Top 10 Courses and Certifications in Artificial Intelligence

by October 13, 2019

A fundamental establishment in the standards and practices around artificial intelligence (AI), automation and cognitive systems is something which is probably going to turn out to be progressively important, paying little heed to your field of business, skill or profession.

There are so many courses and certifications for individuals who need to jump straight into coding their own artificial neural networks, and naturally, accept a specific degree of technical ability. Others are valuable for the individuals who need to figure out how this innovation can be applied by anybody, paying little mind to prior technical expertise, to tackling real-world issues. Let’s look at some of the best AI courses and certifications which can help in improving your knowledge and skills in the field of artificial intelligence.


Machine Learning AI Certification by Stanford University (Coursera)

If learning Machine Learning is at the forefront of your thoughts, at that point there is no looking further. Made by Andrew Ng, Professor at Stanford University, more than 1,680,000 students and experts worldwide have joined up with this program, who have evaluated it profoundly. This course gives a prologue to the core ideas of this field, for example, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, support vector machines, kernel, and neural networks.

Draw from various case studies and applications and get hands-on to apply theoretical ideas to practice. Before the end of the classes, you will have the certainty to apply your insight into real-world situations.


CFTE’s online AI in Finance course

Artificial intelligence in Finance is an online course created by CFTE and Ngee Ann Polytechnic for experts to comprehend the utilizations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in financial services. The course pursues a comparable configuration to CFTE’s Fintech Foundation Course.

Through the span of 18 modules and 4 sections, over 20+ finance and technology thought leaders and industry insiders will talk about key AI topics, for example, Natural Language Processing (NLP), data science, recommendation engines, artificial neural networks (ANN) and more. It’s a learning-based course so it’s the ideal platform for those starting their adventure to understanding AI in financial services.


Artificial Intelligence Executive Certification (Kelloge)

This course is made for people who are keen to learn about techniques and strategies of artificial intelligence to take care of business issues. After the essential themes are understood you will go over how AI is affecting various industries just as the different tools that are engaged with the operations for creating efficient solutions. By the end of the program, you will have various methodologies added that can be utilized to improve the performance of your company.


Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree

It has two three-month programs that enable you to ace the abilities important to turn into an effective Machine Learning Engineer. It’s unquestionably one of the more career-centered programs and like the Stanford course, covers the core ML principles and furthermore plunges deeper into the domain of predictive modelling. It’s beginner-focused however, anticipate an enthusiastic test. A one-to-one technical mentor is accessible. Likewise reasonable for those on a financial budget, as access is charged on a month to month basis, making it conceivably less expensive if you can finish the course quicker.


Deep Learning by Andrew Ng (Coursera)

If you need to kick off a profession in AI, at that point this specialization will enable you to accomplish that. Through this variety of 5 courses, you will learn the fundamental points of Deep Learning, see how to construct neural networks, and lead fruitful ML projects. Alongside this, there are chances to work on case studies from different real-world businesses. The practical assignments will enable you to rehearse the concepts in Python and in Tensorflow. Furthermore, there are discussions from top pioneers in the field that will give you inspiration and help you to comprehend the situations in this profession.


International Faculty of Finance, IFF – Artificial Intelligence in Banking Training Course

A two-day training program that spreads Artificial Intelligence in banking by analyzing current leading practices over the worldwide business. It offers an in-depth look into the best accessible practices and how they can be applied in any company. The course offers detailed knowledge into how AI can best suit your expanding business through 10 thorough levels. Additionally, this course if appropriate for those who are short of time.


Artificial Intelligence Certification by Columbia University (edX)

Join up this certification to pick up mastery in one of the fastest developing areas of computer science through a progression of lectures and assignments. The classes will assist you in getting a strong comprehension of the core principles of artificial intelligence. With an equivalent accentuation on practical and theory, these exercises will instruct you to manage real-world issues and think of appropriate AI solutions. With this certification in your pack, it is sheltered to state that you will have a high ground at job interviews and other opportunities.


MIT – Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy

MIT partners with e-learning stage GetSmarter to address the developing interest among business experts to get a comprehension of what precisely artificial intelligence is and how it will affect business. This online AI course is for all intents and purposes centered and follows a comparative pattern to the MIT Fintech Certificate in which students were first given a prologue to the subject and then given a capstone project to apply their comprehension.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by IBM (Coursera)

Offered by IBM, this introductory course will help you learn the basics of artificial intelligence. With this course, you will realize what AI is and how it is utilized in the software or application development industry. During the course, you will be presented to different issues and worries that encompass artificial intelligence like morals and bias, and jobs. Subsequent to finishing the course, you will likewise exhibit AI in real life with a smaller than usual project that is intended to test your insight into AI. In addition, in the wake of completing the project, you will likewise get your certificate of completion from Udacity.


Open Badge Programme, IBM Skills Gateway

Students on the Open Badge Program approach a variety of AI and ML short courses (or badges) that have been intended to enable you to comprehend the nuts and bolts of AI and ML. As it’s IBM, the courses turn towards acquainting students with their environment of AI products, for example, IBM Watson and IBM Cloud. Courses are aimed for enterprise developers with a scholarly foundation in computer science.