‘Tomorrow’: Translating Data into Better Decisions

Prithvi Shergill

Using the Next-Gen KPISoft People Platform

To be better, in the future, enterprises have to engage their people with a richer experience at work and in the workplace. To hit all the right business outcomes.

Tomorrow’ believes that the role to manage ‘Human Resources (HR)’ is as outdated as lifetime employment, 9 to 5 work, or even a formal dress code.

Instead, the opportunity lies in looking beyond key performance indicators (KPIs) as just a set of numbers. The opportunity lies in enabling stakeholders’ with real-time intelligence on factors that enhance human passion, productivity, and proficiency, accessible, available and affordable to Unlock #PeopleCapital !

Because ultimately, what makes for great work in a great workplace is exactly what makes for a great human experience.

‘Tomorrow’ offers the next-generation KPISoft platform for enterprises to translate policy, process and practice data to information so people can make better decisions that deliver better outcomes.
By transforming information into meaningful insight, the company empowers its customers with relevant and result-oriented recommendations that drive action.

‘Tomorrow’ adds expertise to enterprises by enhancing data integrity, maturity, compliance, reliability and confidence in the recommendation engine deployed.
By integrating a differentiated suite of digital tools with its proprietary, intelligent analytics SAAS platform, as an example, the company empowers users to answer questions that impact outcomes related to:

•  forecasting demand, supply & workforce diversity mix,

•  establishing fit for purpose staffing options and best fit deployment,

•  shaping the desired ‘high potential’ profile and predicting individual and collective performance,

•  forecasting employee engagement trends and – engaging people at risk,

•  identifying employee career growth paths and talent to re/up/cross-skill.

The benefits that the platform ‘Tomorrow’ offers are –

•  Seamless Extraction, Transformation & Loading of  information from any and all HR Systems in use  — to segregate & standardize information from enterprise and user applications that capture data which impact people, via web services, SFTP or direct integration

•  Augment People Insights with AI-Powered Analytics Engines – providing real-time or periodic descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical models that track 200+ industry benchmarks which impact people

•  Translate Insights into Recommendations for Action – that are clear, action-oriented and make them accessible on user-friendly interfaces that are designed for all devices and platforms

The company also offers a suite of digital products that can be integrated and bundled with the KPISoft People Platform that it uses to provide differentiated analytics-as-a-service to:



•  Intelligent and automated talent sourcing and screening

•  In-depth relational & contextual analysis

•  Talent demand and supply research Workforce planning and optimization



•  Role profiling

•  Competency/Skill architecture management

•  Career transition recommendations



•  Individual skill Assessment

•  Learning roadmaps

•  Customized training programs



•  Corporate outcomes seamlessly linked to operational and individual performance metrics

•  Contextualized individual actionable insights

•  Corrective action to accelerate collective collaborative action



•  Personalize learning need identification

•  Proficiency progression measurements

•  Assessments using practical application

Proactive Incorporation of AI/Machine Learning

 The company uses the KPISoft Platform to answer questions across the spectrum that AI impacts to enhance decision support on:

1. Perception: What is happening now?

2. Notification: What do I need to know?

3. Suggestion: What should I recommend?

4. Automation: What should I always do?

5. Prediction: What can I expect to happen?

6. Prevention: What should I avoid?

By offering Data Engineering and Data Science capability to its clients, they can use Predictive and Prescriptive Talent Analytics to impact desired outcomes as outlined in the example below:

In addition, using the extensive and in-depth research it can source, ‘Tomorrow’ has developed the People Capital Index (PCI). PCI provides an opportunity to benchmark various industry HR metrics across the employment lifecycle.

The primary and secondary research inputs around 10,000 data elements collected for analysi. In addition, to 1000+ secondary data sources, the company established primary contacts and interviewed 100+ HR experienced professionals for information and inputs relating to company-specific numbers not available in the public domain.

It’s a unique benchmarking platform that adds outside-in and inside-out intelligence to an organization’s people agenda – and is available for use at no subscription cost currently by obtaining access by writing in to team@cocreatetomorrow.com

The Story Behind the Name!

The expression ‘squaring the circle’ is sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible.
‘Tomorrow’ does so with an applied, contextual design thinking capability to enable discovery of opportunities that enable impact on the ‘as is’ enterprise practice, define the ‘to be’ solution that maximizes returns and then deploy and deliver the digital transformation needed to realize the targeted benefits from the services delivered and products used while making the experience distinctive for the people impacted.


Experienced Founders Committed to their Profession!

To introduce this Singaporean company, ‘Tomorrow’ leverages digital technology design and development teams globally to deliver usage of the KPISoft platform on a subscription basis to provide talent analytics as a service – and a suite of digital tools across the employment lifecycle that have been curated and differentiated that can be integrated and bundled with the system of intelligence their platform offers, enabling people in enterprises a distinctive experience to join, deploy, learn, perform, grow and connect.

Prithvi Shergill – has significant global experience in engaging, enabling and empowering enterprises and leadership in Business Strategy Execution, Culture Change and Optimization of Operations by refreshing and reinventing the experience of work, workplace, and workforce. Prithvi enables accelerated growth across all KPIs.

Kavitha Venkatachalam – is a global talent supply chain and talent management specialist, Kavitha has extensive experience in workforce planning, productivity management, talent acquisition, and business growth-aligned employee career and learning management.

Suman Akkiraju –is an expert in applying digital-led transformation across geographies, anchoring design-led transformation of functional processes, services and technologies. He has extensive experience in ensuring data integrity, process simplification and capability development that accelerates the adoption of analytics, while driving technology-led initiatives to make HR future-ready.

‘Tomorrow’ reflects an obsession with making people managers and the HR profession future-ready by working with them to look outside and inside organizations for information; using data engineering and science with applied functional expertise to translate it into insight.
‘Tomorrow’ understands BEST practices and focuses on co-creating great work with good people to shape the NEXT practices.  This is what inspires action towards a better tomorrow.

Prithvi Shergill, Kavitha Venkatachalam, and Suman Akkiraju have been busy doing something about it!

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