-one solution in mobile, web and enterprise. Since 2011, they are creating and delivering innovative solutions for their customers in more than 19+ nations. They have built up an unmistakable procedure to provide a product that adds value in your business. Their procedure is straightforward, effective and incorporates 5 principle stages: Consulting, Design and Development, Deliver, Reengineering. On each stage, every project is taken care of by an expert group comprising of engineers, developers, designers, business analysts and overseen by affirmed scrum ace.