Top Tech News: OpenAI Cuts Off ChatGPT Access in China

OpenAI Cuts Off ChatGPT Access in China Due to Security Concerns
Top Tech News: OpenAI Cuts Off ChatGPT Access in China

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What’s New Today: US Economy Adds 206,000 Jobs in June Amid Strong Growth

Fast-Track Insights: Singapore Exchange CEO's Insights on Crypto Listings

OpenAI has reportedly resolved to shut down ChatGPT and other services in China due to security issues due to the political rivalry. This step limits the usage of OpenAI’s leading language generation models and artificial intelligence tools to entities in Chinese zones, creating a problem to individuals and enterprises that depend on AI for different purposes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in June, US employers created 2060000 jobs, proving that the economy is in good shape and capable of supporting job growth. This sequential growth across sectors such as the hospitality, healthcare and professional services illustrate the path of recovery. And unemployment rate which was at 3. 8%, and as for the employment opportunities, the situation remains rather stable and tends to gradual improvement, which helps to believe in the successful overcoming of all post-pandemic difficulties. 

AI is quickly changing the educational system in a way that has never been seen before. From really difficult concepts to making your workflow easier, AI has various tools to assist students of all ages in their study process. This article gives you a rough idea of how you can use AI in education to improve efficiency, understanding, and grades. Read more

More details on the future direction of crypto listings were provided in an interview which has been conducted with the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Exchange commonly referred to as SGX. Focusing on the aspects of regulation and market needs, the CEO of SGX also spoke about the company’s conservative strategy regarding futures that cover cryptocurrencies.

He stressed the importance of constructing proper investors’ safeguards and adherence to the requirements of international legislation for the favorable development of the crypto market. The choices that SGX is pursuing at present are in the attempt to ensure that innovation is pursued side by side with a certain degree of cautiousness by enforcing strict rules over digital asset listings.

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