Top Tech News: OpenAI ChatGPT-4o With Human-Like Voice

Recent Study Validates ChatGPT's Hacking Proficiency
Top Tech News: OpenAI ChatGPT-4o With Human-Like Voice

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What’s New Today: Strong Hiring Demand in UAE Continues Through Summer Months

Fast-Track Insights: Ripple CEO Reflects on XRP's Time as Second Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

OpenAI's ChatGPT performs exceptionally well at hacking activities, according to a recent study, which raises questions about the possible misuse of AI technology. Researchers found that ChatGPT can produce frighteningly accurate phishing emails, social engineering messages, and other dangerous content. The study emphasizes the necessity of solid security measures and moral standards to prevent the improper use of AI-powered products. Even though ChatGPT was not intended for harmful use, hackers can use it as a powerful tool because of its capacity to realistically mimic human language. As AI technology develops, it is critical to address the security threats that could arise from improper usage of it.

Even though summer is drawing near, recruiters in the United Arab Emirates are seeing a high demand for recruiting in a variety of industries. Employers are actively looking for qualified candidates to fill essential roles, which is a sign of a strengthening labor market. Industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and hospitality, have an exceptionally high need. Businesses' optimism in the UAE's economic recovery and their dedication to fostering growth in the post-pandemic era are reflected in this recruiting frenzy.

Artificial Intelligence is defined as an innovative technology that is used to mimic human intelligence, to make things easier for humans. As known that AI technology helps automate operations with less human interference. There are multiple facets of AI, which include natural language processing, machine vision, speech recognition, and a lot more. Referring to AI stocks, they are those companies that are dealing in AI technology. AI has started biting every sector let it be including manufacturing, banking finance, and even in the healthcare sector. Read More

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, recently thought back on XRP's former glory as the second-most valuable cryptocurrency. He talked about the experience and difficulties faced by XRP in an interview, including regulatory scrutiny and legal disputes with the SEC. Although XRP's market share has changed over time, Garlinghouse is still optimistic about the company's prospects. He emphasized XRP's usefulness and promise for practical uses, especially in cross-border payments, despite recent setbacks. Garlinghouse voiced optimism in XRP's resiliency and its ability to restore its prior place in the cryptocurrency market, even as Ripple continues to negotiate regulatory difficulties.

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