Top Tech News: OpenAI Co-founder resigns after launch of GPT-4o

Top Tech News: OpenAI Co-founder resigns after launch of GPT-4o

OpenAI Cofounder Ilya Sutskever resigns after the unveiling of new GPT model GPT-4o

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What’s New Today: WORT is Hiring a Journalist for their Journalism Program.

Fast-Track Insights: Humanity Protocol: Utilises Palm Scan-Tech, Valuation Hits US$1 Billion

OpenAI’s ChatGPT co-founder resigned the company just a few days after the company unveiled its latest AI chatbot, the GPT- 4o model. Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s co-founder and chief scientist — announced his departure on Tuesday after nearly a decade with the company. OpenAI unveiled its latest chatbot, the “GPT-4o” model, which has features for seeing, hearing, speaking, and reasoning, with a human-like response time. Sutskever and OpenAI co-founder, Mr Altman, played a central role in the dramatic firing and re-hiring of Mr Altman last November. Ilya Sutskever served on OpenAI's board at the time and helped orchestrate the firing of Mr Altman.

WORT is looking for a journalist for their journalism program. The job role is to provide training for their Summer News Collaborative in summer 2024 and the job position is part-time. The candidate need to provide training regarding the basics of audio journalism. The focus of this program is on communities that are often underrated in local media. The journalist must have knowledge and skills on audio editing and storytelling. The applicant must have relevant experience as a manager or in training and leading a group of individuals.

Artificial Intelligence is defined as an innovative technology that is used to mimic human intelligence, to make things easier for humans. As known that AI technology helps automate operations with less human interference. There are multiple facets of AI, which include natural language processing, machine vision, speech recognition, and a lot more. Referring to AI stocks, they are those companies that deal in AI technology.

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Humanity Protocol utilizes palm scanning tech to verify users' digital identities on the blockchain. Humanity Protocol uses zero knowledge and a consensus mechanism called “proof of humanity” to verify users are human beings and not artificial intelligence bots. Humanity Protocol achieved unicorn status after a recent US$30 million funding round that brought it to US$1 billion in valuation. Humanity protocol’s method of identity verification appears to be less intrusive than that of its rival, Worldcoin. Worldcoin uses iris scanning to verify users’ identities.

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