Top 10 Big Data Analytics LinkedIn Groups

by August 18, 2019

LinkedIn is the chief place for enterprise innovation experts to accumulate, connect with each other, share thoughts, and network with other people. If you are a specialist who works in the data science or predictive analytics space, or you’re simply searching for extra insights into what the smartest in the business are discussing, LinkedIn professional groups are an extraordinary place to begin

LinkedIn has turned into the go to place for experts to look for occupation, connect with their friends and to share their perspectives on a specific theme. In this article, we go through the absolute most well-known LinkedIn groups that are devoted to the field of data science and big data that working experts, students etc.


Big Data and Analytics

The group was established in 2012 and seen as probably the greatest group in the platform committed solely for the discourse, trading thoughts and giving input on issues identified with big data and analytics. The number of members in the group go to 3 lakhs plus members. Some of the topics of discussion in this group are about blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.


Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Advanced Analytics and Data Science gives an asset to the individuals who need to find out about and utilize these abilities and meet other individuals associated with predictive analytics, machine learning, statistics and big data. Offer your thoughts with different experts and figure out how to apply the most recent tools and techniques to solve your most significant business challenges.


Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence & Visualization Experts Community

The group means to unite stakeholder communities across industry, companies, academia, and government segments with interests in big data and visualisation methods, innovations, and its applications. People who are Hadoop designers, data scientists, business experts, analysts and programmers, CIO, CMO, CDO etc. can gain a lot of insights from this group. Discussions are around Hadoop, data warehousing, cloud, unified data architects, digital marketing, business intelligence and visualization.


Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Professionals | DataScience.US

This present group’s motivation is to assemble every one of the data science, big data, AI, machine learning and business insight experts in the United States and abroad to share proficient experience and consulting tips. DataScience.US is building the world’s biggest data experts’ network and exhibiting the most recent trends in the space.


Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, and Data Science

This is a group for data mining and statistical experts who wish to grow their network of individuals and offer thoughts. Data mining and statistical experts can join this group which makes the number of members to approximately 2 lakh. Methodological issues are reasonable game, as well as discussion of programming (SAS, R, WEKA, and so on), technology (Hadoop, relational databases, and so on) meetings, and job postings etc. are the topics of discussion.


Research Methods and Data Science

This LinkedIn group is for analysts, researchers and experts to discuss research methodology, data science, research flow management, research process institutionalization, research automation and growth, just as research competency evaluation and accreditation. This group is uncommonly committed to discussing how functioning with AI can improve research.


Big Data, Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things) & Blockchain

The group advances discussion around big data, NoSql and cloud computing and so forth, among similarly invested industry experts and urge them to share data, thoughts and best practice. Individuals part of this group talk about big data analytics, BI, SAS, big data Hadoop, big data MapReduce, YARN, PIG, Hive, HQL, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, Spark, Big Data NoSQL, HBase, Casandra, MongoDB, HUE, Pentaho, Teradata, BigTable and so forth.


Big Data|Artificial Intelligence|Machine Learning|Predictive Analytics|Data Mining|Data Science

The objective for this expert group is to educate and to talk about various themes and tips from client to-client and to make a worldwide network of individuals already utilizing or keen on utilizing analytics. This group manages Big Data, Data Mining, Statistics, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Hadoop, Cloud Analytics, Web Analytics and Text Mining.


IBM Big Data and Analytics

This group is overseen by Bruce Weed, IBM’s Program Director for Enterprise, startups and developers. The group supports discussions on big data and how IBM’s big data platform can deal with client’s big data requirements. Discussions revolve around IBM Platforms and different products and how they can best deal with their database.


Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modeling & Statistical Analyses Professionals Group

This present group’s individuals are technology experts with a typical establishment of cutting-edge quantitative training and involvement in regions of advanced analytics, statistical modeling, data mining and quantitative analysis. Gathering mediators empower networking, integration and sharing job openings.