How Technology Can Help Your Construction Business Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 7, 2020


With the constant threat of the coronavirus – or the COVID-19, as it is more commonly referred to as – more and more businesses are slowing down their operations, if not putting them to a grinding stop. However, despite the tremendous challenges brought about by these trying times, the construction industry continues to remain resilient. After all, unlike other trades and professions, work-from-home and drive-thru strategies aren’t feasible when it comes to maintaining the operations of construction firms since they need to run job sites.

So how can you keep your business running and protect construction business during the COVID-19 outbreak at the same time? The answer is technology. And in this article, we will talk about a few new trends in current-generation technology that can help you maintain a consistent level of productivity for your construction company despite the difficulties faced in this day and age.


Artificial intelligence

These days, artificial intelligence or simply AI for short has become a common tool utilized by many construction companies. And for a good reason: it boasts a multitude of applications. From the ability of an artificial neural network to accurately predict the cost overrun of a project, based a multitude of factors like size, the type of contract, and even the level of competence of its managers to risk mitigation via self-driving equipment and machinery, there’s no reason why artificial intelligence shouldn’t be a part of any construction firm’s toolset.


Cloud computing

Another piece of technology that is growing in popularity in the construction industry, especially in these trying times, is cloud computing. And it’s not hard to see why it’s become an invaluable tool for many construction companies. After all, not only does it give the advantage of mobility and allow its users to access relevant data and keep track of real-time updates from anywhere you want. But it’s also much more flexible and cost-effective too when it comes to the utilization of data storage space. And by opting for cloud computing solutions, you’ll be able to scale it according to the current needs of your project.


Chat bots

There’s no denying the fact that automation is crucial to maintaining the productivity of any company, and the construction business is no exception. As such, it makes sense for construction firms to start leveraging the chat bot technology as it will give them the edge when it comes to promoting an efficient process. Whether you choose to opt for contextual or scripted chat bots (or a balance of both), doing so will save your company time, and ultimately, money.

It’s not hard to see why the vast majority of construction firms – small or big – are relying more on technology today than they ever did in the past. After all, it’s no longer a mere luxury to do so. In actuality, it’s a necessity to keep the business afloat amidst these trying times. And by adopting the technology listed above, you’ll be able to keep your company running while keeping the risks of continuing business operations at a minimum.