There’s More to UI that Meets the Eye

by October 31, 2018

Users of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems spend entire days staring at the screen creating and designing processes and creating new reports. Creation needs a conducive environment. Long hours at the PC have been known to cause digital eye strain. With over 60% of digital device users complaining of digital eye strain, this was a requirement AntStein sought to go about solving.



A dark backgrounded canvas was designed. Not surprisingly when tested in beta, the canvas seemed to be easier on the eyes of users.  But designing in a dark background is not easy, almost an art form. Usability issues such as scan-ability, readability, contrast need to be addressed. The design has to ensure sufficient contrast between text and background to be maintained for visual clarity. Careful use of color-coded syntax was found to reduce eye strain. Along with device considerations, one had to consider the environment in which the device would be used.  Most RPA systems are used for 24X 7 processing of SLA driven transactions. Dark UIs work well in such mission-critical environments.



When work is play, employees give their best. Not only does Automation take the drag off the iterative, it now can be fun and the coolest tool in the IT sandbox.