Top 10 Data Science Groups in San Jose Representing Verticals of Tech-Industry

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Data science has become one prominent field in today’s world and its significance can be observed in every industry as well. The marvels of data science are leading the businesses and driving their digital potential towards great and successful outcomes. The interdisciplinary field deals in data centric processes and systems and further helps in extracting useful insights while operating over hefty amount of datasets.

But such greatness is not possible without the devotion of data scientists. Data scientists help associations and organisations interpret and manage data and simplify complex structure using their expertise.

Wonder if one person can bring about such change, what affect will a data science group has on society?

Yes, data science professionals when work in a group make huge change in the surrounding. That is why there are a number of data science groups running specially in the streets and stages of the city of San Jose which is surrounded by the astonishments of Silicon Valley (a major technology hub in the USA). The aim of this professional group is to inform and discuss different topics and tips and focus on creating a global network of people already using different tools of data science including Big Data, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics and significant others.

Here is the list of top 10 data science groups in San Jose representing verticals of Silicon Valley.


Silicon Valley Data Science, ML, AI Platform

The group involves people aspiring for their careers in Data Science. The professionals learn here how to flourish in the ranges of the technology. The group includes Data Science lovers, Professionals who are looking to shift to data science career and students considering data careers. Professionals from engineering and science background are also a part of this group in order to enhance their data skills.

The association helps such professional in learning basic data skills, identifying needs in the very fields, connecting them with experts and mentoring them with the steps to grab opportunities in career prospective.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  Distributed Machine Learning and Apache Spark

•  Introduction to Machine Learning and Feed-Forward Neural Networks

•  How to Transition Yourself to Data Science Career?

•  A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning

•  Distributed Machine Learning and Apache Spark Workshop

•  Data Analytics with Python

•  A Sneak Peek into the World of DEEP LEARNING through a Real 0to1 Product Journey

•  ABOUT MAGNIMIND ACADEMY 6 Weeks – Introduction to Data Science Bootcamp

•  Introduction to Data Science (6 weeks- 60 hours)

•  “Python vs. R: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”


Bay Area Data Science Enthusiasts

The group deals in the latest happenings in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Big Data.

Its mission is to gather data enthusiasts from all over the Bay Area online in order to discuss trending topics in the ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence. The group also invites renowned industry influencers and thought leaders on a regular basis. These experts talk shop on every related to data science.

Bay Area Data Science Enthusiast is a professional organisation for AI practitioners in Silicon Valley which aims to combine data scientists, engineers, and business people working in AI and the big data area. It also hosts seminars, interactive group meetings, and mentoring sessions to provide an exchange platform for big data professionals to share their experiences and learn about the newest technologies. Bay Area also enables with the opportunity to explore potential startup.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  Comprarison Of Python and R: Advantages – Disadvantages

•  Introduction to Data Science (6 weeks- 60 hours)

•  What is Magnimind Academy 6 Weeks – Introduction to Data Science Bootcamp?

•  A Real 0to1 Product Journey in Deep Learning World

•  Data Analytics with Python (2 days- 16 hours)

•  Machine Learning with SPARK AND DATABRICKS Workshop

•  Fundamentals of Data Science Workshop

•  How do you get yourself into a data science career?

•  Feed-Forward Neural Networks and Exploring Machine Learning

•  Machine Learning with SPARK AND DATABRICKS Workshop


Big Data Science

As the demand for good mathematician, who can write algorithms dealing with billions and trillions of data points and emerging patterns, is increasing Big Data Science provides a platform to hone such talent.

Big Data Science with proper management, employs big data to unleashes new sources of economic value, provides novel insights and holds government to account. The platform is open to data scientist who can contribute in data science model structuring and analysing their reflection in real world.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  Hands-on RPA Lab with Automation Anywhere

•  Chatbots – An Introduction to Conversational Design

•  Hands on Lab – Test Drive an Autonomous Data Warehouse Powered by AI/ML

•  Building, Deploying, Monitoring Cloud Native Apps using Big Data, AI and ML

•  Workshop: Build Your First AI-Powered Intelligent Chatbot as Digital Assistant

•  Deep Learning and Blockchain Smart Contracts

•  Big Data Science @ DataWorks Summit, 2018

•  Big Data Science and Modern Revolutionary Storage

•  Big Data Science@Global Data Science Conference, 2018

•  Big Data Science Meetup@DeveloperWeek, 2018


Data & Coffee Silicon Valley

The association calls for all data enthusiasts, data engineers and data scientists. It enables to bring certain data projects on the platform to work upon. The professionals here perform coding, exchange tips and make new friends to associate with. The group welcomes from beginners to experienced data professionals, all level of people.

The group conducts quick talks, meetups to discuss and practice interview process for grabbing job opportunity in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  “Data and Coffee” Sessions for Various Topics

•  Data and Coffee: Utilizing big data to forecast financial market events

•  Data and Coffee: Design an OLAP System

•  Data and Coffee 1st Meetup


Sunnyvale Data Science Meetup

The group associates with professionals who are interested in AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, etc. All variety of skills are welcome in Sunnyvale. The group was started to enhance the network of Machine Learning and AI enthusiasts who are looking forward to explore the AI Deep Learning with different people.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  Kubernetes Container Orchestration, Kubeflow, deployment, scaling of Apps

•  Python and PySpark for Data Science, AI ML and Data Engineering training

•  Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Cloud Computing training

•  All new content!! 2 day Deep/Machine Learning and AI Training Erudition Inc.

•  Python for Data Science & AI/ML/DL training

•  Cloud Computing Primer: Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

•  2 days Python for Data Science, AI/ML training

•  Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning training

•  2 days Python for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI training

•  Technology Super Drive with Agile Scrum, Cloud Computing, AI Deep Learning


Women in Big Data Meetup

Women in Big Data Meetup has been set up with the goal to strengthen the female diversity in the field of big data. The initiative encourages and attracts a number of female talents to big data analytics field and help them connect, engage and grow. The goal of the group is to gain industry experience, address certain obstacles and have some hands-on exercises on the technologies. This platform also introduces professionals with big data solution for Data Scientists.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  Netflix Workshop #1 – Day In The Life Of A Data Engineer

•  Netflix Workshop #2 – Day in The Life of a Visualization Engineer

•  Netflix Workshop #3 – Day in The Life of a Data Scientist

•  Making your first open source contribution

•  #SheRulesWithMachineLearning at Netflix

•  Oracle workshop: What Are Chatbots?

•  Coaching Others to Manage Workplace Emotions

•  Oracle workshop: Autonomous Data Warehouse

•  AWS AI/ML Workshop by Slalom and AWS

•  Celebrating Women in Tech at Google Cloud


Palo Alto Data Science Association

Palo Alto Data Science Association invites people interested in Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Deep Learning etc. The association welcomes professionals with all levels of skills. Palo Alto was started to jell up with other Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enthusiasts. Professionals here explore various horizons of data science with peers.

It is a growing group of data scientists, engineers, and technologists interested in expanding their knowledge and network. The platform is a good mix of seasoned practitioners, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and recent grads in a wide variety of data science.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  Lunchtime Speaker Event – WiDS @ Palo Alto @ BNY Mellon Innovation Center

•  Women in Data Science (WiDS) @ Palo Alto @ BNY Mellon Innovation Center

•  Ensuring Success With AI In The Enterprise

•  NLP for Project Management Challenges / Data Science Lifecycle Best Practices

•  Solving Project Challenges with AI

•  Attend Free Python for Data Science Class in South Bay

•  Google Machine-Learning/Crash-Course/Prereqs-and-Prework

•  Introduction to Docker (For the Data Scientist)

•  How to CHEAPLY distribute Python processes across GCP cluster

•  Live Viewing of Women in Data Science Conference


Future of Data: Silicon Valley

The group is focused on the Future of Data and the open community data projects governed by the Apache Software Foundation. It includes developers, data scientists and other data enthusiasts working on modern data applications. Future of Data: Silicon Valley covers all data including data-in-motion and data-at-rest. The group provides an opportunity to listen, share and work hands on with different technologists in the open source and open community Apache tools.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  The Latest in Apache Hive, Spark, Druid and Impala

•  Deep Learning 101 – Holiday Edition

•  Apache Zeppelin & Data Science

•  Apache Hive 3: A New Horizon

•  Can cars drive like humans? Self-driving car, Deep Learning, TensorFlow on YARN

•  DataWorks Summit San Jose 2018: Birds of a Feather Sessions

•  All Things Spark: Machine Learning, Atlas integration, ORC & Hive EDW updates

•  All Things Spark: Machine Learning, Atlas integration, ORC & Hive EDW updates

•  Apache NiFi Meetup @ Dataworks Summit San Jose 2018

•  Big Data Processing at Spotify: The Road to Scio


Advanced Analytics and Big Data

The group shares and learns from its peers in the information industry who are designing leading-edge solutions. Advanced Analytics and Big Data discusses the emergence of unstructured and semi structured data, delivered via a variety of channels, is changing the landscape of business intelligence. The platform believes Analytics which can possibly be game-changing still remains ignored due to sheer volume and variety. The group enlightens the enterprises and professionals with need to analyze these large data sets.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  DeveloperWeek 2019 Tickets

•  Data Traffic and Chaos Engineering revealed —Hosted by Microsoft & Tibco

•  AI and Data Visualization: the Beauty and the Brains

•  Streaming Analytics Meet-Up

•  Live Online :Apache Spark and Scala Webinar with Industry Expert

•  Online Classes : Apache Spark & Scala Certification Training

•  Free Live Webinar on Big Data Processing with Apache Spark and Scala

•  Customer Analytics: Generating Business Value with REAL TIME Data Analytics

•  Peek behind the Walls of Intuit’s Data Analytics teams

•  Fight Back! Big Data and Analytics. Security and Best Practices


Stanford Data Science Machine Learning Meetup

The goal of Stanford Data Science ML Meetup is to turn data into actionable knowledge, hence add value to the customer.

Data scientists with a passion for actually delivering results are members of this group. There they talk about machine learning, predictive analytics, visualization techniques. But more important: not just words, but real acts. During the meetups, the group uses maximum variety of tools including Splunk, R, Azure ML studio etc. to play around with these topics and really create something valuable during the meeting. The group doesn’t work on just theory but operates on practical examples and the opportunity to learn from each other.

Events Conducted by The Group

•  DataCouncil – discounted passes

•  Job opportunity – scrum master for data-driven projects

•  Job opportunity – scrum master for data-driven projects (session 2)

•  Job opportunity – interview for full stack systems engineer

•  DeveloperWeek 2019 – free passes / update: 1 PRO pass to win!

•  Machine Learning 101 with In-Memory Computing – update: with prizes to win

•  Online conference, IBM Community Day: Artificial Intelligence

•   A Tale of Scale – Speeding up Deep Learning with Distributed Training

•  Partner event: the art of startup fundraising

•  Not a meetup, but a nice link to the NVIDIA Jetson developer challenge

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