Top 10 Data Science and Analytics Courses for Undergraduates

by July 14, 2020

Data Science

The rise of Data makes Data Science one of the most promising career fields, of the 21st century

Data scientists come from a wide range of educational backgrounds. To sharpen your skills as a data science expert, it is best to have a technical certification, which may include a wide range of computer-related majors, in addition to a fair knowledge of statistics and mathematics. Besides data scientist training in business or human behaviour is an added asset.

To sharpen your skills as a data science professional, it is imperative to start early. This may include an undergraduate degree in data analytics and data science. You can choose to start with a minor in data science to become better acquainted with the field, then switch on to the major. Besides, it is critical to consider meaningful electives regardless of whether you decide to pursue a major or minor in data science. Electives may help you narrow down a specialization and allow you to apply your data science skills to a topic you are most interested in.

Analytics Insights brings you the Top 10 Data Science and Analytics courses for Undergraduates-


1. Harvard University- John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Harvard University offers two data science tracks for undergraduates wanting to study data science as a part of their degree. One focuses on the mathematics and statistical side, while one specializes in training in data analytics as used by the government. While the government course covers the maths, statistics and computing fundamentals, it also includes social science elements, with alumni going on to work in data-driven journalism and for political organizations, as well as top tech firms like Google and Netflix.


2. Yale University

The B.A. in Statistics and Data Science from Yale University is designed to acquaint students with the mathematical foundation of statistics focussing on the theory of probability. The practical aspect of this course uses a variety of computational techniques, methods of visualizing and exploring data, methods of seeking and establishing structure and trends in data. Students will learn to encompass the entire life cycle of data, from its specification, gathering, and cleaning, through its management and analysis, to its use in making decisions and policy formulation.


3. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan

The data science major from the University of Michigan gives students a strong foundation into computer science, statistics, and mathematics which is relevant for analysing and manipulating voluminous and/or complex data. Students majoring in data science learn computer programming, data analysis and database systems, to think critically about the process of understanding data.

Besides, students take a capstone experience course which aims to synthesize the skills and knowledge learned in the various disciplines that encompass data science. The data science major is a rigorous program covering the practical use of data science methods in addition to the theoretical properties underpinning the performance of the methods and algorithms.


4. Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

The university offers a BS degree program in information technology that starts by introducing fundamentals that are built toward a focus area allowing students to hone their skill set, preparing them for employment in the fast-paced environment that is information technology. The BS degree program in information technology has been designed with key-driven threads to incorporate emerging technologies that are utilized in real-world business models.

Students will learn the movement of data by retrieving, managing, securing and analysing data sets that defines how humans interact on a daily basis.


5. University of California Berkeley – Berkeley, California

The top data science degree program from the University of California Berkeley was designed in partnership with faculty from across the University. Through this collaboration, students gain deep technical knowledge and learn probability and random processes, introduction to the internet-architecture and protocols and modern statistical prediction & machine learning.


6. Princeton University

The program in robotics and intelligent systems is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers into-

• The analysis, design, and development of systems that automate manufacturing, transportation, health care, environmental stewardship, scientific research, and other activities,

• The creation of systems for learning, adaptation, decision making, identification, estimation, and control using concepts drawn from cognitive and biological sciences, and

• The understanding of human intelligence from the perspective of neuroscience and computation.

The program offers an integrated set of core and elective courses, introducing students to fundamental concepts, providing depth in specific fields of interest, and setting the stage for further achievement. Students are encouraged to expand their experience through summer internships with companies, government agencies, and university laboratories.


7. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The bachelor of science in data science and artificial intelligence offered by the university aims to strike a balance between computer science and mathematics. This course is administered by the school’s computational intelligence lab, and the data science and AI research centre. This is a full time four-year direct honours BSc degree programme for students who aspire to master the demands of integrating the synergistic disciplines of computer science and statistics.  This programme provides students with the opportunities to solve real-life problems in different applications domains ranging from science and technology, healthcare and clinical medicine, business and finance, environmental sustainability, etc.


8. Columbia University, New York

Columbia University’s master of science in data science offers students an in-depth educational experience to focus on data science. The foundation of this program has been built from the 4-course certification of professional achievement in the data science program. Students are taught probability, statistics, regression, and machine learning. From there, they can progress to the intelligent systems track and deep-dive into subjects such as natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.


9. Stanford University, California

Stanford’s BSc degree in computer science offers an AI track that gives undergraduate students the chance to learn from experts at one of the world’s most renowned AI research institutions. Electives are available covering the entire spectrum of AI fundamentals, including machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and language networks.  After learning the essential programming techniques and the mathematical foundations of computer science, students take courses in areas such as programming techniques, automata and complexity theory, systems programming, computer architecture, analysis of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and applications. The program prepares students for careers in government, law, and the corporate sector, and graduate study.


10. Trinity University, Texas

Trinity University offers business analytics and technology (BAT) programs for students who want to perform analyses on big data sets and recommend leading-edge process improvements that allow companies to operate efficiently and maximize performance. Students who major in BAT work in close partnership with companies of all sizes and sectors to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world settings and with real-world data.

Students can complete an internship experience and work closely with faculty on research efforts. Graduates are well prepared for a variety of data science roles and their hands-on experience prepares them for success in the workplace.