The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Podcasts You Should Not Miss

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It is a widely acknowledged fact that data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and bots are some of the most discussed topics in the technological world today. The popularity of machine learning can be well acknowledged by the immense acceleration seen into AI owing to huge investments and credits to the open source software.

Humanity interacts with machine learning on a daily basis, be it though the social media channels, or the OTT platforms like Netflix, Youtube accounts. The question is in the information highway age, when information is available on a touch of the fingertips does it leave space for more? The answer is yes, through podcasts, where you can hear from what is going into technology to what the great minds are thinking. And if you thought how to filter out the best among the rest here is a best compilation to listen to-


The AI Podcast by NVIDIA

The AI podcast by NVIDIA appeals to anyone who has an interest in AI, the post is not overly technical and is laser focused on artificial intelligence offering a sharper deal of insights on the ways in which machine learning has been changing the world thus offering a wide range of possibilities that come with AI. Through this podcast you can know about how AI can help you find your next tattoo, how AI is changing different industries like fashion and how AI can help in treating cancer!

New episodes are released in every two weeks, making it a perfect dose for someone who wants to keep up with the changes what AI has to offer. Each podcast brings on a new guest who comes with expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, fields bringing fresh insights and opinions to the discussion.


Oreilly Data Show Podcast

The Oreilly Data Show Podcast is focussed more towards data geeks; someone who loves knowing more about the finer details of machine learning. The podcast jumps into some of the practical applications of machine learning and with new advances coming in the industry, the podcast is surely a treasure. The Oreilly Data Show Podcast focuses more on machine learning and speaks about how machine learning can be adopted to change the way robotics are being looked at. Each episode of the Oreilly Data Show Podcast explores a very specific area of machine learning with a new guest, that is surely an added advantage.


The Data Skeptic

The Data Skeptic talks about the basics of data science and machine learning that comes with great interviews with academics & practitioners. The podcasts are short 10–15-minute episodes where the hosts offer a short primer on topics like k-means clustering, natural language processing, calculating feature importance and explaining decision trees.


Linear Digressions

The Linear Digressions is a weekly podcast hosted by Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe, covering diverse topics in data science and machine learning. The Linear Digressions speaks about specific concepts like the cold start problem and model theft how they apply to real-world problems and datasets. This podcast makes complex topics accessible to the technological world.


TWiML & AI – This Week in Machine Learning & AI

The TWiML & AI podcast is for the slightly more tech savvy AI geeks who wants to know about some of applications of machine learning and AI across different verticals.

The TWiML & AI podcast gets on a niche approach to the conversations, interviewing a range of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts who explain in multitude of interactive ways in which machine learning & AI can be applied in everyday activities. These include corporate and social activities, whether it is heart disease or exoplanet discoveries, or a new way to learn. Through this podcast, the listeners will be amazed at some of the ways at which machine learning is being applied in the 21st century.


Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Faggella

This podcast is for someone who’s interested in learning how they can empower their company with machine learning and AI technologies bringing some of the biggest companies in the Silicon Valley together under one common platform. The Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Fagella lists what the top-notch companies are doing with AI and machine learning. The creator Dan Faggella every week interviews top AI and machine learning executives, researchers and investors from companies such as eBay and Google to find out exactly how these companies are funded and evaluated.


Gigaom AI Minute

For those who are looking for a very quick daily dose on AI discussion should check this podcast.

Gigaom AI Minute is a daily show with each episode running under 2 minutes. Byron Reese hosts the show on a monologue format, discussing new ways to think about AI and machine learning. Gigaom AI Minute is a podcast which will make listeners question their opinions on AI and perhaps even provoke some controversial thoughts.


Brain Inspired

If you are interested in biology, biohacking or health this podcast may be for you. Brain Inspired takes a unique approach to AI, investigating how neuroscience technology can be integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The creator Paul Middlebrooks talks with mostly scientists who are on the cutting edge of neuroscience offering relatable insights into how AI is playing a massive role in modern scientific development for the understanding of human brain. Each episode in the Brain Inspired podcast runs for roughly 1 hour and is packed full of surprising facts.


MIT Artificial Intelligence

This is for those who are interested to learn from the best minds and the greatest scholarly experts in the industry. This podcast is taken up by Lex Fridman who is a research scientist at MIT. In this long-form podcast, MIT-Artificial Intelligence, he interviews some of the greatest minds in the world of AI. The interviews are based on the perspective of AGI, neuroscience, deep learning, robotics, philosophy, psychology, physics, cognitive science, economics and mathematics.

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