Top Tech News: Free Access to Custom GPTs for ChatGPT Users

Users of ChatGPT: Unlock new AI conversation possibilities with free access to custom GPTs!
Top Tech News: Free Access to Custom GPTs for ChatGPT Users

Good morning, tech fam; here are some quick tech updates for you to catch up to!

What’s New Today: PayPal Seeks Graduates in Business, Finance, and Economics

Fast-Track Insights: Global Crypto Regulation: Insights from Blockchain for Europe

In addition to other capabilities added with GPT-4o in early May, users of Free ChatGPT may now access custom GPTs, examine charts, and inquire about images. Prior to being made available to all ChatGPT users, ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise paying users, they had access to features including model and web answers, data analytics, chart creation, vision, file upload, memory, and custom GPTs. While bespoke GPTs, which were previously exclusive to premium customers, may be found and used by free ChatGPT users, they cannot make their own. The customized ChatGPT applications utilized so far consist of an Ikea shopping guide and an on-demand thesaurus. OpenAI started piloting a revenue-sharing program in March, and creators of personalized GPTs can take part.

An experienced data analyst is needed at PayPal's Bangalore, Karnataka, India office. The candidate’s roles will be essential in creating and improving ways to manage credit risk using information from bank statements. This role will be in charge of examining massive datasets to spot patterns and offer insights that will guide decision-making procedures meant to reduce the organization's exposure to credit risk. The appointment of this person will have a direct influence on the Global Merchant Lending division by providing a fresh set of skills that will boost portfolio growth for commercial loans overall and improve credit risk management.

Opera Software, the first web browser producer, has declared a partnership with Google Cloud to implement modern artificial intelligence components into the browsers. This has been planned as a unique collaboration to improve the usability of Opera’s Aria browser through Google Cloud’s Gemini models within AI. Below, check out the detailed analysis of this joint venture and its potential impact on the future of Internet and web browsing. Read More

The Secretary General of Blockchain for Europe, Robert Koplitsch, recently spoke at CoinDesk Live at Consensus 2024 on the current status of laws around digital assets worldwide. He talked about how the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) framework has affected Europe's adoption of cryptocurrencies. As the globe works through the challenges of incorporating blockchain technology into several industries, Koplitsch's observations are especially pertinent. In light of Europe's digital future, his talk clarifies the legislative environment and the possibilities of blockchain technology.

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