Top 10 Autonomous Delivery Robots Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

by April 17, 2020


In the current times where human to human interaction can be fatal in many areas and everything is dependent on one-touch away services through mobile apps, service providers must facilitate customers with the best service and delivery experiences. It is high time that vendors should enhance their last-mile delivery services with efficiency. The movements of goods from the transportation hub to the final destination, specifically personal residence in most of the cases, are termed as last-mile delivery. The last mile logistics are currently focusing on delivering items to end-users as fast as possible. Here are the top 10 most innovative companies building autonomous delivery robots that may come soon to your neighborhood.


Starship Technologies

With a combination of mobile technology, autonomous robots and partnerships with stores and restaurants, Starship Technologies makes local delivery faster, smarter and more cost-efficient. Starship robots are advanced devices that can carry items within a 4-mile (6km) radius. The company’s delivery platform enables a new era of instant delivery that works around your schedule at much lower costs.



Savioke’s Relay is the safest, most secure autonomous indoor delivery robot for the busy, dynamic environments of logistics and manufacturing. A single-piece-flow solution, Relay autonomously navigates through busy work areas and down narrow aisles, even those too tight for mobile racks, to deliver higher employee satisfaction and more efficient and uniform workflow.



Eliport was born out of a desire to solve the ‘unsolvable’ in last-mile delivery services. The company aims to solve the last-mile logistics problem by providing a fleet of ground-based, robotic delivery machines that will change the face of cities overnight. Eliport is creating autonomous robots for the delivery industry that will change cities for the better, saving everyone time, stress and money.



TeleRetail AutoPilot Software Aito™ drives vehicles of almost any size, automating industrial, urban and rural logistics. Shaping the future of autonomous driving, Aito reduces the cost of transport by up to 90% while enabling cost-efficient 24/7 on-demand logistics services.



Aethon robots deliver food, linen, banquet supplies, and luggage in hotels and hospitality environments. It is as comfortable in the front-of-house as it is capable in the back-of-house. Best of all it can show up at a guest’s door to make a room service delivery something truly memorable.



Postmates’ Serve navigates sidewalks to deliver your favorite anything, on-demand. Serve’s personality is all about understanding people. Nothing about Serve’s intelligence is artificial. Whether you’re grabbing a late-night burrito or on your morning run, Serve is designed from the wheels up to join you in your neighborhood. Serve safely walks alongside pedestrians, navigates around fire hydrants, and respects the sidewalks.



Boxbot is a last-mile logistics startup that has recently come out of stealth mode and announced its plans to roll out an end-to-end automated last-mile delivery system. The plan includes placing automated local fulfillment hubs near residential neighborhoods that could reduce the cost and accelerate the speed of last-mile delivery.



Effidence optimizes your logistics flows with collaborative and autonomous robots. EffiBOT, a robotic trolley, a real logistics assistant with multiple uses for many sectors of activity: logistics, industry, construction, last-mile delivery, etc. It collaborates with operators and makes their work easier while improving their working conditions, productivity and profitability.



Consumers simply tap a button to request the closest Robomart. Once it arrives, they shop checkout-free for all their daily goods. Each Robomart carries a full selection of goods in its category and goes back to restock at its local replenishment center when low on inventory. Traditionally, to buy groceries you would either physically go to the store or order goods online. Now there’s a third way to shop — store-hailing. With robomarts there’s no standing in line, no need to create a basket, you get to pick goods at your doorstep, and robomarts show up in minutes rather than an hour or longer.



Cleveron is creating the world’s most innovative, robotics-based BOPIS (or buy online pick-up in-store) parcel delivery solutions to help retail and logistics companies manage their operations effectively. This, in turn, saves time for everyone. Cleveron is the innovation leader in retail click & collect pickup solution companies by developing intelligent parcel lockers and robots. With its products, you can reduce last-mile parcel delivery costs, enhance parcel delivery and return operations and improve the omnichannel customer experience.