The 100 Most Powerful Women in Technology 2020

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The 100 Most Powerful Women in Technology 2020

The information technology industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. In the last decade, the industry has witnessed tremendous growth and development. However, it still lags when it comes to women in technology. Reports reveal that the IT industry has a remarkably higher rate of sexual discrimination compared to other industries. One of the major reasons for the lower number of women in tech is gender stereotyping. Lack of role models also creates challenges for women to pursue in the tech world.

Undoubtedly, there is a need for strategic efforts to promote women in technology. Collaborating with them in every step an organization takes could be an obvious solution for business growth. This will not only impact businesses’ bottom lines but also there will be diverse thoughts and ideas in the workforce. Moreover, higher gender diversity within a team brings better returns and also lower volatility.

Analytics Insight promotes exemplary women for breaking the glass ceiling and overcoming numerous barriers to reach the top of their profession and organization. To celebrate the same, we present you with the “Top 100 Women in Technology to Watch Out For in 2020”. These inspiring women leaders have driven their industries to the next level by leveraging cutting-edge solutions with commendable efforts and contributions.  As these leaders continue to build and transform the industry by investing in future technologies, they create strong support networks and examples for others to follow.


1. Aarti Ramakrishnan

Company: Crayon Data

Designation: Co-founder & Chief of Operations

In 2012, Aarti co-founded Crayon Data, a Singapore-based big data and Artificial Intelligence company that is focused on digital personalization. The company has enabled banks around the world to have truly personal conversations with their customers while being privacy sensitive. One of its products called is an AI-platform powering the age of relevance.


2. Aigul Tokayeva

Company: Hi-Tech Intelligent Services LLC

Designation: CEO

Aigul Tokayeva is the Founder and primary decision-maker of Hi-Tech Intelligent Services. Before founding Hi-Tech Intelligent Services, she served as the Head of Chemical Testing Lab of Amitex Astana LLP, one of Kazakhstan’s leading pipe technology companies. Aigul had also held several senior technical and management positions at Kazakhstan National Railway Company.


3. Albane Bruyas

Company: Scaleway

Designation: COO

Albane Bruyas, COO at Scaleway, is responsible for global operations and the whole supply chain of the company’s six data centers across Europe, from R&D to its go-to-market strategy and fleet maintenance. She prides to lead CSR projects within Scaleway that align with the company’s vision and serve as a driver for more effective, ethical and meaningful practices within the digital sector.


4. Alexandra Bendicakova

Company: Jelvix

Designation: Co-Founder

Alexandra is the Co-founder of Jelvix, where her role involves operational oversight and risk management, where she develops a risk management framework, managing a compliance monitoring policy, and being the key contact with the CEO for all operational queries.  Alexandra has spent over ten years working in financial, private, and IT law industry.


5. Allison Hartsoe

Company: Ambition Data

Designation: Founder & CEO

Allison Hartsoe is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Ambition Data. She is also the host of the Customer Equity Accelerator Podcast, where she talks with leaders from Wharton, MIT, and Google, who are driving the customer-centric revolution to deliver better bottom-line impact. Before Ambition Data, Allison was a Senior Manager at EY, which resulted from an acquisition.


6. Amy Gile

Company: Silverdraft

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO

Amy Gile co-founded Silverdraft with Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan and worked to develop solutions that overcame significant content creation challenges of Hollywood. Silverdraft uses supercomputing architecture to address the significant computational and processing needs of high-end rendering, VFX, and visualization in the digital age. Amy founded Silverdraft so that artists could freely create rendering, animation, and visual effects.


7. Amy Hedrick

Company: Cleanbox Technology Inc.

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO

Anna is the Vice President of the Global Portfolio to Market Lifecycle at NetApp. At NetApp, Anna manages three Centers of Excellence within the company, including Globalization Strategy, Information Engineering, and Product Portfolio Solutions. Prior to joining NetApp, Anna has lent her expertise to some of the top technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Cisco, VMware, Xerox, and VeriSign.


8. Ana Hirsbrunner

Company: Synectics for Management Decisions, Inc

Designation: President & Principal Owner

Ana oversees the company’s Program Management Office, technical innovation and corporate operations, including business development while implementing Synectics’ long-term strategic vision to be a leading WOSB in the federal market space. Ana’s connection with the company began in 2006 when she joined as a research assistant on a Health and Human Services contract.


9. Anna N Schlegel

Company: NetApp

Designation: Vice President, Global Portfolio to Market Lifecycle

Anna is the Vice President of the Global Portfolio to Market Lifecycle at NetApp. At NetApp, Anna manages three Centers of Excellence within the company, including Globalization Strategy, Information Engineering, and Product Portfolio Solutions. Prior to joining NetApp, Anna has lent her expertise to some of the top technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Cisco, VMware, Xerox, and VeriSign.


10. April Downing

Company: Supply Drop

Designation: Co-Founder & COO

April Downing is a seasoned financial & operational executive and has raised US$0.5 billion of capital, completed over 20 acquisitions and opened offices in over a dozen countries. She has served as the CFO/COO for several high-growth companies. Holding a BBA and MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, April has scaled businesses from start-ups to >US$100 million in revenues.


11. Ashmita Das

Company: Kolabtree

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO

Ashmita is the Co-Founder & CEO of Kolabtree, a company which acts as an online marketplace that helps businesses of all sizes hire experts on demand, so as to make scientific expertise easily accessible and available to those looking for it. With over 15,000+ experts on board, the company is the world’s leading platform for freelance scientists and researchers.


12. Caitlin Smallwood

Company: Netflix

Designation: VP, Data Science and Engineering

Caitlin Smallwood is the Vice President for Science and Analytics at Netflix since 2010. Her passion about data and the field of data science at large is clear as she participates often in podcasts and gives talks about the need for new data scientists to explore the myriad avenues of the discipline rather than limiting themselves to what comes the most naturally to everyone in the field.


13. Carolyn E Stebbings

Company: Code Worldwide

Designation: Managing Director

Carolyn E Stebbings leads client relationships as well as ensuring Code Worldwide is operationally fit as a business. She helps bring the right teams together. Carolyn mentors and coaches those around her as the company develops tomorrow’s leaders. She studied fine art & textiles and has always loved problem-solving, people, and what drives them, building teams to deliver innovative solutions and having a strong POV.


14. Carrie Goetz

Company: StrategITcom

Designation: Principal and CTO

Carrie personifies nearly 40 years of global experience designing, running and auditing, data centres, IT departments, and intelligent buildings. She is an international keynote speaker and has been published in 69 countries in over 250 publications. Carrie holds an honorary doctorate in Mission Critical Operations and is a Master Infrastructure Mason with 40+ certifications.


15. Charity Chitalu Mwanza

Company: Digital Paygo

Designation: CEO

As CEO of Digital Paygo, Charity, encouraged interoperability and ensured elimination of barriers to financial inclusion whilst propagating distribution channels for drive digital payment ecosystem growth in Zambia. Her company also offers solutions on shared mobile merchant payment, shared agent banking, and tailored digital payments to financial institutions.


16. Chelsea Lawley

Company: NGDATA

Designation: Head of Financial Services Solutions

Chelsea Lawley, the Head of Financial Services Solutions, is responsible to design solutions to enable NGDATA’s current and prospective clients to deepen their relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and drive higher lifetime value. Having started her career working for Bank of America, with some other world’s largest banks, Chelsea’s career focus has been on making people’s financial lives easier and more valuable.


17. Coleen Finnegan

Company: Daugherty Business Solutions

Designation: Managing Director

Coleen Finnegan has over 20 years of experience assisting Fortune 500 clients in managing their enterprise by integrating the people, processes, and technologies necessary to deliver business solutions. She joined Daugherty in 2012 and quickly emerged as an impactful leader, becoming Managing Director in Chicago. She leads the company’s Dallas, Chicago, and New York area business units, coordinates strategy across the enterprise. Coleen is also an integral force driving Daugherty’s US$225 Million projected revenue for 2020.


18. Denise Sangster

Company: Global Touch

Designation: President & CEO

Denise started working globally in the early 1990s, when there were a limited number of American women working in the IT industry in North America. At Global Touch, Denise and her team are always looking to innovate their approach, tools and performance metrics to help their clients stay ahead of the rapidly changing market conditions.


19. Devi Sohanta

Company: Connective Touch

Designation: Founder & CEO

Devi handles all functions of the business which fall within her role. Devi’s ability to deliver business solutions, identify business opportunities, and improve operational excellence underpins her background along with analytical problem-solving and exemplary planning capabilities to effectively manage overall business operations. She brings high-tech biometric access control to all premises requiring easier access to superior security through Connective Touch.


20. Doina Popa

Company: InnoTrue

Designation: Founder & CEO

Doina is the Founder and CEO of InnoTrue, and offers high quality custom software solutions to all size of busineses. Before creating InnoTrue, her career trajectory was diverse, starting twice from the base level, and developing into high-profile roles for global, game-changing organisations across varied industries such as CIO at Barclays, CTO at Capgemini and Senior Strategic Advisor at


21. Donna Fenn

Company: pSemi Corporation

Designation: Vice President, Human Resources

Donna Fenn, the Vice President, Human Resources of pSemi Corporation, serves as the head of human resources for over 600 employees globally. She has been striving to deliver best in class HR services and programs through the adoption of new technology platforms and applications. Donna has built her career on forming strong strategic partnerships to drive business initiatives and deliver sustainable results.


22. Dr. Gitanjali Swamy

Company: IoTask

Designation: Managing Partner

Dr. Gitanjali Swamy focuses on innovation for environmental, social, governance (ESG) and public-private projects, and provides consulting and other advisory services in areas like IoT, Mobile, Connectivity & Smart Technologies, and Analytics. She has founded, built and served as the board director in successful innovation enterprises, led investment execution from seed stage to over US$1 billion and held investment/strategy professional roles at global leaders.


23. Eileen Heller

Company: BeanStock Ventures

Designation: Vice President Operations

Eileen Heller is the Vice President Operations, and as a skilled professional, she takes care of operations in the healthcare and life science space at BeanStock Ventures. Eileen’s background is extensively focused on business operations management with an expertise in human resources, quality, compliance and strategic business management. Over the past 18 years, her specialty has resided with innovative engineering firms.


24. Elaine Weidman-Grunewald

Company: AI Sustainability Center

Designation: Co-Founder

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, the Co-founder of the AI Sustainability Center, wears many hats, ranging from talent management and recruitment to balancing budgets, sales and marketing to product development and innovation. She has spent 20 years working in a large multinational environment, and then left and took the acquired skills to a startup. Elaine’s greatest achievement is completing a book, Sustainability Leadership, a Swedish Approach to Changing Your Company, Your Industry, and the World.


25. Elena Spagnuolo

Company: Bunker DB

Designation: Chief Business Officer

Elena Spagnuolo, Chief Business Office of Bunker DB, manages marketing, commercial, communication (inside and outside), customer service and support, product development, and HR within the organization. Elena’s journey started 20 years ago while she set out to study Graphic Design. Elena considers herself a hands-on type of person. She was involved in many positions in different companies, but all of them were related to design.


26. Gabrielle ‘Gaby’ Toledano

Company: Keystone Strategy

Designation: Chief Operating Officer

Gabrielle, the COO at Keystone, builds out the finance, HR, recruiting, IT, labs and office management functions. Previously, she was a board member of the company for a number of years and had a first-hand view into the brilliant team, and understood the firm’s aggressive growth strategy. Gabrielle considers as an honor to use her 30 years of industry experience to build out a world-class operations function based on the principles that she values the most for a service organization.



Company: Dokeos Global Learning Suite

Designation: General Country Manager

Ghalia BERRADA LAMINE has a demonstrated history of 12 years of professional experience in Marketing, Management and Computer Science, mainly Business Intelligence. Based on her bright academic background, she was granted a Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence from the Moroccan University Hassan the First, FST. At Dokeos, her team is always improving the tools the company offers its clientele and ensures that under the annual subscription, the maintenance and updates are included.


28. Giovanna Jagger

Company: WokenUp

Designation: Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Giovanna works closely with the CEO Simon Puleston Jones and her team to ensure that the company delivers its promise to partners and communities to create a platform that will help them advance the causes they care about. She is fully involved in the operational aspect of the business and supports its mission by leading growth as Head of Business Development.


29. Helen Johnson

Company: Data Dynamics

Designation: CTO

Helen Johnson is an experienced and accomplished IT Executive with a proven background as a goal-driven collaborator by successfully leading technology strategy, innovation, and development for large global corporations, including: AIG, Thomson Reuters, RBS, Bloomberg, and FactSet. Helen held various positions ranging from an Application Developer to CDO and now CTO. Helen’s expertise includes broad experience in application and platform development, data governance, client services, product management, and more.


30. Helima Croft

Company: RBC Capital Markets

Designation: Managing Director & Head of Global Commodity Strategy, MENA Research

Helima Croft specializes in geopolitics and energy, leading a team of commodity strategists that cover energy, metals and cross‐commodity investor activity. She is a member of the National Petroleum Council, a select group of individuals who advise, inform and make recommendations to the Secretary of Energy with respect to any matter relating to oil and natural gas. Helima also is on the Board of Directors for the Atlantic Council.


31. Jamileh Elias

Company: EPSoft Technologies

Designation: President Global Markets

Jamileh is an experienced sales leader who has established a solid reputation as a trusted advisor to customers and teams within some of the world’s most leading multinationals. At EPSoft, Jamileh supports her clients and partners predominantly on promoting EPSoft business development interests in the US, Canada and globally.


32. Dr. Jan Lee

Company: Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN)

Designation: CEO

Dr. Jan Lee serves as the CEO. Under her leadership and vast work experience, Delaware Health Information Network has become the hub of a health information ecosystem in Delaware, and participation in one or more DHIN services is nearly universal across the Delaware healthcare community. DHIN’s services have fulfilled many missions and solved problems for the customers and the end-users of the organization’s services.


33. Jane Moran

Company: LoyaltyOne

Designation: Senior Vice President of Data & Technology – the AIR MILES Reward Program

Jane is the Senior Vice President of Data & Technology at the AIR MILES Reward Program, a LoyaltyOne Company that powers loyalty strategy through real-time, plug and play loyalty capabilities and expertise. As Jane progressed through her career, she led many teams and increasingly added other analytics functions under her oversight, including business intelligence, operations and enterprise reporting.


34. Janel Wellborn 

Company: Peerless Partners

Designation: Founder & Managing Partner

Janel is the Founder and Managing Partner of Peerless Partners, which is a boutique laser-focused consulting firm working to help its clients maximize both the return and investment of their digital capital investment portfolio. Janel embeds herself within her clients’ organizations and enables them to meet customer needs and deliver measurable business value.


35. Janet Schijns

Company: JS Group

Designation: CEO

Janet Schijns, the CEO of JS Group, is a proven leader delivering results in the #digitalnormal via routes to market with an average improvement of 47%. She is also an expert in “as a service” business models, security, IoT, and mobility services and solutions. After receiving her BS in Business and Finance, Janet first worked at L’Oreal. More recently, she held executive positions at Motorola, Verizon, and Office Depot.


36. Janice Rae

Company: TechTalent Academy

Designation: Founder & CEO

Janice, Founder and CEO of TechTalent Academy, felt that the lack of diversity has plagued the tech industry for decades, and having realised that not much had changed since she learned to code in 1987, she decided to do something about it. She established TechTalent Academy which supports businesses to create diverse, highly skilled tech teams.


37. Jaya Vaidhyanathan

Company: BCT Digital

Designation: CEO

Jaya Vaidhyanathan manages the end-to-end business operations and expansions, product innovation and market success. She began her career as an investment banker with Wall Street firms, working at the intersection of the technology and financial services. In her current role, Jaya built products to respond to a national issue of NPA that struck India in 2015 and released a paper on ‘Practitioners insights on Credit Monitoring.


38. Jennifer Armstrong

Company: XpertSavers

Designation: CEO

Jennifer has had the privilege to lead in various roles at significant financial institutions over the years. Her passion is consumer banking and has spent a good portion of her career at Citibank and CIT. Jennifer founded XpertSavers because she was concerned that many community banks were falling behind and needed help to transform.


39. Jennifer Lauretta

Company: 360 HealthTech

Designation: Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Jennifer Lauretta, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at 360 Degree Digital, manages user-centric product design and development. She creates, improvises and implements holistic digital solutions via multiple sources of user research methodologies to discover users’ behavioral patterns, pain points through data analytics addressing use cases issues & problem statements. Jennifer is skilled at integrating Agile & Lean UX practices into global multi-disciplinary team management.


40. Joan Ross

Company: InsightCyber

Designation: Chief Intelligence Officer

Joan’s career focus has been on cybersecurity. She started on the customer side and then worked her way up through the organizations of many of the industry-leading vendors in this space. Joan brings the personas of potential customers to the development team and works with them to influence the design and technology vision of the company.


41. Joan Wrabetz

Company: Fyusion

Designation: Chief Operating Officer

Joan Wrabetz, COO at Fyusion, holds a master’s in engineering and has 20+ years of experience in C-Level positions at tech companies, big and small. Joan founded two startups, one of which was focused on AI and machine learning on text, video and audio data. At Fyusion, she sees the opportunity to blend her operational and technical experiences in a way that benefits the company.


42. Joanna Riley

Company: Censia

Designation: Co-founder & CEO

Joanna Riley is an entrepreneur, advocate, a mentor for diversity in technology, and the CEO and Co-Founder of Censia. Prior to founding Censia, Joanna was the co-founder and CEO of 1-Page, a SaaS solutions provider in the Talent Acquisition sector. In 2014 she led 1-Page to a successful IPO, and onto the S&P/ASX 300 by 2016.


43. Junel Oberholzer

Company: Zoovu

Designation: Chief Customer Officer

Junel Oberholzer serves as Chief Customer Officer of Zoovu. She leads a global customer team of 40+ across 9 locations around the world. Her core focus is driving adoption of the company’s solution, customer retention, and ensuring their customers, who are some of the world’s biggest retailers and brands, gain maximum value out of the Zoovu platform.


44. Karen Krivaa

Company: GigaSpaces

Designation: Vice President, Marketing

Karen Krivaa, the VP of Marketing at GigaSpaces, has over 20 years of experience in the technology space for different marketing roles including product management and marketing, portfolio solutions, and corporate marketing. She has also led product management and marketing teams in different businesses. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, Karen worked at RADVISION, as well as headed the marketing at Alvarion and managed the solution marketing team at NICE Systems.


45. Karen Matthys

Company: Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME), Stanford University

Designation: Executive Director

As the executive director of Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME), Karen Ebert Matthys has a proven track record, developing deep relationships with companies and national laboratories and building data science and visualization, machine learning, and high-performance computing solutions.


46. Katharyn White

Company: T-Systems International GmbH

Designation: Senior Vice President & CMO

Katharyn is the Senior Vice President and CMO of T-Systems International GmbH, which is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and suppliers of digital services. The company supports more than 1,000 clients, including all DAX 30 companies in Germany and 100 of the Fortune 500 companies globally. It offers consultancy services with the help of over 4,000 SAP experts around the world.


47. Kathy Brown

Company: Uber Technologies

Designation: Head of the Cognitive Computing Platform

Kathy Brown serves as the Head of the Cognitive Computing Platform at Uber Technologies, where she leads the research, development, and deployment of AI technologies to power next-generation surfaces in voice and chat. Kathy’s work has been featured in the book “Design of Multimodal Mobile Interfaces. Kathy received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Davis.


48. Kieu My (Kimiko) Doan

Company: YellowBlocks

Designation: Founder

Kimiko holds a Computer Science and Telecommunications degree and an MBA from the University of Gloucestershire (UK). She founded YellowBlocks that connects investors and organizations to create a win-win strategic partnership. As a founder, Kimiko sets the vision for YellowBlocks and has built the core teams from scratch, co-creating values to bridge the gap between tech, marketing and business.


49. Kim Grennan

Company: Axle Eight

Designation: Founder & CEO

As the CEO and Founder of Axle Eight, Kim’s main responsibilities span from sales and account management to financials and business strategy. Each year the agency is growing faster than ever, and she attributes that to hiring incredibly smart people who are great at what they do. Kim holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago.


50. Kimberly O’Loughlin

Company: Therapy Brands

Designation: CEO

Kimberly O’Loughlin joined Therapy Brands as the CEO in February 2020. Prior to this, she served as President of Greenway Health, a healthcare IT company assisting the ambulatory market, where she helped the company win the “KLAS Most Improved Ambulatory EHR” category award twice for Revenue Cycle Management.


51. Laetitia Cailleteau

Company: Accenture Technology

Designation: UKI Emerging technology & Global Lead for Conversational AI

Laetitia Cailleteau is the Global Lead of Conversational AI for Accenture. She is also Accenture Technology’s lead for Data & AI in Europe–driving innovation, sales, and delivery for multiple industries and clients. Laetitia has over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry, has authored several academic publications, and holds patents in the conversational AI domain. She is also a reserve member of the Artificial Intelligence High-Level Group at the European Commission.


52. Laura Boccanfuso

Company: Van Robotics

Designation: Founder & CEO

Profile (Description): Laura is the Founder and CEO of Van Robotics that offers a smart robot named ABii which personalises every K-5 math and reading lesson with fun social interactions. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of South Carolina. She worked as a researcher at the Yale Child Study Centre and Yale Social Robotics Lab before launching the company in 2016.


53. Leslie Dalton

Company: Formulus Black

Designation: Vice President, Sales

Leslie Dalton joined Formulus Black in April 2019 to lead software sales of FORSA as well as assist with marketing efforts. She has been in sales for 30 years, with 23 years of experience in selling software. Before joining Formulus Black, Leslie’s background was in the backup and recovery sector for 16 years. Her strong technical team instills her with confidence in the solution and assures her faith in the company’s potential and services.


54. Leslie Jones

Company: Coalfire

Designation: Chief Human Resources Officer

Leslie Jones serves as the CHRO for Coalfire for almost four years. She, along with her HR team, focuses people strategy on attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining talent in the industry’s competitive market. Leslie holds a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell and a master’s degree in Leadership and Organizations from the University of Denver. Leslie attributes the success of Coalfire’s people strategy and operations to those on her team.


55. Liliana Petrova

Company: The Petrova Experience

Designation: Founder & CEO

Liliana Petrova is the Founder and CEO of the Petrova Experience. Her story includes being on Wall Street during the liquidity crisis and managing Royal Bank of Canada’s balance sheet. Liliana founded The Petrova Experience a year and a half ago. Her team is made of an eclectic group of professionals who really CARE about people and constantly ask “how can things be better.”


56. Lisa Lyon

Company: mypensionID

Designation: Founder

Lisa Lyon is the innovative and inspired leader of mypensionID and the MD of Target Professional Services for over 20 years. Her focussed business mindset has developed target professional services into a leading Pensions Tracing and Data Verification company. Lisa shares that the concept of mypensionID emerged aiming to create a secure and straightforward verification service.


57. Lisa McGill

Company: Silver Peak

Designation: Chief Human Resources Officer

Lisa McGill, the CHRO at Silver Peak, drives the company’s global talent strategy by people optimization, develops and coaches its executive leaders, and scales its HR operations. She specializes in taking a vision and transforming it into a reality through teamwork and a sound strategic focus. Previously, she served as the former CHRO of CrowdStrike, Fortinet, Brocade, and Foundry Networks.


58. Mackenzie Jorns

Company: Enovational

Designation: Vice President of Strategic Growth

Mackenzie Jorns, the Vice President of Strategic Growth at Enovational, works on the full business development lifecycle process from strategic planning and capture to contract close-out for the company. She started her career as a technical writer at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., which led her to pursue her love for writing and managing responses to the Federal Government’s Request for Proposals (RFP).


59. Madhumita Mund Rao

Company: Pukka Analytics

Designation: Co-Founder

Madhumita Mund Rao, the Co-founder of Pukka Analytics, assists aspiring digital startups with their product innovation, and go-to-market strategy. She is the Chief Innovation Officer of, an AI-based Data Monetization platform, and serves as a Board of Director and an advisor of KM Corporate – UK. Madhumita has also been endorsed by UK Tech Nation as an “Exceptional Talent Leader” in Digital technology for lifetime contributions in Data and Analytics.


60. Marie E. Lamont

Company: Inteliquet

Designation: President and Chief Operating Officer

Marie is responsible for the overall vision and operations of Inteliquet. With the goal of providing patients and physicians access to the latest and the best treatment options and care available, she helps to commercialize the company’s offerings of intelligent technology, insights, and services to improve the clinical trial process, research, and translational medicine.


61. Mary Frantz

Company: Enterprise Knowledge Partners

Designation: Founder & CEO

Mary Frantz is the founder of EKP, which was the first company in Minnesota to be owned by a minority woman whose core competency was the unique combination of security, compliance, forensics and enterprise architecture. Under her leadership and guidance, EKP performs a lot of cyber breach responses, helps in designing and building systems to create automatic counter-responses to prevent attacks.


62. Meenal Iyer

Company: Tailored Brands

Designation: Sr. Director, Enterprise Analytics and Data

Meenal Iyer has been in the Data and Analytics space for over 20+ years. At Tailored Brands, Meenal serves in the Strategy and Analytics function. She consolidates, transforms, and makes data available to the strategy and analytics team and their business partners by managing enterprise analytics and data science platform roadmaps, schedules, and features of the platform.


63. Meg Ramsey

Company: UnitedLex

Designation: Vice President of Product Strategy and Management

Meg Ramsey is a passionate problem-solver in the cloud and IT infrastructure industry focused on helping customers on their digital transformation journey. Serving as the Vice President of Product Strategy and Management at UnitedLex, she brings to her role a deep experience in developing product roadmaps and technology strategy execution. Meg and her UnitedLex team have centered their technology roadmap on bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to their customers.


64. Megan Price

Company: Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Designation: Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, Megan Price drives the organization’s overarching strategy, leads scientific projects, and presents HRDAG’s work to diverse audiences. Her scientific work includes analyzing documents from the National Police Archive in Guatemala and contributing analyses submitted as evidence in multiple court cases in Guatemala.


65. Melda Akin

Company: Dimension14

Designation: Founder

Melda studied BSc in Computer Engineering, and MSc in Intelligent Engineering Systems and worked as a software developer, system analyst, lecturer, project manager and director, and served as a board member at international leading tech companies. As a founder, she is leading the D14 team to deliver the best AI solution for optimization and scheduling.


66. Meredith Caram

Company: Cytracom

Designation: Vice President of Sales

Meredith Caram joined Cytracom as the Vice President of Sales in July 2020 to drive top-line revenue at the fast-growing company. She works closely with the sales team and in the field to discover needs and drive solutions for both partners and customers. Before Cytracom, she led the channel sales team at Intrado and spent 18 years at AT&T, where she had several channel, marketing, and sales roles.


67. Mitchelle Schanbaum

Company: Specialized Security Services (S3)

Designation: Chairman and CEO

Mitchelle Schanbaum serves as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Specialized Security Services, Inc. which develops and maintains custom-tailored cyber security programs. She co-founded S3 with her husband, Scott in 1999. Mitchelle and her dedicated team successfully assist organizations with the implementation and oversight of their cyber security, information security, privacy and regulatory compliance programs.


68. Nanda Chougule

Company: DigiSec360

Designation: Founder and CEO

Nanda Chougule, the Founder and CEO of DigiSec360, takes care of overall operations, planning and strategy. She is a Computer Engineer with 18 years of experience in software product management. Nanda started her career with TATA Elxsi as a campus fresher and then worked for Samsung R&D India for 11 years. She worked at Samsung as Group Engineering Manager, managing multiple projects with a team of 50+ members as well as working on flash memory products.


69. Natasha Tamaskar

Company: Radisys

Designation: Head of Global Marketing and Sales Enablement

Natasha started her career working on a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University. At Radisys, Natasha is focused on driving the industry and customer mind share globally around Radisys’ leadership role in delivering open telecom solutions to improve the company’s bottom line while helping the telecom industry transform.


70. Nathalie Dumas Lamborghini

Company: Flying Rhino

Designation: Founder & CEO

Nathalie is a graduate from Stanford GBS and has been leading her career at the international level working for industry technology blue chip companies such as Cisco, Oracle and Intel. She is President and Board Member of several organisations and advising big international corporates with over 60 billion revenues on their platform strategies and ventures.


71. Neamat ElTazi

Company: AbuErdan

Designation: Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Neamat is responsible for assessing and implementing improved processes and new technologies and collaborating with management regarding the implementation of these improvements at AbuErdan. Along with the CEO of AbuErdan, she makes sure that the company’s setting objectives match with the company strategy and ensure that it has effective operational and financial procedures in place.


72. Neha Bagaria

Company: JobsForHer

Designation: Founder & CEO

Neha is the Founder and CEO of JobsForHer. Her company aims to enable women to start, restart, and rise in their careers by connecting them with job opportunities, reskilling, mentorship, networking, and community. Today, JobsForHer connects 2 million career women registered on the platform to 7,500+companies across India.


73. Neha Narkhede

Company: Confluent

Designation: Co-founder and CTO

Neha Narkhede is co-founder and former chief technology officer of Confluent, a streaming data technology company currently valued at US$4.5 billion. As a LinkedIn software engineer, she helped develop software platform Apache Kafka to handle the networking site’s huge influx of data.


74. Paula P. Carneiro

Company: WonderBotz

Designation: Director

Paula P. Carneiro joined as the Director of WonderBotz in January 2020 to shift her focus to automation after an extensive operational career in process improvement. Her primary focus at WonderBotz is to create new business channels for the organization and help evangelize Intelligent Automation technologies as far and wide as she can. Paula also pays attention to finance leaders and their unique needs and perspective of an organization’s financial soundness.


75. Pragati Mathur

Company: Staples

Designation: Chief Technology Officer

Pragati leads all aspects of Information Technologyat Staples. Under her leadership, Staples has begun their digital transformation journey by focusing on modernizing legacy eCommerce platforms, upgrading and introducing new retail store technology, shifting to the public cloud and, most importantly, focusing on delivering customer-centric solutions.


76. Priyanka Mehandiratta

Company: DX Learning, Canada

Designation: Director of Leadership Development

Priyanka Mehandiratta has a deep expertise in developing leaders at all levels to be more human and better at the things robots can’t replace-interpersonal. She had the most pleasure of launching the DX business in Toronto, Canada. This role has allowed her to wear many different hats and challenged her to develop intrapreneur and entrepreneur skills. Priyanka is an MBA Graduate, Certified Training and Facilitation Professional, and a Certified Executive Coach.


77. Rachel Gabato


Designation: COO

Rachel holds a business management and marketing degree with a minor in communications from Cornell University. Over the last 20 years, she has been working in technology in product management leadership and advisory roles, primarily retail technology focused, and those skills have allowed Rachel to grow her career and become the COO of


78. Ritu Dubey

Company: Digitate

Designation: Head of Market Development (Eupore Divison)

Ritu heads the Europe division of Digitate, where she is focused on bringing predictability and optimization to customers’ business operations through the power of Artificial Intelligence. Under her leadership, Digitate is at the forefront of enabling the future of the AI-driven enterprise. She has previously worked extensively in the IT industry across Europe and the America, using technology to help customers digitally transform.


79. Ritu Jyoti

Company: IDC

Designation: Program Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Research

As VP, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation Research at IDC, Ritu Jyoti is responsible for leading the development of IDC’s thought leadership for AI Research and management of the Worldwide AI Software research team. Her research focuses on the state of enterprise AI efforts and global market trends for the rapidly evolving AI and ML innovations and ecosystem.


80. Sana Remekie

Company: Conscia

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO

Sana Remekie has over 15 years of experience in various technology leadership roles in designing, architecting and selling software solutions at large system integrators and startups. She co-founded Conscia on the premise of creating a zero-code, self-service technology platform that enables business and IT to collaborate in an agile manner towards digital transformation initiatives, thereby cutting down implementation and integration timelines to a fraction of traditional vendors.


81. Sandrine Desbarbieux-Lloyd

Company: Samsung

Designation: European Vice President of Digital

As the Vice President of Digital at Samsung, Sandrine oversees digital sales and marketing, a multi-billion-pound business across 33 countries in Europe. In this role, she is driving major innovation, including machine learning applications. Sandrine is a senior executive with over 25 years of international experience, leading organisations in the implementation of strategic change and digital transformation.


82. Shana Cosgrove 

Company: Nyla Technology Solutions

Designation: Founder, Owner & CEO

Shana is the Founder, Owner, and CEO of Nyla Technology Solutions which specializes in software systems development for the United States of America government, specifically the Department of Defense (DoD). The company’s services involve full-stack software engineering, data science and engineering, cloud-based systems administration, and cybersecurity tool development.


83. Shannon J. Gregg

Company: Cloud Adoption Solutions

Designation: President

Shannon is the president of Cloud Adoption Solutions, a sales process and consulting practice. She also provides keynote talks, consulting, and workshops on sales productivity. Her popular book, “It’s About Time” is being used by sales teams across the country to refocus on what is really important to drive revenue and results.


84. Shannon Marques

Company: Lumiata

Designation: Vice President, Sales

Shannon Marques is the Vice President of Sales at Lumiata, a platform that democratizes AI in healthcare to reduce costs and improve the quality of care. She has over 20 years of experience at the convergence of technology and healthcare. Shannon has held leadership roles in enterprise software, medical device, and pharmaceuticals and is responsible for strategy, alignment, and growth goals at Lumiata.


85. Sherry Ryan

Company: Juniper Networks

Designation: Vice President and CISO

Sherry Ryan is Vice President and CISO of Juniper Networks. Sherry is responsible for leading the strategy, design, development, implementation and maintenance of IT Security programs for Juniper worldwide.  She is also responsible for establishing and developing strong relationships with internal and external organizations.


86. Shruti Ahuja

Company: OmniFin Solutions

Designation: Co-founder and COO

Shruti Ahuja has an extensive experience in customer insights, analytics and conversion rate optimisation for more than 15 years, spanning a range of industries such as automotive, luxury retail, energy & environment, media & publishing, consulting and travel & hospitality. Her experience ranges from start-up companies to SMEs and multinational organisations.


87. Sofia Rufin

Company: 5Discovery Virtual Learning

Designation: CEO

Sofia Rufin is the CEO of 5Discovery Virtual Learning. After spending a long and rich international career in IT and working for different software companies in sales and project management, she decided to orient her career to the leadership arena. Sofia founded 5Discovery to offer a new innovating experience to the learning world.


88. Stefanie Lindstaedt

Company: Know-Center

Designation: CEO

Stefanie Lindstaedt drives the data-driven business paradigm in Europe and develops AI talent. As an expert in AI, she recognized the potential of data early on and has made significant contributions to the establishment of data-driven business in Austria. Under Stefanie’s leadership, Know-Center has developed into one of the leading European research centers for Data-driven business and Artificial Intelligence supporting European companies of all sizes and sectors to turn data into value.


89. Sunnie Southern

Company: Onix Networking Corp.

Designation: Vice President of Strategic Growth

Recognized as one of the “Disruptive Women to Watch in Healthcare,” Sunnie Southern is passionate about helping health and life sciences organizations leverage technology to positively impact health where people live, work, and play. Sunnie has been working at the intersection of healthcare and technology for many years. She has worked with a variety of world-class organizations including the Cleveland Clinic, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Shire, Sanofi, AssureX Health, and many more.


90. Susan Anglin

Company: Horizont

Designation: Vice President, Operations

Susan Anglin is the Vice President Operations at Horizont. The most impressive trait of her career is building high-functioning teams, driving product and service strategy, and looking for business development opportunities.  Her experiences in operation management, business development gives the skills to take Horizant to the next level in operational capacity and profitability.


91. Susan Gatehouse

Company: Axea Solutions

Designation: Founder and CEO

Susan is a nationally recognized speaker and author, with a nearly 30-year history as a leading provider of revenue cycle solutions, and innovative insights to the healthcare industry. She founded Axea Solutions in 1999 with the primary goal of providing clients with current, thorough, and accurate auditing services and education. Under Susan’s leadership, Axea has become recognized as one of the leading revenue cycle enhancement and solution-oriented providers in the healthcare sector.


92. Susan Joynt

Company: RuListing

Designation: CEO

Susan Joynt is the CEO of RuListing. Her role centers on visualizing future market opportunities, competitor strategies, and defining RuListing’s product roadmap. Early in her career, Susan learned that leadership is about embodying a mission, inspiring and empowering others to join her cause. She has worked across leading Fortune 500 companies in CPG brand marketing and believes innovation calls for a market-first mindset and Market-Product-Fit approach to breakthrough today’s digital barriers and accelerate success curves.


93. Tasneem Hajara

Company: TIAA

Designation: Head of Digital Distribution and Mobile Technology

Tasneem is an innovative, entrepreneurial, highly curious, result-oriented and situationally aware leader with over two decades of experience in identifying and delivering unrealized value to transform businesses using technology. She has led Digital and Product technology teams with a broad lens on product and platform strategy as well as engineering and operational efficiency.


94. Terese Lam

Company: Wind River

Designation: Chief People Officer

Terese is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and responsible for Wind River’s global HR function. She considers herself fortunate in her journey to hold various HR leadership roles, including learning and development, talent management, HR business partner at site, country, region and global levels. She began the first half of her career into HR in Australia. The second half of her 21 years of professional experience was gained in both large multinational and medium-sized high-growth organizations.


95. Thushara Wijewardena

Company: Aventude

Designation: Co-founder and CEO

Thushara is the Co-founder and CEO of Aventude. Fostering vision and growth, she has always drawn a line between the two, to propel the company grow. Thushara started her career as a developer with a technical background, then moved to project and program management, and from there to various strategic roles of delivery and business development. She also held responsibilities from operational to board levels of corporates and non-profit national initiatives in the technology sector.


96. Tracey Koziol

Company: Xerox Corporation

Designation: Senior Vice President, Global Offerings

Tracey Koziol, is the Senior Vice President, Global Offerings at Xerox. She prides herself on working for some great companies, including General Motors, Dell and Motorola. At Xerox, Tracey is responsible for its core technologies, the largest source of revenue for the company. This includes strategy, portfolio planning and execution for production and workplace solutions, everything from a small desktop printer to a 60-foot-long production press, including the workflow, software and apps.


97. Usha Chaudhary

Company: MITRE

Designation: Senior VP – Corporate Operations & CTO

Usha Chaudhary has demonstrated pioneer leadership skills in transforming organizations and establishing best-in-class operations focused on business growth, fiscal discipline, and operational excellence. She is responsible for MITRE’s business and digital transformation and corporate operations functions, including strategy, finance, IT and security, contracts, business analytics, and real estate. Usha oversees a team of nearly 1,000 employees, a revenue base of approximately US$2 billion, and a department budget of US$250 million.


98. Valarie King-Bailey

Company: OnShore Technology Group

Designation: CEO

Valarie King-Bailey has over 35 years of international experience in industries including engineering, life sciences and technology. She holds an M.B.A. in Information Systems from Keller Graduate School of Management. Valarie held progressive executive positions for leading global companies such as U.S. Steel – South Works, Abbott Laboratories, QUMAS Limited (Ireland) and EMC/Documentum. She was bestowed with the Abbott’s Chairman’s Award and is founding board member of the DePaul University Women in Entrepreneurship Institute.


99. Valerie Perlowitz

Company: International Holding Company LLC

Designation: CEO & Founding Partner

As a management consulting business leader, Valerie, with more than twenty five years of hand-on expertise in the development and management of major technology and operations companies, oversees staff providing start-up management, strategic planning, tactical planning, turnaround management, team creation or development, metrics development, day-to-day management or operations, sales and marketing, M&A, risk management services and more. Valerie also founded Reliable Integration Services, Inc.


100. Yashmita Bhana

Company: Nihka Technology Group

Designation: CEO

Yashmita leads Nihka Technology Group as its Founder and CEO. Her job is to look after the people who are the business – her team – and the partners with whom they have built great relationships over the years. With a Masters in Engineering and an MBA, Yashmita was highly sought after in the corporate

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