Top Tech News: Musk Reacts: ChatGPT Copying Johansson?

Musk Chimes In: Johansson's Voice Cloning Controversy Stirs Tech World
Top Tech News: Musk Reacts: ChatGPT Copying Johansson?

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What’s New Today: Axis Bank Introduces LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Hiring Program

Fast-Track Insights: Bitcoin Pizza Day: A Slice of Crypto History

After a fan accused ChatGPT of imitating the voice of actress Scarlett Johansson, the conflict quickly escalated into a debate about who owns AI technology. This prompted Musk to weigh in on the likely prospect and extent of AI as well as the possibility of replication by voice. Some justified the performance of ChatGPT as ethical painting and writing, saying that it is rightful, and that the AI tool should be regarded as a means of self-expression. Some of the issues highlighted included talk of consent in relation to the use of AI-generated voices and the possible misuse of the technology. The issue brought about discussions related to regulation and responsibility in artificial intelligence, a relatively new area of science and technology, about ownership of artificial intelligence.

Axis Bank is leading by example through its recently rolled-out progressive hiring policy launch for the differently abled and the LGBTQIA+ community. Its objectives are to focus on the employment needs of the LGBT population and make it easier for them to find work and have a place where they can turn for support. By implementing this, Axis Bank has the plan to combat all sorts of Discrimination and Prejudice against Gay and Transgender employees and the possibility of offering Equal Employment Opportunities to everyone. These values and policies tie in with increased efforts towards maintaining and giving equal opportunities to people regardless of their background, which signifies a positive development toward diversity.

Alphabet-owned Google has announced a significant investment of an additional 1 billion euros ($1.06 billion) to expand its data campus in Hamina, Finland. This strategic move aims to bolster Google's artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Europe. This strategic move underscores Google's commitment to enhancing its AI infrastructure while promoting sustainability through the use of renewable energy sources prevalent in the Nordic region.

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Bitcoin Pizza Day: “A Slice of Crypto History” celebrates the historic event in the history of cryptocurrency when one Laszlo Hanyecz famously and for the first time in documented history used Bitcoin to pay for the order of two pizzas. It can be said that this was the beginning of crypto commerce, and it is celebrated every year on the twenty-second of May. It captures the evolutionary process of Bitcoin from its inception up to its recognition as an international digital currency. It discusses the rationale behind remembering Bitcoin Pizza Day and explains the use of Bitcoin in common purchases. Also, it analyses the growth and development of the bitcoin economy throughout the last decade.

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