Top Tech News: Deepfake Videos Threaten Content Creators with AI Tech

AI-Driven Tools & Algorithms by ChatGPT, Deepfakes Pose Threat to Content Creators
Top Tech News: Deepfake Videos Threaten Content Creators with AI Tech

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What’s New Today: Ikea is seeking gamers to work at its virtual Roblox store

Fast-Track Insights: Binance Holds Mastercard Payments for Crypto

The rise of deepfakes, which are fake videos so real they appear produced by humans but actually the creation of artificial intelligence, is improving on its sophistication. Deepfakes are getting better as the technology behind them becomes more advanced with the help of machine learning systems. According to McAfee’s investigations, about three-quarters of one hundred people living in India met such media materials recently, and over sixty percent of them said that artificial intelligence makes it difficult now to tell if an internet swindler is cheating or not. Several content creators view the Deepfakes tools and deepfake AI algorithms by ChatGPT suspiciously as they pose a threat to them and by extension, their industry.This has led to firms like Adobe putting more checks and controls in place when it comes to creating content, for instance, adobe’s initiative on verifying the originality of materials used.

Ikea is hiring gamers to work at its virtual Roblox store. Here's how you can apply and more. Ikea is getting together a group of Roblox players for a virtual store experience. Successful candidates get paid £13.15 per hour. Despite there being only ten positions available you could get paid for remotely, anyone who loves playing Roblox or just admires Swedish furniture is encouraged to visit this online shop. Here, any visitor has an opportunity to interact with different sections of the IKEA world: from the Swedish food market with its Bistro that allows you to serve meatballs from afar to showroom activities that involve arranging areas utilizing products from Ikea.

Smartphones have become a vital part of one's life, and they are offering more than just communication at the moment. With the rapid advancement of technology, smartphones are now also moving toward artificial intelligence to make the experience better for users. Generative AI is a game-changer technology, and one such domain that it is going to bring about a change in is the features of smartphones, packing innumerable features in the near future, which will shape the future of mobile technology. In this detailed guide, we take a closer look at the potential for generative AI in smartphones and what users can look forward to with this disruptive technology. Read more

Following the turning off in August 2023, at the world’s biggest exchange Mastercard customers can again buy cryptos on Binance. This happened as Binance faced multiple legal charges between CFTC and SEC in the US. Mastercard has confirmed that service has been restored. However, this restoration of service is subject to ongoing reviews, they added." Mastercard is positive towards digital currencies along with Visa.

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